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Criminal Minds Episode: "Compromising Positions"

Season 6, Episode 4
Episode Synopsis: The team profiles a serial killer who targets married couples.
Original Air Date: Oct 13, 2010
Guest Cast Craig Sheffer: Unsub Kathryn Howell: Beth Hartway Mike Smith: Paul Wilson Sarah Buxton: Leslie Sanders Erin Matthews: Maryann Thomas Juan Pope: Det. David Crowley Lisa Arturo: Debra Wilson Helen Eigenberg: Shirley Andrews
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Season 6, Episode 4
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Aired: 10/13/2010
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Criminal Minds Episode Recap: "Compromising Positions" Season 6, Episode 4

On this week's Criminal Minds, the BAU searches for a serial killer who goes after married couples, while Garcia gets stretched too thin when she tries to fill JJ's shoes.

Our case is in Akron, Ohio, where we open on a naked couple in a minivan. The unsub is also in the van and kills them. At the BAU, we learn the minivan couple was the second one killed in two weeks. The unsub's M.O.: give the handcuffed men Viagra, force the couples to have sex, and then shoot the husband and stab the wife. Before the team jets off, Garcia rolls her go bag into Hotch's office because she wants to help out now that JJ's gone since she created the program to present cases. Hotch says she's not trained for certain aspects of the job, but Garcia promises to learn — and to tone down her wardrobe. And how! She goes for a demure Sunday brunch look with irritating contacts that more or less leaves Rossi speechless.

In Akron, Garcia aces one part of JJ's job — thorough pre-introduction of the team to Detective Crowley, the Cop of the Week — but later almost gets duped by an aggressive reporter. I would never trick you, Garcia! Hotch says he will handle press and tells her to come to him if she needs help. Reid and Rossi learn from the victims' families that the men were overachieving alpha males — alpha males attack other alphas — while Morgan and Prentiss check out the crime scenes and realize that the unsub set the mood in both places. The team concludes that the romantic fantasy gets the unsub aroused because Viagra isn't working on him anymore. The one mystery: Why the condoms?

The unsub attacks a third couple, the Wilsons, but it doesn't go as planned, as Paul Wilson leg-wrestles him before getting shot. Paul's wife, Debra, comes on to the unsub as requested. He shoots her, breaking routine. Reid and Rossi deduce that leg-wrestling Paul must frequent a fitness club — and it turns out, so did the other guys — while Morgan and Prentiss figure out that the use of condoms means the unsub is a swinger. (Remember Swingtown? My fellow editor Mickey O'Connor loves that show to pieces.) The couples could be the unsub's old partners.

While Hotch, Rossi and Reid give the profile, Morgan and Prentiss chat with the heads of the Fabulous, Fun and Over 40 swing club. They say that the unsub has a mate and that his fantasy is two men and one woman. The other guy doesn't bother him because he's married and chooses his wife's partner, getting aroused by consensual cheating. Impotence has forced him to recreate the hookups — and to kill. Meanwhile, the decompensating unsub guns down a swinging (pun intended) party where Leslie, an old partner, is. She says his name is James and his wife's name is Mary Ann. They stopped swinging a year ago. She was locked in the play room when he broke in. Stealthily breaking a deadbolt lock means James is a locksmith, Reid and Rossi figure out. And hey, fitness clubs have lockers.

Hotch orders Garcia to pull info on locksmiths, but she's already in way too deep that she has requested Kevin's aid. (By the way, has anyone tried a bacon donut yet?) Garcia snaps at Hotch, telling him that she can't do two jobs at once. She apologizes, and Hotch, in typical buttoned-up fashion, tells her to turn off all distractions. Morgan, getting a heads-up from Hotch, tells Garcia to stop trying to replace JJ because she's irreplaceable. Instead, she should play to her strengths and go back to OG — Original Garcia, glasses, garish clothing and all. Cutest scene ever! OG manages get all the necessary info on James, whose prostate was removed last year because of dysplasia. The team and a SWAT squad head to his apartment. He's not there, but Mary Ann is — and she's pregnant! By another swinger, obviously!

Mary Ann insists that James is the father and won't give up his whereabouts to Rossi and Morgan. Reid wants to talk to her because he's not an alpha male like they are, so she won't feel threatened. Ha. Reid, you're an alpha male by my standards! He shows her files of recent unsolved murders because he says James has killed the man who got her pregnant. She cries when she sees a file of a black male and tells Reid and Prentiss that James used to pick her up at a bar, Dunley's, just for kicks.

At Dunley's, Prentiss volunteers to pick up James (I'm having flashbacks of her and Jordan getting their flirt on with Viper in "52 Pickup"). She says she and her "ex-boyfriend Brian" were an old swinging couple of James and Mary Ann's. James plays along before telling Prentiss that his system with Mary Ann stipulated husbands only — no boyfriends. Morgan, Hotch and the SWAT guys run up, but they're not needed — Prentiss shoots James through her purse. I want to be Emily when I grow up.

Back at the BAU, Hotch tells Garcia that he took on too much after Gideon left and realized he needed to do what he's good at, so Garcia should do the same. "Thank God. I do not want that job," she says. He says they will split up JJ's job. That's how irreplaceable she is, y'all — it takes six people to do her job! Assuring Garcia that she did not let him down, Hotch says that he knew she was unique when he received her resume on homemade pink stationery. "I wouldn't want you to change that," he says, nearly breaking out the lovely, but rarely seen Hotch smile. Garcia-Hotch moments are almost as awesome as Garcia-Morgan ones.

I personally think this is the best episode of the season so far — lots of profiling, psychological aspects, interrogation, great team interaction — and only one mention of Ellie! Ha. Plus, everyone got a moment to shine, except for maybe Rossi. But hey, he and his Box of Evil got their moment in the sun in last week's episode (which was originally set for this week). Garcia stepping up was great, but the story line would've been better had we ever seen more of JJ doing more of these different aspects of her job, especially in recent seasons. And Garcia printing her resume on homemade pink stationery? Rad. This means she was a Hotch hire — not a Gideon one — probably during Gideon's post-Boston meltdown. But she was recruited by the FBI for her hacking skills, so I'm assuming she later applied for the BAU. I hate continuity issues!

What did you think of the episode? Did you like Garcia trying to help out? Was her "serious" makeover overkill? Did you guess that Mary Ann was pregnant? Can you handle JJ's job? Are you glad to have OG back? Which Prentiss pick-up do you like better? Are you going to print your resume on homemade pink stationery now?

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On this week's Criminal Minds, the BAU searches for a serial killer who goes after married couples, while Garcia gets stretched too thin when she tries to fill JJ's shoes.

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