Combat! TV Show Watchlist


An unusually realistic (for the 1960s) WWII drama following a U.S. Army infantry platoon after the D-Day invasion. Superbly acted and photographed, the series also made effective use of actual combat footage. Some of its best episodes were written and directed by Robert Altman, who, three years after the series left the air, directed the movie version of `M*A*S*H.'


Guest Stars

Shecky Greene
Braddock, Pvt. Braddock
5 Episodes (2000-2008)
Albert Paulsen
Bruener, Doffman, Dorfmann
William Bryant
Larkin, Maynard, McCall, O'Connors
Peter Haskell
German Hostage, Muller, Richards
Robert Duvall
German, Michael
Sal Mineo
Marcel, Vannick
Ben Cooper
Cross, Willie Kleve
Frank Marth
German Captain, Vogler
Jeremy Slate
Asher, Cpl. Andy March
John Alderson
Rawlings, Sgt. Rawlings
Leonard Nimoy
Baum, Neumann
Mart Hulswit
Pvt. Arthur Adams, Ryan
Nick Adams
Pvt. Mick Heller, Roberts
Ted Knight
German Sergeant, Kurt
Chris Robinson
Paul Villette
Ed Nelson
Pvt. Jesse Burgess
John Dehner
Lt. Gen. Arman Bouchard
Lou Robb
German Lieutenant