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Aug 03, 2011 Season 9 Episode 34 watch on (Paid)

Anna's husband passed away 15 years ago, and ever since, she hasn't been able to stop collecting anything that has a memory attached to it. The mess has caused a rift in Anna and her daughter Annika's relationship. Annika has invited all of their family to visit in a couple weeks for her graduation, but she's mortified of them stepping foot in their messy home. With the help of "Clean House," will this mother-daughter duo be able to put their bickering aside and clean up their clutter?

Families Revisited

Apr 14, 2010 Season 8 Episode 13

Have you ever wondered what the homes of "Clean House" families look like after the crew leaves? In this special episode, host Lisa Arch is hitting the road and paying surprise visits to five of the messiest families to see how they're doing now--and if they've kept their promise to keep their homes clean and clutter free! The families that have truly cleaned up their act will be awarded special prizes, while those that didn't will have some serious repercussions.
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Horowitz Family

Jan 27, 2010 Season 8 Episode 12

Bryant and Jess Horowitz were married less than a month ago. But the honeymoon phase is quickly fading now that they're facing the reality of living in Bryant's cluttered childhood home which served as his bachelor pad before tying the knot. Jess wants a space that reflects her taste, and though Bryant promised her he would clean up his act, he's having a hard time letting go of his past and his late parents' possessions. Jess, a self-admitted neat freak, can't stand living in the clutter anymore and it's already causing a rift in their marriage. Can Niecy and her team rescue these newlyweds from their clutter and give them a clean space to start a new chapter of their lives? You won't believe the transformation as the "Clean House" crew clears out the mess and makes over their master bedroom, patio, living room and dining area.
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Ryan Family

Jan 20, 2010 Season 8 Episode 11

Leigh Ryan is a single mom who struggles to live an active life while dealing with Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension. As a result, Leigh's living space has fallen apart. Along with her son Rob, Leigh is confined to a single room in their two-bedroom home. The Ryans literally eat, sleep and live in their living room. Can host Niecy Nash convince Leigh's teenage son Rob to put down his videogame controller and help out around the house? Plus, will Leigh part ways with her beloved book collection? Find out as the Clean House crew clears the family's clutter to make way for a healthier, happier life.
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Peterson Family

Jan 13, 2010 Season 8 Episode 10

Gary Peterson's hoarding troubles began six years ago when his wife suddenly left him. Depressed, Gary let the clutter start piling up fast, especially since he wasn't ready to let go of memories of his failed marriage. His plumbing career also stalled since he could no longer find the tools he needed to work! Now, Gary's 18-year-old son Jeff wants him to clean up his act, get back in the dating game and kick-start his business again. Jeff is sick of living in a house full of clutter and wants his dad to learn to let go of the past. Can the "Clean House" crew help Gary dislodge the clutter and restore the flow of love and work in his life? See if he's really ready to move on as Niecy and her team help transform Gary's garage, living room and master bedroom into a happy home that suits his new single status.
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Montgomery Family

Jan 06, 2010 Season 8 Episode 9

It's time for "Clean House" boot camp as Niecy and her team of experts helps an ex-military dad and his family break their bad habits. Mike is a retired Marine drill sergeant, but at home, he just can't seem to control his family's growing clutter. He and his wife Carla inherited their home from Carla's late mother--along with all of her possessions that Carla can't seem to part with. Carla was also recently diagnosed with multiple sclerosis so she doesn't have the strength to clean like she used to. Mike has tried enlisting the help of their two daughters, but they've refused to pick up the slack! Can Niecy get these girls in line and show them how to step up to help their ailing mom? Plus, Mark helps Mike and Carla rekindle the romance in their relationship by giving their master bedroom a sensual makeover!
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Bernard / Haylock Family

Dec 30, 2009 Season 8 Episode 8

Brenda Bernard is a retired school bus driver and proud grandparent. She's also a classic hoarder and a shopaholic who can't pass up buying something she likes. Several months ago, Brenda's pregnant daughter Ty lost her job and had to move into Brenda's home. The problem is, there's no room for Ty's family because the house is overrun with clutter! Tensions are flaring because of the mess and Ty is embarrassed to be living like this. Brenda's shopping has gotten out of control and she knows she needs to clean up her act in order to create a better life for her family. Can Niecy and her crew help this grandma get her bad habit under control? See what happens when the team transforms the den into a bedroom for Brenda's grandson, gives her master bedroom a sassy makeover and infuses her love of African art into her stylish new living room.
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Mulqueen / Kolchakji Family

Dec 23, 2009 Season 8 Episode 7

Sherri lives in a house full of clutter that she inherited from her parents after they passed away. It's been several years since their deaths, but she hasn't been able to bring herself to sort through her parents' belongings because it brings back too many painful memories. But now that her boyfriend Gary has moved in, Sherri is ready to let go and wipe the slate clean in order to build a brighter future. Can Niecy and her crew help Sherri and Gary finally make their house feel like a real home? Watch the makeover magic unfold as the team transforms the living room, dining room, family room and office into a magical and tidy new love nest.
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Bruce / Rawlings Family

Nov 04, 2009 Season 8 Episode 5

After almost two years of dating, Brian and Nadia moved in together and merged their two families as one, leaving the house one giant mess! Nadia and her 18-year-old daughter Courtney are feeling left out as they try to share a space with Brian, his daughter and three sons. That's seven people under one roof! Brian and Nadia also failed to set up rules and boundaries for their kids which has left the house in chaos and everyone feeling isolated. This family's growing clutter has gotten out of control and they've called on "Clean House" to help them blend their drastically different styles. See the makeover magic unfold as Niecy and her team transform all three of the kids' rooms into spaces that reflect each of their personalities equally. Plus, don't miss a special surprise ending that leaves the whole family in tears!
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Medel Family

Oct 28, 2009 Season 8 Episode 4

At work, Alex is a police lieutenant who knows how to take charge. But at home, it's his wife Renee who rules the roost! Renee has always controlled everything in her life, but now that she's married, she needs to learn to let go of her past possessions and share a space with her husband! Alex has no closet space, and any of his clutter gets tossed into his tiny "man cave" near the garage. Plus, this couple just recently became parents and they want to make their chaotic house feel like a home for their 5-month-old daughter Hope. Can Niecy and the team teach Renee how to relinquish control and create a harmonious abode for her family? See the crew work their magic as they makeover Alex's man cave, the couple's master bedroom and their newborn baby's nursery.
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Flynn-Rodriguez Family

Oct 21, 2009 Season 8 Episode 3

After they became engaged, John and Catrina moved into his late mother's house, but after nearly two years, they have yet to make it feel like their home. John is a hoarder and hates getting rid of anything he sees as having a purpose. He's especially attached to his dearly departed mother's belongings and since he never had time to grieve over the loss, he has no idea where to start. John's fiancee Catrina has her own clutter issues, packing their closets to the brim with her massive amounts of clothing! With only a month to go before their wedding, John and Catrina want to make his childhood home their own, but they don't have the communication (or clean-up) skills to do it on their own. Can the "Clean House" crew help them clear the clutter to create their own tidy new love nest?
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Thordarson Family

Oct 14, 2009 Season 8 Episode 2

Something's gotta give in the Thordarson household. Dad Tom is a hoarder who is overly attached to everything in his home, especially his collection of inherited antiques. Plus, Tom is an artist without his own studio space, so he finds any place in the house to do his work, crowding out his own family from their home. His wife Jill has asked him to clean up his mess, but Tom is too busy creating his art to clear out his growing clutter and unfinished projects. It's been more than two years since their two teen daughters have been able to have friends over and they're ashamed of the way their family lives. Can Niecy and her team get to the root of the problem and help Tom learn to let go? Watch as our team transforms the Thodarson's messy home into a real masterpiece by making over the living room and dining room, and turning the garage into a functional art studio for Tom and the kids.
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Nash and Ensley Family

Oct 07, 2009 Season 8 Episode 1

In this special episode of "Clean House," the team takes on the mother of all challenges when they're asked to help create a living space for host Niecy Nash's mom Margaret. After Niecy's divorce last year, her mom sold her 3,000 square-foot home and moved in with Niecy to help care for her three children. But Margaret has had a hard time downsizing and quickly filled up the garage and pool house with her belongings--and now she's invading Niecy's family room and closet! Niecy wants her mom to have a space to call her own, but she also wants to be able to decorate her home the way she wants for the first time in her adult life. See if the team can find a way for the two to co-exist in harmony as they makeover the pool house and garage for Margaret and create a warm and inviting family room for Niecy and her kids.
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