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Latest Episode: Leaving Orlando: Part 2

May 07, 1997 Season 9 Episode 21 watch on (Subscription)

Hayden reflects on the highs and lows of his coaching career with his closest friends, Luther and Dauber.

Coach: The One-Hour Special: Part 2

May 24, 1994 Season 6 Episode 27

In the conclusion of a two-hour special, Hayden continues his long look back on his Minnesota State coaching career with interviewer Mary Hart.
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Coach: The One-Hour Special: Part 1

May 24, 1994 Season 6 Episode 26

In the first part of a two-hour special, Mary Hart of television's "Entertainment Tonight" interviews Hayden about his fondest memories as head coach.
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Head Like a Wheel

May 17, 1994 Season 6 Episode 25

Hayden celebrates his 49th birthday by driving a race car at 150 miles per hour.
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Goodbye, Mr. Putts

May 10, 1994 Season 6 Episode 24

As part of a full-fledged battle of the sexes, the men's coaches take on the women's coaches in a decidedly unfriendly game of golf.
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My Best Friend's Girl

May 03, 1994 Season 6 Episode 23

Hayden and Christine are subjected to a night of unexpected surprises when they agree to go on a double date with Luther and Ruthanne.
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One of the Guys

Apr 05, 1994 Season 6 Episode 22

Christine's attempt to bond with Hayden and his friends on a fishing trip turns into an assault on their egos when she reels in the biggest catch.
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Something Old, Something New

Mar 22, 1994 Season 6 Episode 21

When an old flame saunters back into the picture, Dauber is so distracted by his feelings for her that he jeopardizes his relationship with Judy.
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Blue Chip Blues

Mar 01, 1994 Season 6 Episode 19

Hayden will say anything to attract one of the most sought-after high school stars in the nation. But he doesn't really want to play football.
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The Devil in Mrs. Burleigh

Feb 22, 1994 Season 6 Episode 18

Hayden ends up in marriage counseling when Howard Burleigh discovers his wife is having an affair.
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Like Father, Like Daughter

Feb 15, 1994 Season 6 Episode 17

Hayden is disillusioned when he realizes Kelly's job takes priority over his awards night.
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My Cup Runneth Over

Feb 08, 1994 Season 6 Episode 16

Hayden begins wearing a device to increase his sperm count. He later agrees to appear on Christine's show, only to discover he's sprung a leak.
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Coach for a Day: Part 2

Jan 18, 1994 Season 6 Episode 15

After leaving Minnesota State for a dream job as Aberdeen College's head coach, Luther isn't exactly enjoying his new post.
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Coach for a Day: Part 1

Jan 11, 1994 Season 6 Episode 14

It seems like a dream come true when Luther is offered a job as head coach at a nearby college. But after so many years assisting Hayden, is he ready?
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The Babywreckers

Jan 04, 1994 Season 6 Episode 13

When Christine agrees to look after a friend's infant for the weekend, a frantic Hayden enlists Luther and Dauber's help.
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Christmas of the Van Damned

Dec 14, 1993 Season 6 Episode 12

After investigating his family tree, Luther discovers a large contingent of Van Dams living nearby and decides to look them up for the holidays.
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The Pioneer Bowl

Dec 07, 1993 Season 6 Episode 11

When Luther lands in the hospital on the same day the Screaming Eagles are slated to play for the national championship, Hayden has to carry on alone.
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It Came from New York

Nov 16, 1993 Season 6 Episode 9

Kelly is almost unrecognizable when she returns home to Minnesota after taking on a flashy job at a New York advertising agency.
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Running on Empty

Nov 09, 1993 Season 6 Episode 8

After trying to conceive for several months, Christine delicately suggests that it might be time for her and Hayden to visit a fertility clinic.
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Piece o' Cake

Nov 02, 1993 Season 6 Episode 7

In a bid to beat his loneliness, Luther forges a tentative friendship with a young boy who doesn't have a father.
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Uneasy Riders

Oct 26, 1993 Season 6 Episode 6

Hayden encourages Dauber to buy a motorcycle over Judy's objections.
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If She Can Make It There...

Oct 12, 1993 Season 6 Episode 5

Kelly announces her plan to take a job in New York City. But Hayden, ever the protective father, doesn't want his little girl moving to the Big Apple.
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The Luck Stops Here

Oct 05, 1993 Season 6 Episode 4

When Hayden and Luther butt heads over whether the team has been successful because of hard work or sheer luck, their friendship takes a serious hit.
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Baby on Board?

Sep 14, 1993 Season 6 Episode 1

Christine's surprise announcement that she's ready to become a mother has Hayden preoccupied with the pitfalls of fatherhood.
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