College Hill

2005, TV Show

Full Episodes(6)

Latest Episode: Episode 16: Making a Difference

Jun 16, 2009 Season 0 Episode 16 watch on (Paid)

A blowout between two cast mates leaves one on the outs even as they work together to make a difference in the community.

Episode 15: To Give, or Not

Jun 09, 2009 Season 0 Episode 15

Brandon turns over a new leaf, but has he really changed or do desperate times simply call for desperate measures?
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Episode 13: Love Triangle

May 26, 2009 Season 0 Episode 13

An eating disorder, personal stories, and anger issues all work to bond the roommates. But how long will all the love and support last?
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Episode 12: Anger Management

May 19, 2009 Season 0 Episode 12

With all of the fighting in the house, it is time for something to be done. Will Anger Management classes help, or is it too late?
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Episode 02: Hot Games

Mar 25, 2009 Season 0 Episode 2

The game the cast played was supposed to break the ice, but the outcome is not to everyone’s liking.
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Episode 01: Premiere

Apr 28, 2003 Season 0 Episode 1

Returning for a gripping sixth season, the newest cast members clash almost immediately on the premiere of College Hill: South Beach!
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