Crazy Monster

  • 2017
  • TV Show
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Wild and weird creatures are spotlighted.

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This Terrifying Spider Hunts Fish Underwater
03:15 — If the prospect of a spider that catches fish wasn't scary enough, the fishing spider is disturbingly well-adapted to its task. This includes walking (more…)
This Wild Pig Has Fangs That Can Pierce Its Own Skull
02:08 — A male babirusa's canines are an evolutionary mystery: They never stop growing, they're too fragile to hunt or forage with, and, given time, they end (more…)
The Strange Link Between Bats and Tequila
02:03 — As a nectar feeder, the lesser long-nosed bat follows the trail of cactus blooms between Mexico and the U.S. One of the plants it also plays a major r (more…)
A Great White Can Go Through 20,000 Teeth In Its Lifetime
03:48 — While a great white shark's 300 serrated teeth are an amazing hunting adaptation, what's even more amazing is their replaceability. In a lifetime, eac (more…)
Watch a Male Seahorse Give Birth to Hundreds of Babies
01:50 — Male seahorses are the ones who carry children and give birth. And when they do, they can produce up to 2,000 babies at one time. From: CRAZY MONSTER (more…)
The Hagfish Is the Slimy Sea Creature of Your Nightmares
03:01 — The hagfish is a slime-emitting ocean-dweller that's remained unchanged for 300 million years--and it shows. It has a skull (but no spine), velvet smo (more…)
Why the Assassin Bug More Than Lives Up to Its Name
02:31 — The assassin bug's deadly proboscis is both sword and siphon. It uses its sharp nose to pierce and inject toxins into its victims, and then to suck ou (more…)

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  • Premiered: January 11, 2017
  • Rating: None
  • Premise: Wild and weird creatures are spotlighted.