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Criminal Minds Episode: "What Happens at Home"

Season 6, Episode 10
Episode Synopsis: The team profiles a killer targeting women inside of a gated New Mexico community, and Hotch asks for help from an FBI cadet.
Original Air Date: Dec 8, 2010
Guest Cast Kenneth Mitchell: Drew Jacobs Eben Ham: Uniform Cop Madison Leisle: Heather Jacobs Alex Fernandez: Det. Manny Ruiz Dan Warner: Frank Morris Christopher Kriesa: William Heller
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Season 6, Episode 10
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Length: 21:07:12
Aired: 12/8/2010
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Criminal Minds Episode Recap: "What Happens at Home" Season 6, Episode 10

On this week's Criminal Minds, the BAU enlists an FBI cadet to help investigate a gated New Mexico community for a killer targeting women.

Ready to meet JJ's non-replacement?

Our unsub this week strangles women in a gated community in southeastern New Mexico. Aubrey Jacobs, a writer, is the third victim, who was killed in her office while her husband and daughter were in the house. The community surveillance shows that no one has entered or left during the night except residents, which means the killer lives inside the community. The similar socioeconomic and demographic backgrounds of the residents will make it difficult to narrow down the unsub, so Hotch has "different parameters" for this case and has dispatched Rossi to carry them out.

Rossi watches FBI cadet Ashley Seaver, who's in remedial training after suffering a concussion, kick two other dudes' asses on a training course. This is very Clarice Starling-esque. Does her name make anyone else think of Growing Pains? Ashley Johnson played Chrissy Seaver. Only me? OK. He brings her to the BAU, where he and Hotch tell her they want her insight on the case from a child's perspective because her dad was a serial killer who murdered 25 women. Seaver says she needs to see the families herself, so Hotch says she can tag along as a consultant but must always be under supervision. Seaver's upfront about her family history, telling the team that "Seaver" is her mom's maiden name. Her dad was Charles Boshum, aka the Redmond Ripper. Hotch and Rossi caught him, Reid says. He and Seaver bond over their remedial FBI training. Remember his firearms training in "L.D.S.K."? He's come such a long way!

Det. Ruiz, the Cop of the Week, and creepy security head Brinkman — who's rocking some serious sideburns that would make Brandon Walsh jealous — set them up in a model home. Ruiz, who took two profiling classes, lives in the community and worked up a cursory profile. He's narrowed the list from 71 to 64 men and interviewed all of them, but all the interviews are confrontational, aka useless. Meanwhile, Prentiss and Morgan head to the Jacobses. Aubrey's husband, Drew, says the unsub came through the garage and that five homes have the same garage door code in the community, meaning the unsub has a tech background. Morgan secures Aubrey's laptop for Garcia to comb through, while Prentiss waxes poetic about their job. "What we see, all these lives cut short." Ah, signs of Prentiss mentally checking out already.

Hotch orders a community meeting at the church, where he tells Seaver to observe everyone's body language. She tells Morgan and Prentiss that the kids won't be afraid of their dads because her dad was never angry or aggressive at home. If anything, he was too nice and would shower her with anything she wanted — except a pet. Meanwhile, the unsub breaks into another home via the garage and strangles a woman. Hotch tells Prentiss and Seaver to look up families with no pets. En route back to the HQ, they have a heart to heart. Seaver says her dad's still alive, but she has no contact with him, while Prentiss says she never thinks of unsubs as fathers. Um, lie. I can count on three hands all the times Prentiss has interacted and collared unsubs who were fathers. Has she forgotten "Soul Mates"? "Bloodline"? "Normal"? Or "Solitary Man" last season? At the HQ, Brinkman brings Prentiss to the gate to get the pet info, leaving Seaver alone. Seaver secretly returns Aubrey's laptop to Drew, telling him that she wants to apologize on behalf of the unsub's family because the family will be very sorry. He asks her to come in and comfort his daughter, Heather.

Since Ruiz, Brinkman and 18 other guys didn't show for the meeting, Hotch says they need to start from scratch with all 71 guys. But there are only 67 files. Ruiz, who was at the latest crime scene, says he eliminated himself and the husbands of the three victims. Not kosher. Hotch tells Garcia to pull info on the widowers. Drew, of whom Aubrey complained about in her writing, was arrested for assault in his youth. And he's a traveling IT expert. Ruiz says he suspected Drew until Aubrey died. And you didn't bother to tell anyone that, why?

Noticing that Seaver's MIA, Hotch calls her. She tries to covertly say she's in deep doo-doo as Drew has her cornered with a knife to her throat in Heather's room, asking her how she knows what the unsub's family would think. Seaver tells her about her murderous pop and he asks her if she hates him. Before she answers, Hotch arrives and shoots Drew when he tries to go after him.

On the jet, Hotch sternly admonishes Seaver for going to the Jacobses. She says she went because she never got to apologize to any of the families of her father's victims. Hotch says that's not good enough. "I won't do it again," she says. "No, you won't," he says. Angry Hotch is the best! Rossi comforts Seaver, who tells him that she saw her dad kill a stray dog she brought home when she was 7. She admits that she doesn't hate him. "No matter what else he is, he's your father," Rossi tells her, assuring her that her not hating him doesn't mean he "wins."

So what do you think of Seaver? She got a bigger showcase episode in her debut than JJ ever did in five-plus years. The character has potential, but they need to take it easy on the "My dad was a serial killer" card. Overall, she didn't really contribute anything to the investigation except for almost getting killed and the pet remark — and even that didn't factor in to solving the case at all. What really bugs me was that Hotch tells Prentiss that he doubts Seaver will offer much help. So why even bother bringing her in? This wasn't one of Hotch's shining episodes as a leader. There was no reason for them to follow Ruiz's profile and leads when they're the experts who were called in. Was he worried about offending the aspiring profiler? As for Prentiss, the white flags are already going up. Sigh.

What did you think? Do you like Seaver? Or are you still yearning for JJ? What's up with Prentiss' short-term memory about unsubs who were fathers? Is she suffering burnout from the job? Why did the team follow Ruiz's profile? How insane were Brinkman's sideburns?

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On this week's Criminal Minds, the BAU enlists an FBI cadet to help investigate a gated New Mexico community for a killer targeting women.

Ready to meet JJ's non-replacement?

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