Crossing Jordan

2001, TV Show

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Latest Episode: D.O.A.

May 09, 2007 Season 6 Episode 16 watch on (Subscription)

An odd man wanders into Woody's office and claims that someone has given him a slow-acting poison that will eventually kill him.

Someone to Count On

Apr 29, 2002 Season 1 Episode 21

Jordan seeks Dr. Leo Gelber's assistance with one of her most puzzling cases.
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For Harry, with Love and Squalor

Apr 08, 2002 Season 1 Episode 19

A chance encounter with a mysterious suitor at Max's bar forces Jordan to examine her uneventful love life and risk a fling.
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With Honor

Mar 18, 2002 Season 1 Episode 18

When a young corporal abandons her post in Afghanistan and ends up dead in a Boston alley, Jordan reluctantly teams with a Marine detective.
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Acts of Mercy

Feb 04, 2002 Season 1 Episode 15

Jordan catches a suicide case involving a terminally ill senior citizen, reuniting her with country bumpkin detective Woody Hoyt.
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Four Fathers

Jan 28, 2002 Season 1 Episode 14

Jordan works the case when a former student takes a flying leap out of a college dorm window during an apparent drug binge.
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Miracles & Wonders

Jan 21, 2002 Season 1 Episode 13

Jordan's views about faith are tested as she attempts to scientifically explain how a homeless man could have died in a church.
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Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Jan 07, 2002 Season 1 Episode 11

After a security guard foils a bank robbery, leaving one of the thieves dead, Jordan and Garret sort through the gun battle's remnants.
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Blue Christmas

Dec 10, 2001 Season 1 Episode 10

When a veteran cop is murdered in the line of duty, Jordan leads the police -- and a vengeful detective -- to a possible suspect.
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Sight Unseen

Nov 12, 2001 Season 1 Episode 7

The autopsy of a schoolboy killed in a traffic accident leads Jordan to discover that the youngster really died during a kidnapping.
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Oct 29, 2001 Season 1 Episode 6

Jordan investigates the murder of a senator's daughter who was found stabbed to death in a park.
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You Can't Go Home Again

Oct 22, 2001 Season 1 Episode 5

Loyalty fuels Jordan's desire to figure out how a firefighter hero, who was also her childhood best friend, died battling a suspicious blaze.
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Born to Run

Oct 15, 2001 Season 1 Episode 4

Jordan finds herself knee-deep in strippers and Russian gangsters when she responds to a suspected murder-suicide at a gentleman's club.
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The Dawn of a New Day

Oct 01, 2001 Season 1 Episode 2

A waitress's unusual reaction to the shooting death of her cab driver husband piques Jordan's curiosity about the real story behind the killing.
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Sep 24, 2001 Season 1 Episode 1

Jordan suspects that what appears to be a routine suicide of a teen prostitute may instead be a cover-up for foul play.
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