Fri May 29 4:00pm
New Jersey(Season 13, Episode 20) SPK

New Jersey officers respond to a hostage situation; chase a drug suspect who tosses evidence as he flees; witness drug use in a vehicle driven by a woman with no license.

Fri May 29 4:30pm
Jacksonville(Season 13, Episode 6) SPK

Jacksonville officers target neighborhood drug activity; investigate a driver in an area known for prostitution; assist a homeowner with raccoons in her chimney.

Fri May 29 5:00pm
Coast to Coast(Season 17, Episode 5) SPK

A drug suspect tries to discard a crack pipe while his cohort becomes combative and tries to swallow possible evidence; methamphetamine and paraphernalia are found in a suspicious vehicle on a restricted trail.

Fri May 29 6:00pm
Coast to Coast(Season 18, Episode 3) SPK

A couple's argument gets physical in a motel parking lot; paramedics are called for an intravenous meth user.

Fri May 29 6:30pm
Coast to Coast(Season 19, Episode 35) SPK

A Wichita officer apprehends three suspects after a chase; a Lowell, Mass., officer arrests a motorcyclist.

Fri May 29 7:00pm
Coast to Coast(Season 18, Episode 4) SPK

A disturbed man who threatened a restaurant customer; vehicle violations with bizarre circumstances.

Fri May 29 7:30pm
Coast to Coast(Season 16, Episode 13) SPK

A high-speed pursuit of a motorcycle. Also: a rifle is found in a car pulled over for expired tags.

Fri May 29 8:00pm
Drug Busts: Special Edition(Season 16, Episode 29) SPK

Two suspects argue over responsibility for the drugs in their car; missing taillights lead to a pot bust of a pregnant driver and two male companions.

Fri May 29 8:30pm
Probable Cause(Season 23, Episode 7) SPK

Police in Pahrump, Nev., make a drug bust when they pull over a vehicle for a headlight violation; officers in Amarillo, Texas, make a DUI arrest at the site of a major vehicle crash.

Sat May 30 1:30am
Coast to Coast(Season 21, Episode 14) SPK

Deputies in Harris County, Texas, chase a truck that's carrying golf carts; Las Vegas police question a suspicious suspect who was driving around a mall parking lot; officers in Rialto, Cal., answer a call that takes them to the scene of an accident.

Sat May 30 2:00am
Coast to Coast(Season 22, Episode 17) SPK

A man won't stop for a park ranger in Tulsa County, Okla., so police chase after him; a traffic stop in Palm Beach County, Fla., leads to the discovery of a loaded gun in a convicted felon's car.

Sat May 30 2:30pm
Coast to Coast SPK

A car chase; a gun battle with a man on PCP; a suicide threat; a deputy's night on duty at a jail in San Diego; officers in Las Vegas.

Sat May 30 3:00pm
Coast to Coast(Season 19, Episode 28) SPK

In Ohio, a Cincinnati officer pursues a suspect in his cruiser and on foot, and a Hamilton County sheriff deals with a domestic disturbance.

Sat May 30 3:30pm
Jacksonville(Season 13, Episode 4) SPK

Jacksonville officers rescue an elderly woman locked inside a bank; encounter a man who claims to have been robbed during a drug deal; and question a theft suspect who says her alleged victim threatened to curse her with a voodoo doll.

Sat May 30 4:00pm
Coast to Coast(Season 15, Episode 1) SPK

Stings on prostitutes and johns include an officer who dresses as a clown for a more “creative” approach to catching women off-guard.

Sat May 30 4:30pm
Rescue #1 Special Edition(Season 16, Episode 3) SPK

Civilians join officers in a human chain to rescue a man from a river; a person must be extracted from an overturned car; a surveillance video IDs a casino-burglary suspect.

Sat May 30 5:00pm
Tazed & Confused Special Edition(Season 17, Episode 7) SPK

A stun gun triggers a high-speed chase after a driver becomes uncooperative during a routine traffic stop.

Sat May 30 5:30pm
Rescue #2 Special Edition(Season 16, Episode 4) SPK

A delirious suspect holds his wife hostage; a man is rescued from a flooded waterway only to return to try to save his truck; a vehicle is stopped in a known drug area.

Sat May 30 6:00pm
In Denial(Season 21, Episode 19) SPK

Officers in Sacramento apprehend a suspect driving a stolen vehicle---but he claims he didn't know it was stolen. Also: Minneapolis police respond to a suspicious-person call and find someone lurking in an alley; and deputies in Rancho Cucamonga, Cal., arr (more…)

Sat May 30 6:30pm
Coast to Coast(Season 22, Episode 29) SPK

Police in Boynton Beach, Fla., send dogs to search for armed-robbery suspects; officers in Amarillo, Texas, retain a man for lewd conduct in a public park; and an intoxicated man trying to change his tire is detained by police in Portland, Ore.

Sat May 30 7:00pm
Smooth Criminal(Season 24, Episode 3) SPK

In Boynton Beach, Fla., a cop goes undercover as a hit man and is hired by a woman to murder her husband.

Sat May 30 7:30pm
Coast to Coast(Season 22, Episode 11) SPK

A domestic-abuse suspect fights with police in Victorville, Cal.; officers in Las Vegas save a child from drowning.

Sat May 30 8:00pm
Coast to Coast(Season 22, Episode 14) SPK

Police in San Bernardino County, Cal., respond to a domestic-disturbance call involving a frenzied woman and her unhelpful mother; officers in Brevard County, Fla., find a woman attempting a late-night robbery.

Sat May 30 8:30pm
750th Episode Milestone(Season 21, Episode 22) SPK

A driver in Sacramento passes off illegal substances to a passenger; police in a helicopter in King County, Wash., search for a suspect who allegedly threatened to kill his girlfriend; and officers in Florida question suspects caught siphoning gas from a c (more…)

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