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Tue Sep 6 4:00pm
Satanic Mechanic(Season 1, Episode 7) HIST

A Thunderbird and a custom Ford F100 are featured.

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Tue Sep 6 4:30pm
Rockabilly Roadster(Season 2, Episode 6) HIST

The guys give away a hot rod at an annual rockabilly reunion. Also: a custom order for a woman's dream bike.

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Tue Sep 6 5:00pm
Haunted Hog(Season 2, Episode 22) HIST

A 1973 Chevy Blazer is restored; a creepy bike is built for the owner of a New Orleans hotel.

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Tue Sep 6 5:30pm
Perfect Paint(Season 5, Episode 13) HIST

Revisiting some impressive paint jobs, including a 1971 Road Runner that gets a crazy coat to commemorate a loved one; Rob Zombie's truck; a Harley inspired by the client's tattoos; a dune buggy with a nautical-theme electric-blue makeover; a horse trailer (more…)

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Tue Sep 6 6:00pm
Heavy Metal(Season 3, Episode 14) HIST

Judas Priest visit the shop; Danny buys a 1969 Cadillac.

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Tue Sep 6 6:30pm
Burning Out(Season 4, Episode 11) HIST

Danny hopes to flip a 1972 Cutlass and checks out a 1971 Torino whose owner has problems pricing.

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Tue Sep 6 7:00pm
Danny's Dream, Kevin's Nightmare(Season 4, Episode 30) HIST

Danny works on a Plymouth Roadrunner. Also: Horny Mike delves into an odd side project.

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Tue Sep 6 7:30pm
Blinged Out Blazer(Season 6, Episode 8) HIST

Danny gets a new ride, a classic two-wheel-drive Chevy Blazer that he wants to customize and flip; Ryan wants to put a new twist on a retro flame design, but Danny worries it will look more "Miami Vice" than modern. Later, Shannon and Mike spot a GTO that (more…)

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