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Got anything new to spill on ...

Question: Got anything new to spill on Criminal Minds?

Answer: The team is going to suspect that Joe Mantegna's character has a hidden agenda. And Morgan and Garcia have a falling-out — and it may or may not have something to do with the new man in her life.

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The Criminal Minds Diet, and Other Observations

Whenever I bring guests to set, there is always one thing that amazes them more than anything else: the food. Scratch that. Two things. First, they comment on how the ladies of the show are even more striking in person... then they comment on the food. There's lots of food on set. Every day, there are two meals prepared by catering. For breakfast, our caterer Hannah makes made-to-order plates from the catering truck as well as an omelet bar, some sort of hot entrée, and an assortment of rolls, cereals, etc;. Even while the crew eats breakfast, they are already working toward the lunch that will be served seven hours later. Lunch is cafeteria-style with different meat options, a fish, sides, pastas and salad bars. In addition, two "snacks" are served. There is one between breakfast and lunch, and one five hours after lunch (the crew works very long days on set). The crew works 14 hour days — and sometimes much more. It's necessary to keep them fueled. I however work at a d... read more

How the Weekly Numbers All Add Up

And we're off! Season 3 has officially started. The start of the season is always a very interesting time. As I stated in my first blog, in our minds we're in the middle of the season. Just yesterday, an outline came down for the 14th episode. And we're currently filming Episode 9. In the first few weeks of the season, it seems everyone is very interested in the ratings. There are preliminary numbers waiting for us when we arrive the morning after our airing, and then final numbers come down at lunch. It's almost like aliens landing on earth and looking into a time capsule. We get to see what America thought of an episode we shot many months ago. We have a white board up in the office and the writers' PA Mark has them all up and waiting for us.One of the reasons the first week is so weird is that we see how many people tune in for new shows. So many factors come into play. Obviously a big factor is promotion. No one has seen the new shows and have only small minute-long promotions t... read more

Ratings: Daisies Blooms, Addison Beats on Jaime

Lee Pace and Chi McBride by Scott Garfield/ABC

This Wednesday's ratings recap:8 pm/ETABC's Pushing Daisies pushed all comers to the side, premiering to 12.83 million total viewers and also dominating in the key demos. Deal or No Deal placed second (with 11 mil), followed by Kid Nation (7.5 mil, down another 110 thou) and Fox's sitcombo of Back to You (6.58 mil, down a mil) and 'Til Death (holding steady with 6.22 mil). Top Model (4.52 mil) dropped another 330K.9 pmSurging 1.7 mil from its season premiere, Criminal Minds came out on top with 14.4 million viewers (albeit a No. 3 finish in demos). Private Practice (12.3 mil) dipped 15 percent from its debut yet stayed on top of Bionic Woman (10.94 mil), which itself slipped 19 percent. Gossip Girl (2.8 mil) got people talking again, inching up a quarter-mil.10 pmCSI: NY won the hour with the same tally as last week, 12.7 mil. ABC's Dirty Sexy Money saw 670,000 cash out yet kept ahead of NBC's listing Life, which with 8.8 mil was down 13 percent. read more

Exclusive: Frankie Muniz Turns Criminal

Frankie Muniz by John Shearer/

Don't tell Lois, but Malcolm has found himself in the middle of a murder investigation! Reliable sources confirm to me exclusively that ex-Malcolm in the Middle whippersnapper Frankie Muniz has been tapped to appear in a November sweeps episode of Criminal Minds. The now-21(!)-year-old actor plays a famous comic-book artist who becomes involved in the search for a serial killer in Los Angeles. I seriously hope "becomes involved in the search" isn't code for "becomes a prime suspect." Turning Dawson Leery into a modern-day Norman Bates was one thing, but Malcolm?! That would be a little creepy even for me. And I like creepy. Muniz' episode is slated to air on Nov. 28. read more

Ratings: Bionic Woman Gives Addison a Scare

Kate Walsh by Richard Cartwright/ABC, Michelle Ryan by Paul Drinkwater/NBC Photo

This Wednesday, as DWTS' first results show topped the night with 16.62 million total viewers:8 pm/ETKid Nation was a distant second with 7.61 mil, a 15 percent drop from its premiere. Similarly, Fox's twofer of Back to You (7.54 mil) and 'Til Death (6.2 mil) each shed 20 percent of their previous audiences. Top Model (4.85 mil) saw 300K take a catwalk.9 pmPrivate Practice (14.4 mil) came away with a slight lead over Bionic Woman (13.6 mil) in total viewers, though Jaime Sommers drew a slightly sexier demo. (Note: The Grey's eppy that laid the foundation for the spin-off drew 21 mil. Apples, oranges, I know.) Criminal Minds was No. 3 with 12.7 mil (a 23 percent plunge from a year ago). Gossip Girl (2.55 mil) was down 30 percent from its debut. UPDATE: BW was NBC's highest-rated Wednesday series launch (in 18-49) since '99's The West Wing, and is the TV-season-to-date's best drama debut in said demo.10 pmCSI: NY delivered 12.7 mil (down 21 percent from last fall's opener), followed b... read more

The New Season: Wednesday Heats Up

Lucy Kate Hale, Michelle Ryan and Molly Price in Bionic Woman by Mitchell Haaseth/NBC Photo

First, an important public-service announcement: Tonight on The War, we relive D-Day, a momentous turning point in military history brought to vivid life by those who lived through it, courtesy of Ken Burns' masterful way with documentary narrative. I know this is premiere week, and Wednesday is the most competitive night for new shows this season, but I wouldn't be doing my duty if I didn't remind everyone that this is TV you not only shouldn't miss, but it's an experience you'll never forget. (The reality, though, is that PBS is giving viewers multiple opportunities to see these episodes, and I can't think of a better gift DVD for holiday season.) Back to the network game, where only one of the nine new series being launched on Wednesdays is MIA: ABC’s marvelous Pushing Daisies, its premiere pushed back a week by the tsunami-like launch of Dancing with the Stars, which once again is turning out to be the ratings monster everyone expected. (And the men, by and large, had a bla... read more

How Mandy's Departure Brought People Together

Criminal Minds is back! Well, at least in the homes of America it is. It's been back for us since the start of June. While you guys were busy watching shows that judged whether people could dance, sing, spell and lose weight, we've been coming up with new ways to terrify America and rescue those in fictional peril. Currently we're shooting our eighth episode and have writers working on up to the 12th episode. So, in our minds it's the middle of the season. I had to think back a little to remember this season's first episode. Sitting in the writers' room and reading all the drafts, it's funny to realize how much has happened to our characters since we last left off. Oh America, are you in for a treat! A lovely, frightful treat! Not to give away too much information, but by the fifth episode every cast member will be replaced by a child and they will have to form their own society. Seems weird, but it's not. You'll love it. (Just kidding, that's the premise of our new lead-in Kid Nati... read more

The Wednesday Battle Begins

Blake Lively and Penn Badgley in Gossip Girl by Andrew Eccles/The CW

Is it possible that this season, Wednesdays are the new Thursdays? An incredible amount of high-profile new programming — nine freshman series in all — will be introduced to the Wednesday prime-time schedule over the next few weeks, and when the dust settles, I can only hope a few of my new favorites will survive.First up are CBS, the CW and Fox, launching their newbies a week before the official season begins. The biggest headlines so far have been generated by CBS' unseen-by-critics and instantly controversial Kid Nation, a reality show in which 40 kids are set loose in a desert ghost town (actually an unused film set) and tasked to create a Utopian adult-free society. Sounded kind of prosocial and heartwarming until all those red flags began to surface about possible abuse of child-labor laws, penurious confidentiality agreements that made boilerplate mention of such possible reality-show liabilities as STDs, and allegations of injuries on the set. Something tells me th... read more

I know you've heard this a ...

Question: I know you've heard this a lot, but I still wanted to thank you for introducing me to Friday Night Lights. I really should have watched it during the season, but since I can't go back and tell myself to catch on at the beginning, at least it's been phenomenal watching the whole season on DVD. I've already begun telling people to watch it and will continue to do so until my friends are hooked. I'm wondering what you think the likelihood is that the show will survive this year. I'm going to watch it regardless, but I hope it sticks. I've been asked about its chances and have told people that it is low-rated and needs new viewers. My hope is that it will bloom on Fridays and become, at least, a hit by the standards of that night so NBC can justify keeping it around. Also, since NBC will be broadcasting the Super Bowl in 2009, I think it would be a fantastic idea to give Friday Night Lights the post-game slot. It suggests itself with the football tie-in and could really use the ... read more

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Premise: A procedural thriller about the FBI's Behavioral Analysis Unit, which profiles criminals to solve crimes. The ensemble drama relies on the diversity of the team, which includes a young genius and a seasoned leader tortured by a past case. Unlike other crime dramas that focus on science, this series is very cerebral and almost Holmesian in its deductive analysis of the crimes and their perpetrators.



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