Malcolm Gladwell
Malcolm Gladwell figures out the best year to be born in the 20th century if you want to become rich.
Job-Killing EPA
The Republican presidential candidates all agree on one thing: they want to end the EPA's job-murdering environmental regulations.
Sport Report - Gilbert Arenas & Mark McGwire
Washington Wizards star Gilbert Arenas pulls out a gun in the team locker room, and Mark McGwire publicly admits to using steroids.
The Word - Nothingness
In the unity of the free market, we are all just different parts of the same billionaire.
Will Smith
Stephen asks Will Smith if he supports Barack Obama because he secretly wants to play him in a movie of his life.
Rod Blagojevich Is Impeached
Rod Blagojevich is impeached even after appearing on all the talk shows.
Obama vs. Colbert
'The Audacity of Hope' isn't quite as powerful as the Audacity of Stephen.
The Word - Lose
Stephen has a foolproof way for the Republicans to win the 2006 midterm elections.
Gold Faithful
Jay the Intern demonstrates how well the gold standard works when he delivers Stephen's coffee and his change.
Intro - 11/2/05
Tonight's episode features dancing with dogs, biblical scholar/food writer Bruce Feiler, Wal-Mart's deadly secret and cross words for The New York Tim (more…)
Fear for All Pt. 1
A gay editor, a Mexican guy, an imam, a grizzly coddler and a possible robot scare the crap out of Stephen.
Advice for Jennifer Anniston
Jennifer Aniston is moving from Hollywood to Chicago, and Stephen has some advice for her: head to the Wiener's Circle at Clark and Wrightwood and get (more…)
Intro - 7/15/09
There's bad news for people with target-shaped birthmarks, and Douglas Rushkoff lets Jews and Freemasons off the hook.
Sign Off - Coma Cozy
Stephen signs off with his Coma Cozy.
Craig Mullaney
Craig Mullaney talks about the current military situation and the changing momentum in Afghanistan.
Osama bin Laden Is Still Dead
The secret members of SEAL Team Six grab Osama bin Laden and his thumb drives.
Intro - 10/18/05
A new Danish prince is born, apes grow more adept at using tools, and Lesley Stahl sits down with Stephen.
Cheating Death - Placebo Effect, Immortality & Wild Lynx
A placebo treats gullible bowel syndrome, scientists find a cure for mouse infertility, and a wild lynx will increase the walking speed of elderly pat (more…)
Intro - 10/11/06
Google buys YouTube, a new Tek Jansen adventure is aired, and Stephen announces the winner of the Green Screen Challenge.
David Brooks
David Brooks compares the Tea Partiers to Wal-Mart hippies and calls Obama a thoughtful guy with a spending problem.
The Colbert Coalition's Anti-Gay Marriage Ad
There's a giant gay storm gathering, and before long the winds will be blowing each other.
Homeland Security Eliminates Color-Coded Terror Alert System
Stephen unclenches his sphincter when he realizes a government color chart no longer validates his paranoia.
Osama bin Laden's Driver Guilty
Salim Hamdan -- Osama bin Laden's driver -- is convicted in the most historic session of traffic court ever.
Western Union
Stephen honors the death of the telegram with a spot on his bookshelf.
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  • Premiered: October 17, 2005
  • Rating: TV-14
  • Premise: Former "Daily Show" correspondent Stephen Colbert's late-night satirical spin-off skewers the latest headlines and features interviews with authors, politicians, musicians and other newsmakers on a quest for what Colbert calls "truthiness." (more)

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