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Criminal Minds Episode: "Reflection of Desire"

Season 6, Episode 8
Episode Synopsis: A kidnapped woman is murdered in an alley in Washington, D.C., and the team races to catch the killer before he strikes again.
Original Air Date: Nov 10, 2010
Guest Cast Zen Gesner: Robert Treisa Gary: Karla Stephen Simon: Clarence John Kelly: Peter Hanley Whitney Able: Penny Conor O'Farrell: Det. Croft Robert Knepper: Rhett Kaitlin Doubleday: Kelly Sam Scarber: Marvin Sally Kirkland: May
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Season 6, Episode 8
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Length: 03:55:48
Aired: 11/10/2010
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Criminal Minds Episode Recap: "Reflection of Desire" Season 6, Episode 8

On this week's Criminal Minds, the BAU hunts a killer who mutilated a woman after dressing her up like a 1950s movie star. Plus: Garcia acts!

Oh, old Hollywood! So glamorous, glitzy and regal. 'Tis a shame I have to associate you with a psychotic serial killer from now on. We open on a dolled-up, raven-haired Garcia in a makeup chair with a voiceover from her, which alternates with the unsub, Rhett Walden, taking glamour shots of Kelly Landis, who's tied to a chair. He says he wants what she desires most. What is that? "Fame," says his mother, May Walden, a 1950s actress in whose director's chair Kelly sits. He runs lines with Kelly as an old movie plays on a projector, but Kelly messes up. She begs to try again, but Rhett sedates her. He then suffocates her with a bag in a car and takes a blade to her mouth. Ouch! Cut back to Garcia: She shoots a dude! What? Oh, it's just a play. She shot the guy who raped and killed nine girls. Garcia acts, y'all. That's her big secret. Um, how does she even have time for a play?

While Garcia gets a standing O, Prentiss and Morgan meet up in an alley in Georgetown with Cop of the Week Detective Croft, who shows them Kelly's body. A homeless man, who discreetly walks away, called it in. Prentiss and Morgan nearly recoil at the grotesque sight: Kelly's lips have been cut off. At the BAU, we learn that Kelly went missing three days ago, and two days ago, The Georgetown Monitor received a glamour shot of Kelly. As Garcia pulls out her notebook, Hotch notices flyers for her play, Conflictus. She quickly steers the convo back to the case. Reid says the unsub could've eaten the lips, as he munches on a muffin. Why is he always suggesting that the crazies eat body parts? First the eyes last season and now this. At the station, Morgan says Kelly represents someone specific to the unsub — love and hate — and his fetish with lips ties in with that, Reid adds. Because Kelly was dumped in the district, it's likely the unsub is a local, Hotch says, adding that the police have probably already interviewed the unsub.

Rhett and May are lounging at the train station and gawking at passersby. As May "glides" away, Rhett schools a girl on good walks. Movie stars need good walks because they have to walk across red carpets like they own it. He sees someone owning her walk, Penny Hanley, and goes after her. Back at their home, May purrs to Rhett to read scenes while he paints and messes with a plate with lipstick. You know Kelly's lips are on there. Upstairs, she tells him he's weak like his father. Rhett vehemently disagrees, pointing to the newspaper of Kelly's death saying that "I did this." He opens a door to reveal Penny on the floor. "In a matter of hours, she'll be more famous than you ever were," he screams.

Reid and Rossi talk to the M.E. Reid sees something in Kelly's throat: It's a bloodied torn piece of script with typed words. Rossi notices that chloroform was found in her hair. That and glamour shots feel like a throwback to another century, Reid says. Um, you mean last century? Back at the crime scene, Prentiss notices a homeless man, who says there wasn't another homeless guy there last night. Morgan tears through his nest and a message written in lipstick on the wall. Both messages contain the phrase, "But life without love is no life at all." They realize the homeless guy who found Kelly isn't homeless guy after all. Garcia can't match the words to anything, but she guesses it's from the '50s based on the glamour shots. Hotch apologizes for mentioning her play and Garcia asks him not to mention it to anyone. Speaking of plays, she points out that Kelly was missing for three days, like a three-act play.

During the profile, the team says the imminent '50s shot of Penny can't be published. Hotch, Prentiss and Reid look at video surveillance from the train station and see Rhett pursue Penny. He sat at the station for three hours — though we don't see May in the video footage — which would exceed any parking meter. Rossi points out a section in the neighborhood that is parking permit only, ordering it to be shut down. At the Waldens', Rhett finishes dolling up Penny, who looks more like Betty Draper than a young Sally Kirkland. He tries to put heels on her, but they don't fit. They do the scene perfectly until Penny head-butts Rhett and tries to escape. He kisses her and sedates her. When she wakes up, he tells her she was right: "Your toes were too long." Ouch times 10! Penny opens a door to a room, where we see an old-school poster for Reflection of Desire starring May Walden, of course.

At the station, Croft brings in the photo of Penny, and Hotch orders Garcia to come over to deliver a press conference about Penny. She doesn't want to do it, but Hotch asks about her theater work, angering Garcia. The guys give her a blond wig and prep her. "You make Penny the star," Morgan tells her. As Garcia speaks, Rossi and Hotch, and Reid and Prentiss drive around. Hotch says the unsub must've killed Kelly in his car because she died 30 minutes before she was found. Garcia says they have an address, causing Rhett to make a move with Penny. Rhett prepares to suffocate Penny in the car in an alleyway, but Hotch and Rossi drive up. Hotch shoots Rhett in the back, but he gets away. The team notices that Rhett's car has a disabled permit, and Garcia pulls up his info. May made Reflections of Desire in 1956, and it was her only movie as she was four months pregnant. The father was her co-star.

The cops surround the Walden house. Inside, Rhett asks if May is ready to walk out. He opens the door and, in his mind, he's walking on a red carpet to the popping flashlights of photographers. In reality, he's carrying a decayed skeleton of May. Prentiss notices her lips. "They're Kelly's," Reid says.

As they're packing up, Garcia tells Morgan that she was never going to tell him about her covert acting pastime. "We all have things for ourselves," she says, pointing out the property he owns. I still hold out hope that we will meet Clooney one day! We end with an encore of Garcia in Conflictus while the gang watches on.

Overall, this was another average episode with a heightened creep factor thanks to them never showing us the cut-off lips, lipless Kelly or toeless Penny. After the burning man overdose two weeks ago, it's good for them to fall back to their early years mantra of less is more. Speaking of the early years, raise your hand if you figured out that May was dead due to the lack of her in the surveillance footage... or just the basic Psycho feel of it all. I had a flashback of "Derailed" and Dr. Bryar's hallucinations (and Reid turning into string theory, which, let's face it, was the best part of the episode next to his magic trick.) The case wasn't overly compelling since we were frontloaded with so much stuff with the Waldens. But why did Rhett start killing/lip-cutting with Kelly? What was his stressor? Did May's lips completely rot away? As for Garcia being a secret actress, it's somewhat of a letdown as far as big reveals go. They basically wrote in Kirsten's real life (she does a lot of theater work and side projects) for Garcia. The press conference with the blond wig made her look like a JJ wannabe, which I guess she is now. I hope they don't straight-lace her too much since Garcia being serious isn't as fun as Garcia being Garcia, as we've already learned. Plus, she's not a full-fledged agent anyway.

What do you think? Did Rhett's lip fetish creep you out? Are you glad we never saw the lips? Did you realize that May was already dead? What do you think of Garcia's secret? Would you ever watch Reflection of Desire or Conflictus?

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On this week's Criminal Minds, the BAU hunts a killer who mutilated a woman after dressing her up like a 1950s movie star. Plus: Garcia acts!

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