Crossing Jordan

2001, TV Show

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Latest Episode: D.O.A.

May 09, 2007 Season 6 Episode 16 watch on (Subscription)

An odd man wanders into Woody's office and claims that someone has given him a slow-acting poison that will eventually kill him.

Jump, Push, Fall

May 15, 2005 Season 4 Episode 21

When a witness comes forward with information about a 20-year-old case involving a prominent politician, Macy is suspended for an alleged cover-up.
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Embraceable You

May 01, 2005 Season 4 Episode 19

When a jazz legend's charming daughter is suspected of orchestrating several black widow-style killings, Garret is quickly entangled in her web.
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Locard's Exchange

Apr 10, 2005 Season 4 Episode 17

Jordan, Garret and Woody attempt to track down evidence related to a string of brutal murders that occurred more than two decades earlier.
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Skin and Bone

Mar 27, 2005 Season 4 Episode 16

When Woody finds an unmarked mass grave, the team discovers that the remains to belong to missing Boston mobsters.
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It Happened One Night

Mar 20, 2005 Season 4 Episode 15

A recently released mobster seeks revenge on Jordan's father and three other Boston cops who put the gangster behind bars.
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Gray Murders

Mar 13, 2005 Season 4 Episode 14

Macy looks into the deaths of a passenger and a baggage handler at the airport, which have authorities concerned about a lethal airborne virus.
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You Really Got Me

Feb 13, 2005 Season 4 Episode 13

A one-armed Boston man's suicide leads Jordan to a missing murder weapon from an eight-year-old Los Angeles homicide.
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Murder in the Rue Morgue

Jan 09, 2005 Season 4 Episode 11

When a crazed gunman opens fire in the morgue and kills a bystander, Jordan wonders whether there's a link to any of the bodies recently brought in.
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A Stranger Among Us

Jan 02, 2005 Season 4 Episode 10

A mass homicide at a diner has Woody searching for a motive until the alleged shooter's identity is revealed by the FBI.
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Necessary Risks

Nov 21, 2004 Season 4 Episode 9

Woody and Jordan think they have an open-and-shut case when a college fencing star is found dead in his dorm room from an apparent suicide.
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Fire from the Sky

Nov 14, 2004 Season 4 Episode 8

An exhausted Jordan snaps when Devan calls asking her to cover the graveyard shift at the morgue.
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What Happens in Vegas Dies in Boston

Nov 07, 2004 Season 4 Episode 7

Montecito Casino higher-ups Sam and Danny are suspects in a high roller's death in this two-part storyline that continues in Season 2 of "Las Vegas."
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Blue Moon

Oct 31, 2004 Season 4 Episode 6

When the serial killer known as "Leviathan" resurfaces after four years, Woody teams with an ambitious cop to interrogate the prime suspect.
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Justice Delayed

Oct 24, 2004 Season 4 Episode 5

Nigel finds himself with Jordan in the Deep South after a haunted man asks for Jordan's professional opinion about his father's 40-year-old murder.
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Deja Past

Oct 17, 2004 Season 4 Episode 4

When skeletal remains are found in a spooky house from Jordan's past, her pursuit of uncovering the truth leads to a shocking secret.
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Oct 10, 2004 Season 4 Episode 3

When Jordan begins to act strangely after a night of dancing with Woody, her behavior causes concern among her co-workers.
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Out of Sight

Oct 03, 2004 Season 4 Episode 2

When a millionaire turns up dead after a charity event, suspect No. 1 is his agoraphobic neighbor, a renowned and attractive artist with a motive.
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