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Sat Sep 5 12:00pm
Cops Reloaded(Season 1, Episode 80) CMT

Cops respond to an alleged accidental shooting; a man is arrested in an undercover drug operation.

Sat Sep 5 12:30pm
Cops Reloaded(Season 1, Episode 81) CMT

Cops chase after two males in an SUV until it flips; a domestic disturbance call is made involving a child custody dispute; officers detain a fleeing drug suspect.

Sat Sep 5 1:00pm
Cops Reloaded(Season 1, Episode 82) CMT

Officers stop a man on a bike who matches the description of a robbery suspect; three men are detained when the are found hanging out in a heavy drug alley; a domestic dispute is investigated; a suspect waving a pocketknife is confronted.

Sat Sep 5 1:30pm
Cops Reloaded(Season 1, Episode 83) CMT

Officers search for a man in connection with a domestic violence restraining order; a man tries to eat a bag of weed when he is pulled over; a woman is suspected of stabbing a man in the arm with a pair of scissors.

Sat Sep 5 2:00pm
Cops Reloaded(Season 1, Episode 84) CMT

A car that is being driven erratically is stopped; a domestic disturbance between a mother and son is investigated; officers discover drugs in a motel room; a reported stabbing at an apartment complex is investigated.

Sat Sep 5 2:30pm
Cops Reloaded(Season 1, Episode 85) CMT

Officers chase after a stolen vehicle; a man is questioned on suspicion of drug possession; three burglary suspects are pursued; an undercover cop poses as a prostitute to arrest men who are soliciting for sex.

Sat Sep 5 3:00pm
Cops Reloaded(Season 1, Episode 86) CMT

A man suspected of soliciting money is questioned; police find a weapon and drugs in a car; officers respond to a burglary in progress; cops investigate an armed disturbance call.

Sat Sep 5 3:30pm
Cops Reloaded(Season 1, Episode 93) CMT

Police pursue a stolen truck in high-speed chase; officer investigate a dispute between a boyfriend and girlfriend; cops find drugs when they stop a vehicle for making an unsafe turn; a suspect is questioned for making alleged terrorist threats.

Sat Sep 5 4:00pm
Cops Reloaded(Season 1, Episode 94) CMT

Police engage in a high-speed chase to question three suspects; a driver and passenger are suspected of prostitution; officers investigate a stabbing at an apartment complex; a bank robber is pursued.

Sat Sep 5 4:30pm
Cops Reloaded(Season 1, Episode 95) CMT

Police question a homeless man sleeping in a handicap parking space; cops orchestrate a sting operation to capture a man considered armed and dangerous; a man is questioned about possible drug violations; officers find drugs in a car.

Sat Sep 5 5:00pm
Cops Reloaded(Season 1, Episode 96) CMT

A caller claims he intends to kill himself and any police who come near him; officers arrest two people on drug charges; cops question two men who are suspected of stealing a lawnmower; a woman is questioned for allegedly being a prostitute.

Sat Sep 5 5:30pm
Cops Reloaded(Season 1, Episode 97) CMT

Police chase the driver of a truck who refuses to stop; a man accused of sexual battery is questioned; police search for two suspects wanted for aggravated battery and other charges; a high-speed chase ends in a violent crash.

Sat Sep 5 6:00pm
Cops Reloaded(Season 1, Episode 98) CMT

Police pursue a motorcyclist after he weaves in and out of lanes; a K-9 unit track a suspect; officers respond to a complaint about a gun being discharged in a neighborhood; a suspected drug dealer is targeted by a sting operation.

Sat Sep 5 6:30pm
Cops Reloaded(Season 1, Episode 99) CMT

A deputy pursues a driver after he runs away while being searched; an officer questions a man for driving too aggressively; police stop a vehicle that is believed to be stolen; a suspected burglar is pursued.

Sat Sep 5 7:00pm
Cops Reloaded(Season 1, Episode 87) CMT

A vehicle hits a cyclist during a routine traffic stop; a car is searched in a drug-infested neighborhood; a deputy responds to a 911 hang-up call and finds a man who went on a drug binge; a man accused of assaulting his girlfriend is questioned.

Sat Sep 5 7:30pm
Cops Reloaded(Season 1, Episode 88) CMT

Police pursue a car that ran a stop sign and find drugs in the vehicle; a driver is questioned for an equipment violation; a speeding vehicle is pulled over and the driver arrested on drug charges; cops respond to a vehicle rollover.

Sat Sep 5 8:00pm
Cops Reloaded(Season 1, Episode 89) CMT

Police pursue a man suspected of being involved in hit-and-run accident; cops arrest a man for driving a stolen car; a suspected drunk driver is stopped and questioned; a man accused of hitting a neighbor is questioned.

Sat Sep 5 8:30pm
Cops Reloaded(Season 1, Episode 90) CMT

Police pursue a motorcyclist who refused to respond to a traffic stop; a suspected stolen truck is pulled over and the driver arrested; a suspect believed to be involved in identity theft is questioned; officers respond to a fight in a parking lot.

Sat Sep 5 9:00pm
Cops Reloaded(Season 1, Episode 91) CMT

Officers confront several armed men believed to have been involved in an assault; police question three men suspected of illegal drug activity; a driver is stopped for an equipment violation; a deputy investigates when he sees a parked car with a broken wi (more…)

Sat Sep 5 9:30pm
Cops Reloaded(Season 1, Episode 92) CMT

Police question a man suspected of kicking out windows; an officer pulls over a vehicle that is playing loud music and discovers marijuana; cops arrest a man for allegedly attempting to steal a car; officers respond to a fight at a local residence.

Sun Sep 6 1:35am
Cops Reloaded(Season 1, Episode 104) CMT

A suspect in a hit-and-run accident is questioned by police; officers investigate a home invasion; cops pursue a stolen vehicle; a woman driving a stolen car is questioned.

Sun Sep 6 11:30pm
Cops Reloaded(Season 1, Episode 101) CMT

A car that left a known drug house is pursued; a couple are suspected of having sex in public; a man riding a motorcycle is chased after refusing to stop; a truck suspected of carrying drugs is searched.

Mon Sep 7 12:00am
Cops Reloaded(Season 1, Episode 102) CMT

A recent parolee is suspected of stealing a car; two women are questioned after they drive away from an area known for drug activity; a firearm is found on a passenger in a car; a woman asks police to remove her common-law husband from their home.

Mon Sep 7 12:30am
Cops Reloaded(Season 1, Episode 103) CMT

Officers respond to a domestic dispute; a male driver is stopped for a traffic violation and is found to be in possession of drugs; police intervene when a man starts trashing his apartment; a man is questioned for public intoxication.

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