Continuum 2012 | TV Show Watchlist

Shadow of a Doubt
01:40 — PIRON's highly anticipated debut of Halo gets unexpectedly interrupted by the lingering shadow of Liber8.
United We Stand
01:17 — With very few options, Kiera, Brad, Jason, Alec and Emily come up with a plan to stop Other Alec once and for all... but they'll need an unexpected al (more…)
To Serve and Protect
01:49 — Sonya and Travis meet to discuss not just the future of Liber8, but of their lives together. No matter their often divided visions, they can't deny th (more…)
Family Ties
02:05 — When he finds Julian digging too deeply searching for answers about Halo's safety, Jason takes matters into his own hands to protect his father's lega (more…)
Thank You for Shopping
01:42 — Kiera's husband Greg receives devastating news about his wife in the coldest, most corporate way possible.
Prison Break
02:22 — In a brazen escape, Lucas blasts his way out of the psychiatric prison with a little help from some homegrown technology.
Battle of the Minds
01:57 — Kellog and Kiera exchange surprising revelations to each other as they simultaneously try to outwit one another in a battle of who knows more, and mor (more…)
Time to Kill
01:47 — Acting on Alec's advice, Kellog eliminates his competition - permanently.
A Picture is Worth a Thousand Words
02:11 — Having traveled back a week into his own past, Alec paints a chilling picture for Kellog what will happen to him and the rest of Liber8 if Escher is a (more…)
Public Enemy
00:54 — When Dillon € s position of authority is once again humiliated and his department betrayed, he throws down the gauntlet on Liber8, naming Kiera a (more…)
Double Jeopardy
01:35 — Carlos is caught jeopardizing his entire police career when Dillon and Lewis discover that he withheld evidence in the investigation into Gardiner  (more…)
02:28 — The freelancers have cornered everyone on the roof in pursuit of the time travel device.
We've Got Something In Common
01:48 — Kellog pays a visit to Escher after tracking him down to discuss their mutual - and competitive- interests in a number of future technologies, but mor (more…)
Blank Check
02:01 — Mr. Escher introduces himself to Alec, offering him a blank check- not just for monetary gain, but the tools he needs to achieve a lasting legacy.
Cold Case
01:38 — Kiera vents to Alec about her knowledge of the Ouroboros Killer case in the future, making her conspicuously too-informed about an already cold case i (more…)
One is Silver The Other, Pagan
01:39 — An unsuspecting civilian discovers that the copper costume he bought from a yard sale may be worth far more than just the five dollars he paid for it.
I Think We're (Not) Alone Now
01:02 — Alec discovers that Kiera and the members of Liber8 aren't the only time travelers running around in 2012.
The Invisible Woman
01:15 — Kiera uses her special tech to kick some butt - without anyone seeing her.
Sleeping With The Enemy
02:37 — Loneliness makes for strange bedfellows for Kiera.