Cow and Chicken 1997 | TV Show Watchlist

Episode Guide

Careful What You Wish For; Lost at Sea; I.R. Do

October 24, 1998

Me an' My Dog; Cow's Dream Catcher; Dessert Island

September 12, 1998

Cow Fly; Where Am I?; I Stand Corrected

August 29, 1998

Lance Sackless; Who's Afraid of the Dark?

March 17, 1998

Lawnmower Chicken; Cow Loves Piles; Law of Gravity

August 19, 1997

Supermodel Cow; Part-Time Job; I.R. on Sun

July 29, 1997

Confused; The Molting Fairy; I.R. Gentlemans

July 22, 1997

Chicken's First Kiss; Squirt the Daisies; I.M. Ambassador

Alive; Who Is Super Cow?; Deep Sea Tour

The Ugliest Weenie: Part 1 & 2; I.R. Big Star

Space Cow; The Legend of Sailcat; Happy Baboon Holidays

Headhunting in Oregon; The King and Queen of Cheese; I, Architect

Field Trip to Folsom Prison; The Girl's Bathroom; This Bridge Not Weasel Bridge

Crash Dive!; Happy Meat; Power of Odor

Cow's Instincts, Don't It?; Ballerina Cow; I.R. Plant Life

Orthodontic Police; The Cow with Four Eyes; Disease Fiesta