Sat Oct 10 2:00am
Tony Woods; Big Rome BET

Tony Woods and Big Rome are featured.

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Sat Oct 10 2:30am
Smokey; Red Grant BET

Smokey and Red Grant are featured.

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Sat Oct 10 3:00am
Sat Oct 10 3:30am
Arvin Mitchell; Retha Jones BET

Arvin Mitchell and Retha Jones are featured.

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Sat Oct 17 2:00am
Kenny Johnson; Rion Evans BET

Kenny Johnson and Rion Evans are featured.

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Sat Oct 17 2:30am
Dannon Green; Tess Drake BET

Dannon Green and Tess Drake are featured.

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Sat Oct 17 3:00am
G-Thang; Mike E. Winfield BET

G-Thang; Mike E. Winfield.

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Sat Oct 17 3:30am
Freddie Ricks; Pierre BET

Freddie Ricks and Pierre are featured.

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