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Wed Apr 22 1:00am
Cops Reloaded(Season 1, Episode 122) CMT

Three men with outstanding warrants are arrested. Also: A man is pulled over in a car and cops discover the vehicle is stolen.

Wed Apr 22 1:30am
Cops Reloaded(Season 1, Episode 123) CMT

A domestic dispute between spouses is investigated.

Wed Apr 22 11:00pm
Cops Reloaded(Season 1, Episode 129) CMT

A suspected robber is pursued; an abandoned truck is found on train tracks; a bicyclist is found with a gun in his pocket.

Wed Apr 22 11:30pm
Cops Reloaded(Season 1, Episode 130) CMT

A drug dealer claims to be running from gunfire and not the police; a man is arrested for trying to steal "wishes"; officers clear out a trailer with 52 cats.

Thu Apr 23 12:00am
Cops Reloaded(Season 1, Episode 131) CMT

A person suspected of stealing a vehicle is pursued; a panhandler is questioned; a domestic dispute is investigated; officers question an intoxicated woman in a tree.

Thu Apr 23 12:30am
Cops Reloaded(Season 1, Episode 132) CMT

A bondsman uses a sledgehammer to gain entrance into a house to revoke a bond; a suspicious driver goes the wrong way down a one-way street; a man tries to break into his ex-girlfriend's apartment.

Thu Apr 23 1:00am
Cops Reloaded(Season 1, Episode 128) CMT

A hostile suspect resorts to crying; three passengers in a car are suspected of having marijuana; rival wedding chapel owners get into a disagreement; a burglary is investigated.

Thu Apr 23 1:30am
Cops Reloaded(Season 1, Episode 133) CMT

A motorcyclist with a suspended license flees from the police; a suspect is chased on foot through a neighborhood; a pedestrian who was clipped by a car is comforted.

Fri Apr 24 12:04am
Cops Reloaded(Season 1, Episode 97) CMT

Police chase the driver of a truck who refuses to stop; a man accused of sexual battery is questioned; police search for two suspects wanted for aggravated battery and other charges; a high-speed chase ends in a violent crash.

Fri Apr 24 12:34am
Cops Reloaded(Season 1, Episode 79) CMT

A man and a woman are suspected of drug use and prostitution activity; a K-9 unit chases a man who runs after crashing a stolen car; two women are questioned on drug suspicion.

Fri Apr 24 1:00am
Cops Reloaded(Season 1, Episode 135) CMT

A suspect tests his swimming skills while evading police; a driver crashes into another vehicle while being chased by officers; a man is arrested for threatening his mother; a truck driver flees the scene of an accident.

Fri Apr 24 1:30am
Cops Reloaded(Season 1, Episode 136) CMT

Police talk to a suicidal man; an erratic driver is stopped; roommates are questioned about a violent dispute; a task force raids a house where a fugitive is thought to be hiding.

Fri Apr 24 10:30pm
Cops Reloaded CMT

A suspected drug dealer swallows evidence; a woman is questioned for spraying mace in her ex-boyfriend's face; a woman is suspected of thefts in motel rooms; drugs are found in a car.

Fri Apr 24 11:00pm
Cops Reloaded CMT

A drug suspect is questioned after making the mistake of stopping his car in the middle of a road; two car passengers reveal they each have heroin needles hidden in an unlikely part of their body.

Fri Apr 24 11:30pm
Cops Reloaded(Season 1, Episode 139) CMT

A disturbance at a restaurant is investigated; an undercover sting operation nets several drug offenders; a woman is arrested for assaulting her father-in-law with a butter knife; a car is stopped for running a stop sign.

Sat Apr 25 12:00am
Cops Reloaded(Season 1, Episode 140) CMT

A suspected carjacker is pursued; a woman's boyfriend is arrested on drug charges; two brothers are questioned about a domestic violence call; a man is questioned about operating a bicycle under the influence of alcohol.

Sat Apr 25 12:30am
Cops Reloaded(Season 1, Episode 141) CMT

A concealed shotgun is found on a bicyclist; two college students are caught trying to steal an ornamental flamingo in Las Vegas; a man is questioned about driving a stolen vehicle; a driver learns some surprising things about his new girlfriend during a t (more…)

Sat Apr 25 1:00am
Cops Reloaded CMT

A suspect denies running from police after crashing his car; suspected house burglars claim they were given permission to enter a garage; prescription pills are found in a car.

Sat Apr 25 10:30pm
Cops Reloaded(Season 1, Episode 142) CMT

A fleeing suspect is apprehended when his pants get caught on a fence; a male passenger's emotional breakdown helps him avoid being arrested; a suspected burglary is investigated; police demonstrate how they eradicate hidden marijuana patches.

Sat Apr 25 11:00pm
Cops Reloaded(Season 1, Episode 143) CMT

A driver is pursued by a K-9 unit after fleeing a stolen car; suspected drug dealers are questioned; a man is accused of trying to sale a toddler for crack cocaine; an officer questions a suspicious pair who are in a park after dark.

Sat Apr 25 11:30pm
Cops Reloaded(Season 1, Episode 144) CMT

A detective intervenes in a chaotic fight; suspects are arrested for allegedly dealing cocaine out of their grandmother's house; a man claims he accidentally fired off five gunshots inside his house.

Sun Apr 26 12:00am
Cops Reloaded(Season 1, Episode 145) CMT

An officer stops a car passenger from reaching for a gun; officers question a couple involved in a bar fight; a motel vandal is caught; police deal with Mardi Gras mooning, groping and fighting.

Sun Apr 26 12:30am
Cops Reloaded(Season 1, Episode 146) CMT

A suspect leads police on a dangerous chase through a neighborhood; a prowler is caught but he claims he was at the wrong address; a man makes threats; police investigate a massive car wreck.

Mon Apr 27 12:00am
Cops Reloaded CMT

An officer lectures a suspect on the dangers of swallowing crack; a drug suspect nearly plows over police officers; police stop a vehicle connected to a string of burglaries.

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