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Criminal Minds Episode: "The Longest Night"

Season 6, Episode 1
Episode Synopsis: The sixth-season opener concludes the team's search for the serial killer who is terrorizing Los Angeles and who now has Los Angeles detective Spicer's daughter as his hostage.
Original Air Date: Sep 22, 2010
Guest Cast Ronald William Lawrence: Det. Stansfield Robert Davi: Det. Adam Kurzbard Tim Curry: Billy Flynn Matt Taylor: Tire Changer Austin Highsmith: Kristin
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Season 6, Episode 1
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Length: 08:42:12
Aired: 9/22/2010
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Criminal Minds Episode Recap: "The Longest Night" Season 6, Episode 1

On the season premiere of Criminal Minds, the BAU team continues to track down serial killer Billy Flynn, aka "The Prince of Darkness," who has now kidnapped Detective Spicer's daughter. Meanwhile, Morgan is angry and stressed out as he has promised Spicer not to let anything happen to his daughter.

Hey all! Joyce here to bring you all your Criminal Minds needs as we soon embark on a J.J.-less team (sniff). My CM background: My favorite season is Season 3 (ironically that's the shortest), no favorite character (love them all), and I watch the show every night (I know — dork). My favorite episodes: "Riding the Lightning," "The Fisher King, Parts 1 and 2," "North Mammon," "The Big Game," "Revelations," "In Name and Blood," "Seven Seconds," "Penelope," "Tabula Rasa," "Lo-Fi," "Normal," "Bloodline," "Omnivore," "A Shade of Gray," "100" and "The Uncanny Valley." My least favorite? Um, "Honor Among Thieves," aka the Russian mob episode. And yes, I'm as sad as you are about J.J.'s impending departure.

But that's next week. This week, we open with a flashback to a boy and a woman standing in a sunny meadow. The boy is revealed to be Flynn. If I never see a close-up of his rotten teeth again, it'll be too soon. We then pick up right where the finale left off. L.A. is still in a blackout; Spicer is dead; Morgan and Spicer's sister, Kristin, are still tied up, as Flynn leaves the house with Spicer's daughter, Ellie. Ellie breaks free and alerts a couple, who gets shot by Flynn. Back at the house, Kristin tells Morgan that Flynn brought her to the house in an RV. Cops, medical and the whole BAU team arrive, and Prentiss accompanies Kristin, who was raped and beaten, to the hospital. In the ambulance, Kristin remembers that Flynn listened to the news on the radio. Morgan, however, refuses further care and ignores J.J. when she asks about Ellie. He calls Garcia with a partial plate for the RV in an uber-pissy mood. How pissy? He chastises her for calling him "baby boy." Hey, don't take it out on your baby girl!

In the RV, Ellie realizes Flynn let her get away on purpose so he could kill the couple. "We're going to make a great team," he says. Yes, because children make the best serial-killing partners. Oh, psychopaths! Ellie declares they're not a team and asks him why he kills people, as they watch a guy outside changing a flat. Flynn says the question is not why he kills, but "Why don't I kill everybody? I decide who dies, but mostly I decide who lives. I'm like God. And now you are too." On the radio, the guy outside hears the news about The Prince of Darkness tooling around in a "white RV," so Flynn goes out and shoots him.

Back at the station, Garcia calls in to say that she can't find an RV with the partial plate. Morgan spews at her, but Prentiss shows up and says they can contact Flynn via the radio. J.J. says they can use the emergency alert system to communicate on all the stations simultaneously to ensure that Flynn hears them, so she goes to make calls to make it happen. Prentiss later tells Morgan that Kristin wanted to apologize for making him promise Spicer not to let anything happen to Ellie because it wasn't fair. That changes... nothing, really. Morgan's still angry as hell.

At another house, Flynn shoots a father and dispatches Ellie — who's now rocking a rather butch haircut and looks slightly evil — to get the guy's son. Flynn tries to recreate the rape/attack he did on Spicer's mom, but is thrown when he realizes, thanks to a family photo, that there are two sons. Ellie admits that she told the other son to alert the neighbors and call 911. Ellie's quite the ballsy 8-year-old, no? Especially for one who just saw her dad die right before her eyes. The neighbors, almost hilariously, descend on the house, so Flynn takes Ellie and escapes in the family's car, leaving the RV behind.

The gang arrives on the scene, and Reid and Morgan scour the RV, where Morgan basically declares he will kill Flynn once he finds him. Reid notices Ellie's hair on the floor (anyone else chuckle since MGG has been hacking his own hair off like crazy?). He then finds an article in which Flynn has underlined a sentence about Ellie. Morgan remembers what Flynn said at the house: "I don't normally take to kids, but this one's special." Ellie was his target all along, not Spicer! Why? Flynn sees himself as basically the bastardized version of her grandfather since she wouldn't exist had he not let Spicer live when he was a kid, so he wants credit for Ellie.

Reid also finds an article about a 1968 murder, which pre-dates the mid-'80s records the cops have on Flynn. Garcia works her magic, and we learn that Flynn's mother, Nora, was a prostitute who was murdered, along with her client, by Flynn when he was 13. Hence the mother-and-son meadow flashbacks. Pleased, Morgan apologizes to his baby girl. That's more like it.

Meanwhile, after getting put on hold and transferred for about, oh, 27 years, J.J. finally gets authorized to broadcast on the emergency alert system. Hotch tells her she must go to the center and do it because it'd be faster. "I'm not a hostage negotiator," she says. "You are today," he replies. He coaches her, advising that she try to build rapport and empathize with Flynn while still giving him the power to make a decision. Nervous, J.J. starts broadcasting, calling out to Flynn, who's parked in a car with Ellie now. She stutters before pulling out the Mommy Card to get to Flynn, telling him that mothers aren't supposed to cause you pain, but rather make it go away, and he can't make his pain go away by scarring someone else. The dialogue bordered on melodramatic at times, but A.J. Cook totally sold it. I can't help but wonder, though, if this scene would've been written for her if she weren't leaving. They haven't written anything of this caliber for J.J. in a while (last season's "my sister committed suicide" tidbit was underwhelming), and it kind of shows in that they've made motherhood J.J.'s defining trait. She's supposed to be a kick-A media liaison, and instead we get 1,495 scenes of her trying to get through to the emergency broadcast system. Where are her connections? Plus, she's used the media to manipulate with unsubs before, so it's not like this is completely new territory. I still love ya, Jayj (as Garcia would say).

The mommy speech works, and Flynn lets Ellie go, while he retreats to another house. While all this is going down, Prentiss gets a call that Kristin has died. Way to orphan Ellie, guys! Morgan's now even more determined to kick Flynn's booty. Flynn requests Morgan go in solo, so he does, assuring Hotch that Flynn would only kill him if he showed fear. He also more or less compares the situation to Hotch's with The Reaper and Haley (RIP), which is, um, not the same. Inside, Flynn is holding a couple hostage and tells Morgan about how "relieved" his mother looked when he was about to kill her. He asks if Morgan believes in heaven and if he would see his mother there, as he starts raising his gun. Ah, the old "suicide by cop." Morgan obliges and shoots and kills him. Once outside, Morgan hugs Ellie, who starts crying. Finally. Although even the crying's a little creepy. Maybe it was the actress or the way she so easily bonded with Flynn, but Ellie came off like a serial killer-in-training by the end. So I guess Flynn knows how to pick partners after all?

So that's that. What did you think of the premiere? How does it compare to the other cliff-hanger conclusions? Did you buy Morgan's anger? Is Ellie the toughest 8-year-old you've ever seen? What's going to happen to her now? Is this Morgan's version of "Children of the Dark" (when Prentiss wanted to adopt Carrie)? How horribly underused (again) was Robert Davi? Did you like J.J.'s speech? Did next week's preview make you sad?

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On the season premiere of Criminal Minds, the BAU team continues to track down serial killer Billy Flynn, aka "The Prince of Darkness," who has now kidnapped Detective Spicer's daughter. Meanwhile, Morgan is angry and stressed out as he has promised Spicer not to let anything happen to his daughter.
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