The trials and tribulations of a group of ambitious young district attorneys in New York City are the focus of this drama from `Law & Order' creator Dick Wolf.

Wallace Questions Hayes About Her Choices
01:30 — Wallace asks why she has been distant since her dad left town.
Hayes Gets Brian to Confess
02:17 — Hayes questions Brian & gets him to confess to the attack.
Hayes Questions Brian
01:58 — Hayes gets Brian to crack under questioning.
Hayes Shuts Down Wallace
00:47 — Wallace will be sleeping alone tonight.
Tess Discovers the Real Killer
01:50 — Her tireless research pays off in a big way.
Sophie Hausen Is Released
01:24 — Hayes watches as Sophie is released from prison.
Sneak Peek: Sophie's Case
01:52 — Hayes takes on the case of Sophie Hausen.
Hayes Pushes Wallace Away
01:15 — Hayes encourages Wallace to move forward with Naomi.
Hayes & Wallace Give in
02:23 — Wallace comforts a devastated Hayes.
Hayes Solves the Chore Chart Mystery
01:18 — Hayes assures Leo that the fire was not his fault.
Hayes & Naomi Flirt Over Drinks
01:45 — Things heat up fast between Hayes & Naomi.
Taking Sides
00:59 — Hayes & the team re-examine the controversial case of Porscha Williams.
He Conned Us
01:33 — Maxine gains an interesting perspective from a victim's family.
Sneaky Sam Starts a Rumor
01:01 — Sam makes sure that Landon will remain in prison.
Hayes Is Given One Last Chance
02:14 — Harper gives her daughter Hayes an ultimatum.
Odell Dwyer Is Released from Prison
01:17 — Odell Dwyer is found innocent and released from prison.
Tess & Frankie Prove That Odell Is Innocent
01:50 — Hayes & Maxine put the real killer behind bars.
Hayes Begs Wallace to Fire Her
01:19 — Hayes goes to extremes to be fired.
Hayes Visits the Victim's Mother
02:13 — Hayes has an emotional visit with the victim's mother.
TIFF Press Conference I
03:30 — Part one of the press conference for Conviction at the Toronto International Film Festival. See more on TIFF at
Junket Interview - Juliette Lewis
04:19 — Junket interview with Juliette Lewis, who plays Roseanna Perry in Conviction.
Interview - Sam Rockwell
03:21 — Interview with Sam Rockwell, who plays Kenneth Waters in Conviction.
Interview - Betty Anne Waters
02:26 — Interview with the real Betty Anne Waters on Conviction.
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