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Community Episode: "Anthropology 101"

Season 2, Episode 1
Episode Synopsis: In the Season 2 premiere, the group reconvene to study for their anthropology class, which is taught by a kooky professor (Betty White). Elsewhere, Jeff navigates the tangled situation with Britta and Annie; and Señor Chang enrolls at Greendale in hopes of joining the study group.
Original Air Date: Sep 23, 2010
Guest Cast Betty White: June Bauer
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Season 2, Episode 1
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Aired: 9/23/2010
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Community Episode Recap: "Anthropology 101" Season 2, Episode 1

School is back in session for a highly anticipated season opener at everyone's favorite community college, Greendale. We concluded an A+ freshman season with Britta and Slater publicly declaring their love for Jeff who, moments later, found himself kissing Annie. It's been intriguing wondering how the study group will tackle this chain of events come Season 2.

The episode opens with each study group member waking up on the first day of class — my favorite being Troy getting out of bed and striking a heroic pose in his Spiderman pajamas (Donald Glover announced in the off-season that he'd like the chance to audition for the role of Spiderman).

On campus, nobody has forgotten what happened at last year's Transfer Dance.  The dean even includes Britta's embarrassing proclamation in his morning announcement. Pierce and Troy, now roommates, walk through campus and we find that Troy has developed a twitter page — Old White Man Says — discussing all the humorous/absurd things Pierce says (clearly parodying "Sh-- My Dad Says," which is now a Thursday night sitcom on rival network CBS). In the study room, Britta emerges from the couch where she has been hiding from the catty girls on campus who seem to be talking about her behind her back. Once in the open, though, Britta discovers that she's actually "the coolest girl in school" for her courage to declare her love in public.

Jeff confronts Annie about the kiss — which was a French kiss according to Annie's "make-out meter," proving again that she is far too young for Jeff. None of these events please Jeff, who has also turned in to the most hated person on campus. Even the lunch lady won't serve him. Enter Anthropology class, where Chang is now a student and the professor is everyone's favorite SNL-voted-in-via-Facebook host, Betty White! Britta walks in to class to a standing ovation and soaks in her newfound fame. Professor Bauer (White) proves to be a few screws lose as she shoots Sideburns with a dart gun during her explanation of tools and their contribution to human existence.

In the cafeteria after class, Jeff confronts Britta in an attempt to win back the school's favor, which she uses as a way to take down Jeff and continue to build upon her sudden glory. Even Troy hops on the band wagon, announcing "Jeff Winger, you're a jerk!" It works, too, as he's soon asking for the cleanest bathroom with a female student on his back. The more Britta can look like the poor, rejected girl the more the school loves her (and despises Jeff). It takes but a quick talk with Annie for Jeff to realize he can beat Britta at her own game.

Therefore, back in Anthropology class, Jeff puts his idea to the test as he stands up and tells Britta that he loves her and has to know, in front of everyone, if she loves him. To his surprise, she doesn't back down. When asked if she loves him, she responds "more than anything in the world" and thus begins the battle to continuously one-up each other. What appears to be the beginning of the most anticipated relationship at Greendale has the entire school excited — except for Annie, who is still obviously broken up about the matter.

Whether walking with their hands in each other's pockets, listening to the same headphones together or showing way too much public affection, it is obvious that neither Jeff or Britta are backing down. This continues to the point where Abed suggests they propose and the next thing we know he has a wedding orchestrated right in the study room (his "wedding episode"). Tensions soon run high as Shirley lets the cat out of the bag regarding the fact that Jeff and Britta slept together during the paintball war last season, and Annie puts her and Jeff's kiss out in the open. Suddenly everyone is arguing: Shirley upset with Jeff for kissing Annie; Jeff with Britta for blurting out her feelings in public; Britta with Annie for kissing Jeff moments after she said she loved him; Pierce with Troy for tweeting things he says; and Jeff with Abed for trying to make their lives his own movie.

Back in class, Jeff is sitting apart from the group and listening to Starburns talk about his former friends (complete with a bandaged nose due to a right hook from Annie). Jeff presents his assignment first and uses the opportunity to share his feelings about the entire matter (even though the last time he stood up in class he "dirt roaded" the professor with his profession of love to Britta). When asked about the most important tool for humanity's survival, Jeff declares that it's respect. He explains, in a very Jeff/fatherly manner, that respect is the most important tool you can have and that he has respect for all of his friends no matter what has happened. Hilariously he is quickly beaten up by the professor and her slew of tools. "I respect you," says Jeff, followed by the professor declaring that's why he will lose.

The gang is at the hospital with Jeff where everyone realizes the error of their ways and makes up. We've begun the year learning an important lesson about respect and friendship, which the study group has for each member. Speaking of which, the recently demoted Professor Chang even stops by and admits that he wants to be in the group. "Is there any room in this pocket for a little spare Chang?" may have been the funniest line of the night.

When the group thinks about what's the worst that could happen with Chang, we quickly cut to a hilarious scene with Chang talking to himself, bring forth another Spiderman reference as he seems to take on the villainous role of Norman Osborn (The Green Goblin), arguing with himself about entrance into the study group. 

As a huge fan of Community, I'm very happy to see that Season 2 opened with a hilarious episode, brought about another great guest star (White) and addressed each issue from Season 1 (specifically the finale) perfectly. I will now end this recap in Abed fashion ... class dismissed.




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School is back in session for a highly anticipated season opener at everyone's favorite community college, Greendale. We concluded an A+ freshman season with Britta and Slater publicly declaring their love for Jeff who, moments later, found himself kissing Annie. It's been intriguing wondering how the study group will tackle this chain of events come Season 2.

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