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Dec 21, 2014 Season 55 Episode 499 watch on Hulu (Free)

Desperate to ensure they have the best Christmas ever, Kylie arrives home laden with presents and asks David to buy something special for Lily.

Episode 7329

Apr 30, 2010 Season 4 Episode 24

Tina regains consciousness and insists she's fine.
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Episode 7328

Apr 30, 2010 Season 4 Episode 23

Norris plans to go for a walk, however his plan is thwarted when he discovers the laces missing from his boots.
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Episode 7589

Apr 29, 2011 Season 4 Episode 22

Graeme refuses to tell immigration that Xin tricked him and is desperate to track her down before it's too late. He eventually gets an address of a friend and races after her. Enlisting Mary's help with transport (she's keen to apologise) he finds Xin and insists she's coming whether she likes it or not. Mary's brilliant as she drills them on their story but when the motor home breaks down it looks like it's all been for nothing. Will they make it back to the street in time?
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Episode 6807

Apr 30, 2008 Season 4 Episode 21

Maria still can't bring herself to tell Liam that they've lost the baby. Liam assumes she's still in a bad mood with him and tells her to get over it.
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Episode 7587

Apr 25, 2011 Season 4 Episode 20

Inside the Hoyles' Charlotte's parents are deeply concerned for 'Colin' as he breaks down repeating that he's sorry. He's an emotional wreck and they can see he needs help. Finding his phone they discover several miss calls from Fiz and decide to try her. Fiz is confused but confusion turns to alarm when she arrives at the Hoyles' and discovers they're Charlotte's parents. Is Fiz about to learn the real extent of John's double life?
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Episode 7324

Apr 23, 2010 Season 4 Episode 19

Kevin vehemently assures Molly that he would never try to harm her or the baby.
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Episode 6804

Apr 25, 2008 Season 4 Episode 18

Paul goes through with his confession, despite Dan highlighting the risks. Maria and Rita coax Audrey into calling Ted.
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Episode 7584

Apr 22, 2011 Season 4 Episode 17

Back at work John's stressed to the eyeballs feeling like his whole world is imploding. When the police come calling it's too much and Peter's shocked to find him crouched in a corner rocking. Seeing he's a very sick man Peter goes for Fiz and Dr Carter but when they return to the bookies John has gone.
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Episode 7583

Apr 22, 2011 Season 4 Episode 16

Fiz is anxious as John returns to work. He copes admirably but when Joy's solicitor calls at the Stapes addressing him and Fiz as Mr and Mrs Fishwick he's thrown. Fiz hides her panic as she takes on the role but will it all be too much for John? As he struggles to absorb what Fiz has done he mentally unravels. Will John give the game away?
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Episode 7059

Apr 20, 2009 Season 4 Episode 15

Tony tells Luke that the mask will remind Maria of Liam's death.
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Episode 6800

Apr 21, 2008 Season 4 Episode 14

David's cell mate, Graeme introduces himself. David still finds him creepy. Maria stresses over Liam's choice of colours for the nursery.
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Episode 7580

Apr 18, 2011 Season 4 Episode 13

As Carla reveals Maria's left Underworld Maria's in turmoil. As she rows with Carla again she points out that now Frank's buying into the business it feels like he's got off scott-free. When she then bumps into Frank on the street he's charm personified but Maria can't take anymore. Struggling to cope she confides in boyfriend Chris, how will Chris react?
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Episode 7056

Apr 17, 2009 Season 4 Episode 12

Peter regards Ken cynically as Ken prepares breakfast for Deidre. Amber's unhappy that Darryl's moving out.
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Episode 7578

Apr 15, 2011 Season 4 Episode 11

As Carla and Frank meet to discuss business Maria stews. Frank has a proposition for Carla and after a productive afternoon of talks at Nick's bistro they breeze back in with an announcement to make.
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Episode 7844

Apr 13, 2012 Season 4 Episode 10

Audrey's apoplectic as she stares at the new sign.
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Episode 6795

Apr 14, 2008 Season 4 Episode 9

Becky is infuriated with Roy but agrees that Rick won't come around any more. Bill worries about the bats. Jason worries that Roy saw him last night.
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Episode 7575

Apr 11, 2011 Season 4 Episode 8

It's the day Steve and Becky plan to up sticks and leave, it's also the day that Jim needs to come up with the cash, but when Kevin declines his offer to invest in the pub it looks like the game is up. As Becky collects Amy from school with Max and heads to the airport Steve waits for Jim to get back from the bank. Will a desperate Jim come through for Steve and Liz?
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Episode 6793

Apr 11, 2008 Season 4 Episode 7

David is getting ready for his court appearance not holding out much hope. Roy is still upset about the bats and the building work that is still going on.
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Episode 7311

Apr 05, 2010 Season 4 Episode 6

Ryan and Sian's reconciliation is short-lived when Sian accuses him of being interested in Tamsin.
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Episode 7572

Apr 07, 2011 Season 4 Episode 5

As Nick and Gail plot he reasons she's a gold-digger so they should pay her off. Agreeing to let Kylie hold her hen do in the bistro, so not to arouse suspicion, Nick comes up with £1000. Gail's uneasy with bribery but seeing no other way to get rid of Kylie she finds her outside the bistro and launches into her propostion - she gets £1K cash if she leaves town. Will Kylie be bought off?
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Episode 7309

Apr 02, 2010 Season 4 Episode 4

Audrey tells Rita that she is not going to the Chamber of Commerce dance as Lewis was not free.
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Episode 7308

Apr 02, 2010 Season 4 Episode 3

Becky's furious to be told that she can never be a mother.
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Episode 6788

Apr 04, 2008 Season 4 Episode 2

Tina's signed off from work with stress. David's worried she's going to crack under the pressure.
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Episode 7568

Apr 01, 2011 Season 4 Episode 1

Steve's wavering over Becky's plan to sell the pub and snatch the kids but after another run in with Kylie he realises it's the only way they'll ever be free of her and Tracy. Jim's gobsmacked when Steve summons him saying the deal is on providing he's got the cash and they keep quiet till contracts are signed. The clock's now ticking and Steve heards to the Barlows in search of Amy's passport. But when he involves Amy in a game to find it will Steve's moonlight flit be discovered?
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