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Season-premiere Teases for NCIS, CSI and More

NCIS by Ron P. Jaffe/CBS

Pretty much crumbs here, but CBS sent out a few season-premiere deets for its fall lineup. If your show isn't here, it's because A) it's new, B) you could have written the supervague preview yourself and/or C) it's a sitcom that thrives independent of its story arcs.Cold Case: Several weeks after being shot, Lilly returns to work and tries to convince Stillman and herself that she's emotionally ready for work.Shark: Jessica helps Sebastian with a double homicide case, enlisting added firepower (Kevin Alejandro) from an organized crime unit.How I Met Your Mother: Robin hooks up with Enrique Iglesias, so Ted storms the bar scene with Barney.NCIS: The showdown between the team and an arms dealer reaches a deadly conclusion.The Unit: As Jonah evades an assasin, Bob secretly reports to a mysterious entity.Criminal Minds: A college campus killing spree... I dunno, prompts Gideon to rendezvous with Richie Cunningham's big brother Chuck?CSI: "Sara's fate remains in question." Yeah?Without a... read more

Exclusive: Mandy Patinkin Returns to Criminal Minds!

Mandy Patinkin by Tony Barson/

Mandygate just gets weirder and weirder. My moles at Criminal Minds have just confirmed for me exclusively that disgraced cranky-pants Mandy Patinkin will be returning to the show this fall after all — but only for one episode (airing Oct. 3), so as to provide some closure for his Gideon character. Strange as that may sound, though, that isn't the really odd part: He'll only be in one scene, and he'll essentially be the only one in it.Why? Well, duh! My spies tell me that no one in the cast wanted to work opposite him again after he brought production to a standstill by pulling a no-show without even calling in (cough, cough) sick. What's more, Minds' producers were forced to use a special crew to shoot the pariah's scene because the show's regular staff refused to be on set with him. Except possibly to Patinkin, who seems to live in his own world, the backlash against him isn't entirely a surprise. Last month, costar Shemar Moore raked him over the coals at press tour. "I don'... read more

Criminal Minds: New Details About Joe Mantegna's Role

Joe Mantegna by John Shearer/

New cast member Joe Mantegna will make his first appearance on Criminal Minds in the fifth episode of the season, CBS has announced. "We are all thrilled to have Joe Mantegna joining our family," says executive producer Ed Bernero. "He's an incredible actor, a genuinely nice person and, as a fellow Chicagoan, I can tell you he makes fantastic Italian beef sandwiches and Chicago-style hot dogs." (Patinkin, I hear, could barely turn out a decent grilled cheese.)"We've been fans of Joe's since his early days on the stage. He will be a wonderful addition to our cast," adds executive producers Mark Gordon and Deb Spera.Mantegna will play Special Agent Rossi, an original member of the Behavioral Analysis Unit who took early retirement to go on book tours, and has now volunteered to return. Someone lock the door behind him, 'K?But wait, there's more! Mandy Patinkin is returning to Minds... under somewhat unusual circumstances. See the Ausiello Report for the exclusive (and rather juicy) de... read more

Criminal Minds Trades Inigo Montoya for Joe Mantegna

Joe Mantegna courtesy Cliff Lipson/CBS

Prior to the recording of this week's podcast, Ausiello said Joe Mantegna was Criminal Minds' new front-runner, and this time the front-runner actually crossed the finish line. Joan of Arcadia's pop has been called upon to fill the vacancy left when Mandy Patinkin... well, we're still not 100 percent sure what he did. "We are very excited to tell you all that Joe Mantegna is officially joining the cast," Bernero shares at the Criminal Minds Fanatic blog. "Thanks for hanging with us, everyone."In the weeks since Patinkin's defection from the hit CBS series, such big names as Michael Keaton, Geena Davis, Harvey Keitel and Doris Roberts [wink-wink] were tossed around as possible subs. At this point, with Minds being several episodes into production on the new season, Mantegna is not likely to first appear until November sweeps. read more

Harvey Keitel Out of Running for Criminal Minds Lead

Harvey, we hardly knew ya. Just hours after word broke that Harvey Keitel was thisclose to signing a contract with Criminal Minds for the spot left vacant by the disappearing Mandy Patinkin, sources say the deal is no longer on the table. This makes Keitel the latest big name to be stricken from the show’s most-wanted list. Others include Geena Davis, Michael Keaton and Bob Hoskins. Despite the suspense surrounding the search, we hear the show is still chugging along fine without the replacement. The first three episodes are already in the can (with Patinkin’s absence being dealt with in the season-opener). This means that whoever the new character is, he/she (and we suspect it’s a he) won’t be appearing until later in the season. — Reporting by Jonathan SmallRelated: Harvey Keitel Emerges as Front-runner for Criminal Minds Top Spot read more

Harvey Keitel Emerges as Front-runner for Criminal Minds Top Spot

Harvery Keitel by Gary Gershoff/

Looks like the mystery surrounding who will replace Mandy Patinkin on Criminal Minds is closer to being solved. Sources tell TV Guide that the producers and the network are in serious negotiations with Harvey Keitel.While not a done deal yet, this is the closest they’ve come to filling the role. This would mark the Oscar-nominated actor's first series-lead role. —Reporting by Jonathan Small read more

Any news on Mandy Patinkin's ...

Question: Any news on Mandy Patinkin's sudden departure from Criminal Minds?

Answer: You didn't hear? There are two new front-runners!

read more

Thelma, Batman Not Criminal-Minded: Who's Left to Replace Mandy?

Mandy Patinkin by Michael Desmond/Touchstone Television

It's official. Doris Roberts and I are the only two remaining showbiz "names" that haven't been approached about replacing Mandy Patinkin on Criminal Minds.Early on, you'll recall, Oscar winner Geena Davis was considered to be the front-runner to get the job. But she took a pass, according to my spy, because she wasn't keen on "the nature of the show." (Funny — she didn't seem to have a problem with "the nature" of the Geena Davis Show, and that was god-awful.) Michael Keaton nixed the gig, too, presumably because he wasn't ready to do TV full-time.And they're just the tip of the iceberg. To give you some idea of just how wide a net the show's producers are casting, I've listed some celebs that are under consideration below, with a few key letters asterisked out to protect their anonymity. Of course, if Shemar Moore wants to blab their identities, too, who am I to shush him?Among the stars who've been approached and took a pass:**b ***k*n*J*** **t**owSi****ne* **av*r Among the ... read more

Fox: Follow the Bouncing Bones

David Boreanaz and Emily Deschanel in Bones by Art Streiber/Fox

In recent years the Fox network has ended each season on such a high (thanks to hot franchises like American Idol, 24 and House) that we almost forget how badly Fox struggles to get traction in the fall.Perhaps sensing another fall disaster in the making, with two dark new dramas threatening to drag down its Monday and Tuesday lineups, Fox has rejiggered its fall lineup by postponing the murky New Amsterdam (about an immortal detective), originally intended for Tuesdays at 8 pm/ET, until midseason. In its place goes Bones, shifting from a tough Wednesday slot (9/8c) where this appealing procedural would have faced CBS' Criminal Minds, ABC's high-profile Grey's Anatomy spin-off Private Practice, NBC's Bionic Woman and CW’s Gossip Girl.This makes Tuesday a pretty powerful night for Fox, with the often underappreciated Bones leading into the mega-hit House. Given the level of angst I tend to hear from Bones fans who can't help themselves from expecting the worst, having been burne... read more

Scoop! Patinkin's Minds Successor Found?

Geena Davis by Steve Granitz/

The search for Mandy Patinkin's replacement on Criminal Minds may be over.At CBS' press-tour soiree this evening, Minds man Shemar Moore essentially confirmed what I've been hearing all day: Geena Davis has emerged as the front-runner to succeed Patinkin. Moore, who was in a very chatty mood, also name-dropped Michael Keaton as a possible successor, but sources tell me that Keaton has officially passed. What else did Moore have to say? Loads. • On Patinkin's abrupt exit: "I don't like that he did this the way he did this. I don't. I don't think it's right. He left us hanging a little bit... no warning, no nothing. We all showed up to work on Day 1, and he didn't. And we've been scrambling. But we're going to be all right without him. I just feel like he needs to take responsibility for his actions… [and] just acknowledge us, because it's an ensemble, it's a team.... We just want the courtesy and the respect that we deserve. And we felt like if he had given us that initial... read more

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