Cold Feet

  • 1999
  • TV Show
  • None

A dramedy set in Seattle about two married couples and their single friends, who are trying the dating scene. Based on a British series.

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Episode 2.4 Trailer
01:59 — David and Karen host a life-threatingly dull dinner party that becomes a radical turning point for Karen. Danny dumps Rachel, and Rachel and Adam agre (more…)
Episode 2.5 Trailer
02:00 — Jenny kicks Pete out of the house, and Pete tries to make amends but only makes things worse. David's roguish younger brother Nick shows up unexpected (more…)
Episode 1.2 Trailer
01:28 — Adam and Rachel revel in a house of their own on a street of their own, until Adam uncovers Rachel's secret past. Pete and Jenny discover the joys of (more…)
Episode 2.2 Trailer
01:55 — Jenny admits the truth about her feelings to herself and, disastrously, to Adam. Terrified by what his self-absorption has almost cost him, David obse (more…)
Episode 2.3 Trailer
01:32 — Having lost both Rachel #1 and Rachel #2, Adam turns to the personal ads to find love. Pete reconciles with Adam but can't escape the sad truth about (more…)
Episode 1.4 Trailer
01:11 — Back at work, Karen rediscovers her enthusiasm for publishing, especially after being assigned to work with a famous author she finds powerfully attra (more…)
Episode 2.1 Trailer
01:38 — Six months has passed since Rachel left town, and Adam still pines for her. Jenny goes over-board comforting Adam, which doesn't help her troubled mar (more…)