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Criminal Minds Episode: "JJ"

Season 6, Episode 2
Episode Synopsis: J.J. tries to reunite a family with their missing daughter while the BAU team suffers a tragic loss.
Original Air Date: Sep 29, 2010
Guest Cast Michael Welch: Syd Pearson Gil Bellows: Jeff Joyce J. Downing: Det. Mathias Christopher Marquette: Jimmy Barrett Rya Kihlstedt: Patty Joyce
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Season 6, Episode 2
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Aired: 9/29/2010
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Criminal Minds Episode Recap: "JJ" Season 6, Episode 2

On this week's Criminal Minds, the BAU is running against the clock to try to find a girl who mysteriously disappeared, while JJ is faced with a job that she did not ask for  — or want.

So this is it — JJ's last episode. Let's save the tears for the end, OK?

We open on Rossi and Morgan watching news coverage of their case: 19-year-old honor student and swim star Kate Joyce (I approve of that name!) disappeared from Atlantic Beach, Md., where she was vacationing with friends three days ago. Two 20-year-olds, Syd Pearson (Michael Welch) and Jimmy Barrett (Christopher Marquette) — it's a Joan of Arcadia reunion! — were last seen leaving a bar with Kate and have claimed that they each had consensual sex with her. They are currently in custody, but have not been charged with anything since there is no evidence or a body. Without charges, they can only be held in custody for 72 hours, and they're already at 60.

Morgan walks to the bullpen, where Prentiss, Garcia and Reid — who's popping some Tums — are gazing curiously at Hotch's office. He, JJ and Strauss are in there. "Maybe she asked for a raise," Reid says. Ha! Inside the office, we pick up in media res with JJ saying she's "not interested." It turns out the Pentagon has twice tried to poach our girl for a position as liaison for the Department of Defense, but she declined and didn't tell anyone. Now that Strauss knows, she's pushing hard for JJ to take it — mostly because it'd make her look good — and lists perceived "pros," like less traveling and more time with Henry. JJ shoots her a "b----, please" look and says she loves her job, which has made her a better person and mother. After last week's sprawling monologue, I'm glad they're not playing the Mommy Card again. Hotch tells Strauss, "If she declines, there's no way you can make her go." She leaves, and JJ apologizes to Hotch for not telling him and says she doesn't want the job. "I belong here," she says. On the jet, JJ comes clean to Prentiss and Morgan about the Pentagon offer and says that Hotch knows she doesn't want to go.

Back to the case — Hotch orders JJ to stay with Kate's parents, Jeff and Patty, who haven't left the police station in the last three days. JJ introduces herself with her full name. Patty says Kate was almost named Jennifer and would've gone by JJ had she been named that. (Sidenote: I was almost named Jennifer, too. My dad had to choose between the two names and he dismissed Jennifer because it was way too common back in the day.) JJ tries to convince them to go to the hotel, but they decline. They later look at old photos of Kate and her younger brother Drew, who died of leukemia three years ago. Jeff and Patty, affected by a call to Kate's phone, start arguing about whether or not they should've allowed her to come to the beach. JJ tells them not to play the blame game and to hold on to each other.

Detective Mathias, aka the Cop of the Week, shows video footage of Kate getting into a car with the boys. The boys had claimed that they dropped her off at her hotel, but no one knows what happened to Kate after she got into the car. Syd and Jimmy, childhood friends with juvenile records, are polar opposites: the former, physical, domineering; the latter, timid and awkward — your average dominant-submissive unsub duo. Meanwhile, Rossi and Reid check out the bar Kate and the guys were last seen in. They determine that she's too smart to leave with strangers, so she must have met them before Friday night. She did — she rented a jet ski from Jimmy on Friday morning.

Syd and Jimmy are in different rooms and, in an attempt to break their alliance, Prentiss asks Syd, but not Jimmy, if he wants anything; he orders a roast beef sandwich. Morgan interrogates Syd, who maintains that he did nothing wrong. Prentiss deals with Jimmy and a purposefully beeping camera. She opens the door to ask for it to be fixed just as Syd's sandwich is getting delivered for Jimmy to see. But he ain't jealous! Prentiss tries again to turn Jimmy against Syd by pointing out that Syd is an LRB (little rich boy) with a Lexus, while Jimmy has a boat. Jimmy never mentions Kate by name, only calling her "the girl." Both guys ask for a polygraph test. As the results are coming in, Rossi and Reid return to brainstorm with everyone. Hotch says the guys are guilty because innocent people would have gone crazy after three days in custody. These guys, on the other hand, are going out of their way to remain calm. He tells JJ to dig further with the parents. After she walks away, he tells the team, "Strauss thinks we're all replaceable. I went over her head to try to explain that we're not." Oh, so meta! Hotch later takes a call from Strauss, who tells him that JJ's transfer is a done deal because "it's an executive decision." "She's a vital member of the team," Hotch says. It doesn't matter now. Sigh.

The guys pass the polygraph with flying colors. Syd tells Rossi and Morgan again that he didn't kill Kate, but his DNA "is all over that girl" since they had sex. He says he has pictures of them on his cell, which Morgan retrieves. The photos are mostly of Syd and Kate, which make for a jealous Jimmy! Reid asks Jimmy why he was late for work Saturday when he's usually early. Jimmy says he was hung over after driving to the inlet at 2:30 a.m. so Kate could see the boats coming in.

JJ looks at the cell photos. One of them shows Kate's phone in the backseat. Her parents have her phone now, which was recovered from her room. That means she made it back to her room after the guys dropped her off like they said. Feeling rejected since he met her first, Jimmy later went back to punish Kate, Prentiss says. Kate let him in because he had her phone, JJ adds. Then he drugged her and took her to his boat. Reid recalls that Jimmy was obsessed with the inlet and knew traffic patterns. There's a shark feeding frenzy in the middle of the night, Mathias says. That means technically the guys weren't lying when they said they did not kill her and did not know where her body was. Reid, Prentiss and JJ gang up on Jimmy. They point out that his GPS on his boat is missing and that he had six hours to head out 75 miles to dump Kate in the ocean. "You still think she has a chance, huh?" he says. The coast guard searches 70 miles out for Kate, while Hotch and JJ hope for the best on the beach. JJ thinks Kate has a chance because she's an excellent swimmer, but Hotch points out that it's been three days. Lo and behold, Kate is alive, having clung to a buoy. Patty embraces JJ as Hotch watches. At the hospital, Jeff tells JJ that she saved his life. She says Drew was watching out for Kate. Hmm, a tad melodramatic, no?

Back at the BAU, Hotch breaks the news to JJ that she must leave by the end of the week. She's shocked because she won't have time to train someone. "We're not replacing you," he says. "I'm hoping I can get you back." He gives her an exit interview that Strauss wants her to fill and apologizes that he couldn't stop this. "The brass is really, really good at taking power away," JJ says. "It makes them feel like they're in charge." Such major meta-ness! He shakes her hand and breaks my heart because you know he wants to cry and hug her, but buttoned-up Hotch wouldn't do that. JJ tells Rossi, Morgan, Prentiss and Reid in the bullpen that she's out. "They can just take you away?" a quivering Reid says twice. Poor guy. He's had such abandonment issues in life.

JJ bids farewell to Garcia last. She's heartbroken, of course, and jokingly chastises JJ for not telling her because then she would've put something in her file. Ha! Remember when she did that to Kevin? She tells JJ that she's the glue that holds the family together and no one's going to protect her now. "There's plenty of big, strong men around," JJ says, a nod to the soon-to-be very testosterone-heavy team. They hug, and Garcia starts bawling as JJ leaves to drop off her exit interview, which she discreetly does without Strauss seeing her. She then walks to the elevator as we get a montage of JJ moments and a non-quote quote from her about the things we must accept.

And with that, JJ is gone. Tear. It was, of course, a sad, but sweet departure for her. The whole story line was basically a giant middle finger to CBS for firing A.J. Cook, which was beyond amusing even though I'm more of a fan of subtlety. It got a little heavy-handed at times, but I'm sure it was cathartic for the whole cast and crew to let the their anger out on the page and screen. You could tell that all the emotion on the cast members' faces was real. JJ is on to bigger and better things, but at least she's still in D.C., right?

As for the case — hello, Natalee Holloway! But it was a nice old-school case with a tremendous amount of profiling, which we have not seen in a while. Don't tell me I was the only one waiting for Syd to tell Rossi, "Who do you think you are? My dad?"

So what did you think? Was it a nice exit for the irreplaceable JJ? Did you cry during her goodbyes? Did you enjoy all the digs at CBS? How soon can we get her back? And what's up with Reid's upset stomach? And be sure to check out my list of top JJ moments. (Think back to happier times, everyone!)

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On this week's Criminal Minds, the BAU is running against the clock to try to find a girl who mysteriously disappeared, while JJ is faced with a job that she did not ask for  — or want.

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