Tue May 5 9:00am
Jacksonville(Season 13, Episode 4) SPIKE

Jacksonville officers rescue an elderly woman locked inside a bank; encounter a man who claims to have been robbed during a drug deal; and question a theft suspect who says her alleged victim threatened to curse her with a voodoo doll.

Tue May 5 9:30am
Coast to Coast(Season 19, Episode 1) SPIKE

A Palm Beach County, Fla., deputy subdues a suspect with a stun gun to end a foot chase; a Palm Springs, Cal., officer finds drugs on a bicyclist.

Tue May 5 10:00am
Jacksonville(Season 13, Episode 12) SPIKE

Jacksonville vice officers arrest a suspected drug dealer in her trailer, where undercover officers later attract unwitting customers. Also: occupants of a reported stolen car are arrested, as are suspects in the burglary of a change machine.

Tue May 5 10:30am
Coast to Coast(Season 18, Episode 24) SPIKE

Spokane officers respond to a burglary call and find the suspect hiding on the roof of a home. Also: Las Vegas police investigate a man whose wife reports that he is cooking crystal meth.

Tue May 5 11:00am
Coast to Coast(Season 20, Episode 24) SPIKE

Leon County, Fla., officers make a DUI bust; a Portland, Ore., street-crime unit foils a drug deal in a city park; Cincinnati officers break up a fight.

Tue May 5 12:30pm
Chases and Takedowns(Season 20, Episode 19) SPIKE

Portland, Ore., officers tackle a suspect to make a drug-related arrest; Spokane officers pursue a prowler on foot; a Leon County, Fla., K-9 unit busts a suspected car thief.

Tue May 5 1:00pm
Coast to Coast(Season 15, Episode 20) SPIKE

Calls include a stolen cell phone; shoplifting; a domestic disturbance; and marijuana use.

Tue May 5 1:30pm
Coast to Coast(Season 16, Episode 27) SPIKE

A pursuit of a speeding motorbike leads a police cruiser into jeopardy; undercover agents arrest drug sellers.

Tue May 5 4:00pm
Indianapolis, Indiana(Season 12, Episode 12) SPIKE

Indianapolis officers assist a teenage overdose victim; draw their weapons at a robbery in progress; raid a trailer where alleged drug dealers reside; find a stash of cocaine with help from a suspect's girlfriend.

Tue May 5 4:30pm
Coast to Coast(Season 16, Episode 24) SPIKE

A pursuit of a drug suspect riding a bicycle; a call about a loose rottweiler, found restrained by a man sitting on it.

Tue May 5 5:00pm
Stupid Criminals(Season 20, Episode 12) SPIKE

A Rialto, Cal., detective pursues the driver of a stolen vehicle; a Brevard County, Fla., deputy apprehends a drug suspect.

Tue May 5 6:00pm
Coast to Coast(Season 18, Episode 34) SPIKE

A Spokane officer pursues a stolen truck at high speeds; a Palm Springs officer questions transvestites in a parked car.

Tue May 5 7:00pm
Coast to Coast(Season 19, Episode 11) SPIKE

Wichita officers assist a bondsman attempting to enter a home; a suspect tries to swallow a bag of marijuana while in the custody of a Brevard County, Fla., sheriff.

Tue May 5 7:30pm
Coast to Coast(Season 16, Episode 15) SPIKE

A burglary call leads to a suspect who allegedly used bolt cutters to enter a business; a driver claims his wife put illegal tags on his car.

Tue May 5 8:00pm
Coast to Coast SPIKE

A car chase; a gun battle with a man on PCP; a suicide threat; a deputy's night on duty at a jail in San Diego; officers in Las Vegas.

Tue May 5 8:30pm
Seattle; Tacoma(Season 13, Episode 34) SPIKE

Seattle-Tacoma officers investigate a potential abduction in a remote area; stop a reportedly stolen truck; use a K-9 unit to chase a car-theft suspect who abandoned the vehicle.

Tue May 5 9:00pm
Coast to Coast(Season 18, Episode 31) SPIKE

Two Pittsburgh officers engage in a pursuit on foot with an armed man; Martin County, Fla., sheriffs subdue an inebriated woman causing a disturbance.

Tue May 5 9:30pm
Coast to Coast(Season 18, Episode 17) SPIKE

Gwinnett County, Ga., police use a Taser to stabilize a crime scene; and Las Vegas cops respond to a father-son dispute in which each accuses the other of having started the commotion.

Tue May 5 10:00pm
Coast to Coast(Season 18, Episode 22) SPIKE

Pittsburgh police chase a motorist who sped off after being stopped. Also: Chattanooga cops stop a driver for a lane violation, and it turns out he had been drinking.

Tue May 5 10:30pm
Coast to Coast(Season 18, Episode 33) SPIKE

A Pittsburgh officer makes a marijuana bust near a high school; a Spokane officer arrests a couple attempting a burglary.

Tue May 5 11:00pm
Coast to Coast(Season 18, Episode 32) SPIKE

Two Pittsburgh officers engage in a car chase through a neighborhood; a Spokane officer responds to a sexual-assault call.

Fri May 8 5:00pm
Eye in the Sky(Season 27, Episode 26) SPIKE

A jaywalker's mad dash leads through the weeds; helicopters help track down a suspect on a stolen motorcycle; cops discover a slew of crimes after responding to a domestic dispute.

Fri May 8 5:30pm
Coast to Coast(Season 18, Episode 6) SPIKE

A suspect with two felony warrants tries to run away while handcuffed; a portable fingerprint device confirms a fugitive's identity after he's located at a convenience store.

Fri May 8 6:30pm
Coast to Coast(Season 20, Episode 7) SPIKE

A Brevard County, Fla., officer pursues a drug suspect who attempts to flee on foot during a traffic stop; a Riverside County, Cal., deputy responds to a domestic-disturbance call.

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