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Latest Episode: Leaving Orlando: Part 2

May 07, 1997 Season 9 Episode 21 watch on (Subscription)

Hayden reflects on the highs and lows of his coaching career with his closest friends, Luther and Dauber.

Can We Go Home Now?

May 18, 1992 Season 4 Episode 21

Just as the tolls of a long-distance relationship become too much, Christine hits a snag with her job that could have her moving back to Minnesota.
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Frequent Flyers, Crossed Wires

May 11, 1992 Season 4 Episode 20

Christine secretly resolves to move to Minnesota to be with Hayden, not knowing that, meanwhile, Hayden has decided to move to New York.
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If That's Opportunity, Don't Answer

May 02, 1992 Season 4 Episode 19

Though she had decided to remain in Minnesota to be with Hayden, Christine's resolve is shaken when she's offered a lucrative network job in New York.
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Apr 24, 1992 Season 4 Episode 18

Kelly falls in love with a hotshot news correspondent who is based abroad in Bangkok, Thailand. Meanwhile, Luther believes he's shrinking.
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The Old Fish and the Shoes

Mar 14, 1992 Season 4 Episode 17

Unbeknownst to Hayden, Christine sells off his prized football shoes that were signed by football hero Johnny Unitas.
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Last of the Red-Hot Luthers

Feb 22, 1992 Season 4 Episode 16

Luther finds himself sharing a night of passionate romance with Hayden's 60-year-old secretary. But the next day he's too embarrassed to face her.
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No Good Deed Goes Unpunished

Feb 15, 1992 Season 4 Episode 15

When Hayden and Christine witness a wealthy, arrogant man insulting his girlfriend, they decide to intervene on her behalf.
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War of the Dopes

Feb 03, 1992 Season 4 Episode 13

When a thoughtless word passes between Dauber and Luther soon after Dauber moves into Luther's apartment building, the two end up in a food fight.
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Return of the Marriage Killer

Jan 11, 1992 Season 4 Episode 12

When Hayden's ex-wife's boyfriend asks Hayden about their relationship, Hayden tells him more about his former wife than the man needs to know.
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Rizzendough Revisited

Jan 06, 1992 Season 4 Episode 11

When Hayden discovers that his rival, Coach Watkins, is positioning herself to receive a big donation, he tries to woo the money for himself.
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Nov 27, 1991 Season 4 Episode 8

When Hayden's boss, Howard, invites him to speak at a meeting of his beloved Fraternal Order of the Loon, Hayden gets more than he bargained for.
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I Hate Barbara

Nov 23, 1991 Season 4 Episode 7

Hayden reveals his true feelings for Christine's friend Barbara. But before long, he begins to regret his decision to be so forthcoming.
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I Think I Can't, I Think I Can't

Nov 16, 1991 Season 4 Episode 6

When Luther trades in his and Hayden's airline tickets during a trip, they must share a tiny, cramped train compartment for the journey.
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Requiem for a Groundskeeper

Nov 09, 1991 Season 4 Episode 5

A befuddled Hayden is surprised to discover that a man who was little more than an acquaintance of his has bequeathed him a most unusual gift.
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Any Place I Hang Myself Is Home

Nov 02, 1991 Season 4 Episode 4

When Christine asks Hayden to go house shopping, he resists but then gives in. He later surprises Christine by buying a house without consulting her.
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A Real Guy's Guy

Oct 25, 1991 Season 4 Episode 3

When Hayden encourages Kelly to date one of his players, she finds herself deeply attracted to him. But she soon learns about his sexual preference.
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Since My Beaver Left Me

Oct 04, 1991 Season 4 Episode 2

A distraught Kelly wants to share her burden with Christine but has to settle for crying on Hayden's shoulder instead.
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The Kick-Off and the Kiss-Off

Sep 27, 1991 Season 4 Episode 1

When his team reaches the top 20 in an important national ranking, Hayden's picture appears on the cover of Sports Illustrated.
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