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Latest Episode: Coach: Season 9: Leaving Orlando: Part 2

May 07, 1997 Season 9 Episode 21 watch on (Subscription)

Hayden reflects on the highs and lows of his coaching career with his closest friends, Luther and Dauber.

Coach: Season 8: Somebody's Baby

May 21, 1996 Season 8 Episode 25

Christine and Hayden's adoption of the baby becomes complicated when Julie's father enters the picture.
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Coach: Season 8: A Player to Be Named Later

May 07, 1996 Season 8 Episode 24

Hayden is under pressure when the Breakers have the first pick in the NFL draft.
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Coach: Season 8: Luther Get Your Gun

Apr 30, 1996 Season 8 Episode 23

Doris prepares to visit a few of her wealthy friends on a hunting trip. When Luther claims that he's a great hunter, Doris decides to bring him along.
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Coach: Season 8: Fantasy Camp

Apr 02, 1996 Season 8 Episode 22

The Breakers hold a fantasy camp, and Hayden agrees to coach a team but comes to regret his decision when dealing with the players prove to be a pain.
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Coach: Season 8: Van Dam vs. Fox

Mar 19, 1996 Season 8 Episode 21

Angry about burning himself at Hayden's barbecue, Luther decides to take drastic measures by filing a multimillion-dollar lawsuit against his friend.
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Coach: Season 8: Quarantine

Mar 12, 1996 Season 8 Episode 20

Nobody knows where Luther's pet monkey has been, so when it bites Hayden's finger, everyone fears the worst and the staff goes into quarantine.
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Coach: Season 8: Dauber's Vehicle

Feb 27, 1996 Season 8 Episode 19

Hayden gives Dauber some advice on buying a new car, but Dauber doesn't listen. Soon Dauber realizes that he can't keep up with the high payments.
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Coach: Season 8: Save the Wave

Feb 20, 1996 Season 8 Episode 18

Doris has an offer to move the Breakers to Los Angeles. But Hayden is determined to keep the Breakers where they are.
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Coach: Season 8: Patching Things Up

Feb 13, 1996 Season 8 Episode 17

Christine consults a specialist when Hayden's energy and sex drive come to a halt.
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Coach: Season 8: The Gardener

Feb 06, 1996 Season 8 Episode 16

Tim Conway guest stars as Hayden's incompetent gardener, who can't seem to keep any plants alive.
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Coach: Season 8: Her Boyfriend's Back

Jan 26, 1996 Season 8 Episode 15

Hayden and Christine's plans for adopting Julie's unborn baby take an unexpected hit when the father of the child comes back into the picture.
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Coach: Season 8: Nice Guys Get Cut

Jan 02, 1996 Season 8 Episode 14

Hayden struggles to decide which players should be cut from the Breakers's roster. But Christine invites a player he's about to cut over for dinner.
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Coach: Season 8: The Tight End

Dec 19, 1995 Season 8 Episode 13

Hayden tries to focus on the upcoming game, but Doris has other things on her mind. She thinks re-signing a sexy player should be the team's priority.
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Coach: Season 8: Bye-Bye Burleigh: Part 1

Dec 05, 1995 Season 8 Episode 11

Howard and Shirley Burleigh visit Christine and Hayden for a weekend.
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Coach: Season 8: There's Got to Be a Mourning After: Part 1

Nov 21, 1995 Season 8 Episode 9

Luther gets a new faithful companion when his beloved dog dies.
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Coach: Season 8: Turtle World

Nov 14, 1995 Season 8 Episode 8

Tipped off that a roadside attraction called Turtle World is a great investment, Luther convinces Hayden to help him buy the place.
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Coach: Season 8: Coach's Cornered

Nov 07, 1995 Season 8 Episode 7

After each Breakers game, Doris's TV station broadcasts game highlights. But when Doris fires the show's annoying host, she must find a replacement.
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Coach: Season 8: Bo Knows

Oct 31, 1995 Season 8 Episode 6

The Breakers are the underdogs in every game. But if Hayden can recruit his star quarterback from Minnesota State, the team might be able to improve.
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Coach: Season 8: Fool for Lunch

Sep 27, 1995 Season 8 Episode 3

After moving into a senior retirement community, Luther finds himself the center of attention with three women interested in being his girlfriend.
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Coach: Season 8: Is It Hot in Here, or Is It Me?: Part 2

Sep 20, 1995 Season 8 Episode 2

To make up for offending the entire city of Orlando, Hayden must guide the Breakers to victory on opening day.
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Coach: Season 8: Is It Hot in Here, or Is It Me?: Part 1

Sep 13, 1995 Season 8 Episode 1

Before the start of the new football season, Hayden embarrasses himself and the organization by accidentally offending the city of Orlando.
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