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Criminal Minds Episode: "Remembrance of Things Past"

Season 6, Episode 3
Episode Synopsis: Several women are murdered, and a familiar pattern prompts Rossi to revisit a cold case that has troubled him for 25 years.
Original Air Date: Oct 6, 2010
Guest Cast Mary Beth Evans: Candice DeLilly Daniel J. Travanti: Mr. Mullens
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Season 6, Episode 3
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Length: 42:22
Aired: 10/6/2010
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Criminal Minds Episode Recap: "Remembrance of Things Past" Season 6, Episode 3

On this week's Criminal Minds, the murders of several women cause Rossi to revisit the 26-year-old cold case of The Butcher. Meanwhile, Morgan gets closer to Ellie Spicer.

Y'all ready for a Rossi-centric episode? I hope you've polished your Italian leather shoes and pulled out your charm bracelets! What's up with Rossi and cold cases anyway?

We open in Bristol, Va., with the DeLilly family heading to a football game. The phone rings as the mom's leaving the house after getting the tickets. Her husband wants the machine to get it. It's their daughter, Jenny, saying she's in "so much trouble." "When you get this message, I'll probably be dead," she cries. Cut to Rossi trying to write his new book. Hotch calls to tell him that two blonde women, Jenny and Kara Copeland, have been tortured, sodomized and electrocuted, and placed goodbye calls to family members. Rossi says he'll be there in 20 minutes and pulls out a box.

At Quantico, JJ's nameplate is still on her door, but her office is empty. I miss the organized chaos of files. Garcia pulls the nameplate off. As everyone gathers, Morgan shares that Ellie texts him every morning... and Reid is wearing his purple scarf! I heart that thing! Rossi starts talking about the M.O. of The Butcher, who killed blonde women in Bristol from 1984-93. He narrowed the geographical profile in spring 1993, but the killings stopped and he never caught him. Hotch says it could be a copycat now. The goodbye calls were The Butcher's signature because he was a narcissist who wanted complete control over the girls. He would make them end the calls with "I enjoyed it." During his spree, only two women didn't leave messages or make calls. But neither Jenny nor Kara said "I enjoyed it." Hotch later throws out the possibility that their calls were scripted. Morgan asks what's in the box. "Evil," Rossi says. Ha!

Once they're in Bristol, Morgan and Prentiss check out the bodies with the medical examiner, who says that multiple knives were used, and the cuts demonstrate physical force, which doesn't match The Butcher's finesse. They later visit Jenny's abduction site and conclude that it had to have taken two people to grab her.

Unsub watch! A blonde woman says hi to Colby, an awkward guy who's pulling stuff out of a van labeled "Mullens" in front of a house. A crotchety old man, who turns out to be his father, comes out, saying he's hungry. Inside, Colby runs a slideshow of places for his dad to name. He gets one wrong and demands to "go out." So they go to a park and snatch a girl, Heather Langley. The next scene: Poor girl is tied down, a la a mental patient, in her undies. "We're going to tell you exactly what to say," Colby's dad says. Later, his dad chastises him for never helping out. "When I was 10, I helped with the woman in the hallway," Colby says. His dad wants to abduct Anna, the girl who was talking to Colby, next, but Colby refuses and makes him pick a girl from three photos. He picks Shelly, who works at a pharmacy, and they grab her. Angry pops then "shows" Colby how to kill her.

At the station, Rossi and Reid listen to digitized recordings of The Butcher's victims. Rossi says he never wrote about The Butcher because he had too much power. They listen to the one from Susan Cole, The Butcher's 20th and final victim, who says she's in trouble, which matches Jenny's call, minus the "enjoyed it" line. The connection doesn't end there: Heather's body was dumped in the same place as Susan's body. Reid notes that there must be something significant about the last case for it to be reenacted because reenactments usually start from the beginning. Hotch is ready to give a profile of two copycats who are fans of The Butcher, but Rossi wants to wait because he thinks The Butcher is involved. Hotch decides to go ahead with it because of media leaks (JJ shout-out!) During the profile, Rossi zones out. Hotch tells him to explore The Butcher as a suspect, while the team explores the possibility of copycats. I love how these two always settle disagreements so maturely.

Rossi deduces that The Butcher is part of a father-and-son unsub team, which he never profiled. Detective Green, the Cop of the Week, bolts in to say that Heather's father got a goodbye call. "Please know that I enjoyed it," she says in the message. Bingo! But why is The Butcher back? Reid suggests they look into the two victims who didn't make calls. One was Sylvia Marks, the first victim, and the other was Karen Bachner, the eighth. Rossi says he interviewed Karen's husband, Lee Mullens, who said he didn't get a call and had no answering machine. Garcia finds out that Karen had a son, Colby Bachner, with Lee two years before marrying him. Karen never made a call because the most important person in her life — Colby — was in the room with her. The Mullens these days are electricians.

At the Mullens' house, Colby is digging Shelly's grave as Lee bellows for them to go "hunt." He doesn't remember hunting or killing Shelly. Colby later feels guilty, so he tells Lee that he'll hunt Anna and will pick him up later. The team arrives at the house, and Rossi tries to apprehend Lee, but stops when he sees him urinating on himself. Reid says that everything in the house is labeled and finds Alzheimer's medication, which explains why Lee can't remember his last kill. The slides, it turns out, are of his prior abduction sites. Meanwhile, Colby ties Anna on the bed in the mysterious chamber.

Rossi tells Lee that they met 20 years ago and that Lee killed Karen when she figured him out, before busting out photos of Sylvia's burned body. Lee mentions a brand named Lexwell, which once made electroshock therapy equipment. Garcia figures out that the Oakton Center, a mostly abandoned mental institution, still uses Lexwell. The guys head over — except for apparently Reid (Dude, where are you? You break the case and now you're gone.) — and talk Colby out of killing Anna by reminding him that he helped and watched his mother die, and that she did not go to Boston as he believes. Colby remembers and we flash back to her face-to-face goodbye "call" to him.

As everyone's packing up, Morgan gets a text from Ellie. She needs him to text her "good night" every night. Prentiss thinks Ellie's better off talking to a PTSD professional. "Or someone who's been there," Morgan says. As Rossi's walking out, Lee says that he remembers him. "You're the reason I stopped," he says. Later, Lee slits his wrist in jail, but lives, while Rossi no longer has writer's block.

All in all, it was a decent episode. They focused maybe too much on the unsubs and still we never got why Lee Mullens resumed killing. What was the stressor? Daniel J. Travanti as Lee was tremendous, and I'm glad they threw Rossi a bone, even though we didn't get more insight into him. He's been written so sparingly for a lead since "Damaged." JJ's empty office was sad, but it mirrored the shot of Gideon's empty office when Rossi removes his nameplate. Prentiss calling out Morgan for getting too close to Ellie was aces. Yeah, she wanted to adopt Carrie in Season 3, but that was a commitment she wanted to make; Morgan's trying to be a nice guy, which Ellie could misconstrue as something else. It's also like last season's Tamara mess, which I loathed. And lastly: new opening credits after nearly three years! Now with sirens! But it sucks that it took A.J. Cook's dismissal for a new one.

What did you think? How does this Rossi cold case compare to the one in "Damaged"? Did you miss JJ? Are you surprised Reid was the one who cracked the case, not Rossi? Do you love his recurring purple scarf as much as I do? Are Morgan and Ellie getting too close? How many more boxes of "Evil" does Rossi keep in his house (isn't that government property?) What do you think of the new, siren-heavy credits?

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On this week's Criminal Minds, the murders of several women cause Rossi to revisit the 26-year-old cold case of The Butcher. Meanwhile, Morgan gets closer to Ellie Spicer.

Y'all ready for a Rossi-centric episode? I hope you've polished your Italian leather shoes and pulled out your charm bracelets! read more

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