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Latest Episode: Criminal Minds - The Itch

Oct 22, 2014 Season 10 Episode 4 watch on CBS (Free)

When a body is discovered in Atlanta covered in scratches, the BAU finds that this death and subsequent murders could be linked to an UnSub with an obsessive skin disorder. Alicia Coppola guest stars. (TV-14 L, V)

A Thousand Suns

Oct 15, 2014 Season 10 Episode 3

When a passenger jet crashes in Colorado, the BAU team is called to build a profile around the suspicious circumstances. Also, the case hits close to home for Kate, who is reminded of a family tragedy. Eden Riegel guest stars.
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Criminal Minds - Burn

Oct 08, 2014 Season 10 Episode 2

A series of abductions and murders in Seattle send the BAU seeking an UnSub who was abused in the past and is out for revenge. Meanwhile, Garcia heads to Texas to confront the man she shot while defending Reid and herself, as he waits on Death Row. C.S. Lee guest stars. (TV-14 L, V)
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Oct 01, 2014 Season 10 Episode 1

The BAU team investigates a series of murders in Bakersfield, Calif., which have left the victims unidentifiable. Also, the team welcomes new agent Kate Callahan into the BAU fold, who assists them in their efforts in solving the cases. Jennifer Love Hewitt joins the cast as FBI undercover agent Kate Callahan. Kerr Smith guest stars.
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