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May 07, 1997 Season 9 Episode 21 watch on (Subscription)

Hayden reflects on the highs and lows of his coaching career with his closest friends, Luther and Dauber.

Dauber's Blow-Out

Jun 07, 1989 Season 1 Episode 13

The season is over, and Dauber is planning an over-the-top bash to celebrate. A reluctant Hayden is asked to supervise the event.
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Hoot, Hoot Hike

May 31, 1989 Season 1 Episode 12

Kelly's dance instructor, Madame Roola, is developing a ballet inspired by football. Hayden soon finds himself the object of Madame Roola's desire.
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Whose Team Is It, Anyway?

May 17, 1989 Season 1 Episode 11

The team needs one more victory to pull off a winning season. Yet their success depends upon their star player, who's let his triumphs go to his head.
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Define Romance

May 03, 1989 Season 1 Episode 10

Hayden's patience, fidelity and temper are put to the test when Christine goes out on a date with another man.
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I'm Sorry I Told You My Wife Was Dead

Apr 26, 1989 Season 1 Episode 9

A benefactor has died, and Hayden fears the loss of his donations will hurt the team. Hayden consoles the man's widow to keep the money flowing.
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Parents' Weekend

Apr 19, 1989 Season 1 Episode 8

Parents' Weekend is fast approaching, and Hayden's ex-wife, Beth, will be attending. Christine is curious to get a look at her.
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19 Candles

Apr 12, 1989 Season 1 Episode 7

Every year, Hayden holds a quiet father-daughter celebration for Kelly's birthday. But this year Kelly has invited her mime boyfriend, Stuart.
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Gambling for Meat

Apr 05, 1989 Season 1 Episode 6

When Luther wins a steak dinner by betting against the Screaming Eagles, Hayden blows his top and suspends him for a month.
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The Loss Weekend

Mar 22, 1989 Season 1 Episode 5

Minnesota State's on a losing streak, and Hayden is grouchy. But Christine isn't prepared for his mood to have such a big impact on their home life.
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I'm In Love with a Boy Named Stuart

Mar 15, 1989 Season 1 Episode 4

Kelly brings her new boyfriend, Stuart, home for dinner. But as the meal progresses, Stuart, a mime, starts to wear on Hayden's patience.
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Kelly, Meet Christine

Mar 08, 1989 Season 1 Episode 3

Christine insists that Hayden tell his daughter, Kelly, the truth about their relationship when she and Christine start becoming good friends.
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Love Me Tender

Mar 01, 1989 Season 1 Episode 2

Luther gets a reality check and entrusts Hayden with a "death box" to someday execute his will. The box, however, gets opened prematurely.
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Kelly and the Professor

Feb 28, 1989 Season 1 Episode 1

Hayden is still struggling with his daughter being old enough to date. So when she mentions she dated a faculty member, he's pushed over the edge.
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