• 2016
  • TV Show
  • TV-14

A futuristic drama about a family doing its best to survive in an alien-occupied L.A.

Jennifer keeps an eye on the Bowman house. The family encounters unexpected challenges when Charlie returns home.
Somewhere Out There
Will decides to trust an old friend in the Santa Monica bloc. Jennifer pays Katie a visit. Bram meets the camp commandant.
Will and Katie struggle to keep their family together in a changing city. Broussard returns home. Snyder gets an intriguing job offer from a mysteriou (more…)
The Garden of Beasts
Will, Katie, and Broussard search for a way out of the colony. Maddie gets some visitors in the Green Zone. Bram looks for closure.
Free Radicals
Bram joins his friends in a risky sabotage mission. Will comes face-to-face with the new Resistance. Katie uncovers a dark truth about the bloc.
A revelation about the fate of the colony forces the Bowman family to make an impossible choice.
Good Intentions
Will and Katie must save a fugitive from the occupation. At the camp, Snyder hides evidence. Broussard's cell is threatened by one of their own.
Will, Katie, and Broussard battle the Red Hand for control of the RAP gauntlet. Snyder helps Helena regain control over the Los Angeles bloc.
Will, Devon, and Charlie attempt a daring journey home. Fearing the worst, Katie says goodbye to her daughter. Bram makes friends at camp. Maddie find (more…)
Visual F/X
Learn about the cutting-edge f/x of Colony with this exciting behind-the-scenes featurette.
01:35 — Geronimo
Somewhere Out There
00:33 — Somewhere Out There
01:12 — Eleven.Thirteen
Good Intentions
00:40 — Good Intentions
02:14 — Sublimation
Fallout Trailer
00:30 — When the Resistance reaches out to Katie, Will chooses to help his wife bury her past. The labor camp gets a visit from Maddie and Nolan.
Yoknapatawpha Trailer
00:57 — A resistance operation traps Will, Katie and Snyder in the Yonk and tests their allegiances.
Panopticon Trailer
00:30 — Jennifer watches the Bowman house when Charlie returns home, the family faces unexpected challenges.
Pilot Trailer
01:02 — The premiere of the futuristic drama about an alien-occupied L.A.. First up: Will Sullivan attempts a daring rescue while Katie, his wife, tries to he (more…)
Geronimo Trailer
00:30 — Geronimo's identity is revealed. Will begins to question his wife's loyalties. Katie struggles with the weight of her choices. Bram finds his way into (more…)
Somewhere Out There Trailer
01:32 — Will decides to trust an old friend Jennifer visits Katie and Bram meets the camp commandant.
Company Man Trailer
01:45 — Will returns to an unfamiliar workplace Katie is on her best behavior Broussard and his cell make a discovery about the Wall.
Zero Day Trailer
01:38 — Will comes up with a plan to get his family out from under the Occupation. Throwing a wrench in his best-laid plans, Katie and Broussard attempt to re (more…)
A Brave New World Trailer
01:17 — Will faces unforeseen challenges on his first day at his new job Katie receives her first assignment Maddie reconnects with an old acquaintance and Ca (more…)
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