A sturdy sitcom about brash football coach Hayden Fox, who began with the Minnesota State Screaming Eagles when the series kicked off in 1989 and switched to the professional Orlando Breakers in '95. Hayden also made the leap to marriage in that time, saying `I do' to steady squeeze Christine.


Former Cast

Kelly Fox
75 Episodes (1989-1993)
Coach Judy Watkins
22 Episodes (1989-1995)
Stuart Rosebrock
20 Episodes (1989-1991)
9 Episodes (1995-1996)
6 Episodes (1994-1995)
Fred Webb
6 Episodes (1989-1990)
5 Episodes (1995-1996)

Guest Stars

Announcer, Bob Clifton
Bandleader, Riley, Riley Pringle
Dybinski, Mr. Dybinski, Walter Dybinski
Charlotte Stewart
Peg, Peg Rosebrock
Wilson, Wilson Rosebrock
Assistant Coach, Bob, Hawkins
Beth, Beth Fox
Tom Poston
Art Hibke, Dentist, Dr. Hibke
Mrs. Rizzendough
Feathermaster, Floyd, Hal
Kelleher, Sportscaster No. 1, Tom
Charles, Kisley
Captain Whizbang, Currey
Judge Watkins, R.J. Watkins
Daniel Carter-Dodd
Lisa Kudrow
Alice, Lauren
Merlene Watkins, Mrs. Watkins
Rob Schneider
Leonard Kraleman
Sportscaster No. 2, Ted
Casey, Prop Guy
Gerry Finnegan
Carter, Carter Brooks
Kimo, Kimo Kahunamoku
Stage Manager
Arturo, Waiter
Alan, Attendant
Clara, Woman
Concierge, Victor Boxman
Billy Cardell, Steve Nash
Tim Van Poppel
Alan Rosenberg
Prof. Sterling
Park Ranger
Dr. Andrea Wise
Dick Butkus
Police Officer No. 1
Mr. Newbower
Reporter No. 1
Harry Heftler
Bill Bradshaw
Terry Monahan
Mr. Gordon
Ancient Man
Reporter No. 2
Beverly Graustark
Father Engler
Bert Wilkins
Dr. Mathews
Buffalo Billy
Security Guard
Boris Krutonog
Police Officer No. 2
Joe Westbrook
Second Woman
Delivery Boy
Parade Official
Male Patron
Twins' Father
Hospital Clerk
Delivery Man
Orderly No. 1
Mr. Burrows
Security Guard
Alberto Roca