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Aug 03, 2011 Season 9 Episode 34 watch on (Paid)

Anna's husband passed away 15 years ago, and ever since, she hasn't been able to stop collecting anything that has a memory attached to it. The mess has caused a rift in Anna and her daughter Annika's relationship. Annika has invited all of their family to visit in a couple weeks for her graduation, but she's mortified of them stepping foot in their messy home. With the help of "Clean House," will this mother-daughter duo be able to put their bickering aside and clean up their clutter?

The York Family

Aug 26, 2009 Season 7 Episode 29

Vivian York has lived in her beachside home since she was a child. Now she's raising her two children, 22-year-old Jackie and 16-year-old Matt, in the same space where she grew up. But the clutter began accumulating six years ago when Vivian's husband moved out, and now their cozy coastal cottage is bursting with boxes, bins and endless containers of stuff! Vivian blames her sloppy kids for the mess, while Jackie and Matt say it's their mom's fault for never letting anything go. From her old childhood doll collection to her vintage wedding dress, Vivian just can't bear to part with her past. Can the "Clean House" crew restore peace among this clan and help Vivian and her kids live together in harmony?
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The Delgado Family

Aug 19, 2009 Season 7 Episode 28

Steve and Sharon Delgado's clutter problem began four years ago when they moved into a new house they share with their three active kids. Not long after, Sharon was hit was debilitating migraines, so Steve took care of the children and did all of the housework. But now that she's better, Steve still does the majority of the chores and thinks it's time for Sharon to start pitching in. Sharon thinks Steve is too disorganized and spends her free time shopping for more stuff to bring home! Their chaotic clutter has practically sapped all of the romance out of their relationship. Can "Clean House" help save this couple from their cluttered home and rekindle the romance in their marriage before it's too late?
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The Shabel Family

Aug 12, 2009 Season 7 Episode 27

Chris Shabel has lived in her Hollywood home for 31 years. The 75-year-old's clutter habit began in 1985 after her marriage ended, and now her home looks like a museum of memorabilia! Dubbed the "Grandmother of Hollywood," Chris has spent the last few decades of her life as a community activist, but now in her old age she's the one who needs help clearing out her mountains of clutter. Chris' daughter Jackie moved back home to help care for her ailing mom, but now that she is pregnant, she realizes this house is in no shape to raise a baby. Chris' other daughter Patricia is so sick of her mom's mess that she refuses to visit on a regular basis and blames Jackie for enabling their mom's problem. Can the "Clean House" crew restore glamour to Chris' house to make room for her new grandchild? And can these two squabbling sisters learn to set aside their differences for the sake of their family?
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The Taylor Family

Aug 05, 2009 Season 7 Episode 26

It's a real family affair as Niecy Nash and the "Clean House" crew help sisters Cheryl and Brigitte Taylor transform their late mother's cluttered house into a home they can call their own. When their mom Margaret passed away last year, these sisters inherited more than their mom's house--they also inherited her monumental clutter! Although the house is huge, the space is divided between Cheryl, her husband Darryl and their twins, and Brigitte and her two kids. Combined with their mom's mess, this mixed family is slowly being crowded out of their own house! Darryl is sick of living in chaos and feels like the house doesn't reflect his taste at all. Meanwhile, Cheryl and Brigitte can't bear to let go of their mom's possessions in order to make the house a home they can call their own. Can our makeover gurus infuse all three of their distinct personalities into the design decor while still preserving their late mom's memory? Or is the pain still too fresh for these sisters to move forward?
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The Beck-Corey Family

Jul 29, 2009 Season 7 Episode 25

Lisa Beck is a messy mom who is desperate to break free from the "prison" of clutter she's created in her tiny one-bedroom condo. Surrounded by waist-high walls of clutter, Lisa's 9-year-old daughter Spencer is forced to share a bed with her while her long-term boyfriend Daelen has to sleep alone on the couch. Spencer craves a space of her own where she can invite friends over, while Daelen wants to put the romance back into their relationship. Will Lisa be able to let go of her beloved romance novels and holiday paraphernalia in order to give her family a fresh start? See the makeover magic unfold as the "Clean House" team transforms their sad space into a regal Renaissance-inspired retreat.
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The Savely Family

Jul 22, 2009 Season 7 Episode 24

Roland and Kara Savely need to be saved! From the moment they met at a costume party, these two have been madly in love--despite a 30 year age difference! Now married with a young son, Roland and Kara have failed to set up a happy home for their new family. Roland's canyons of collectibles have taken over every room of their house! Can the Clean House crew help Roland say goodbye to his 250,000 comic books and endless knick-knacks? Will emptying this nest help repair the unique couple's strange love? Tune in as Roland is forced to deal with his clutter junkie ways head-on.
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The Lara-Marquez Family

Jul 15, 2009 Season 7 Episode 23

Maria Lara is a very busy woman. So busy, in fact, that she refuses to make time for her own home. As a full-time cleaning lady, Maria spends her days mopping up messes in other people's homes, so when she returns to her own home she wants nothing to do with cleaning. Now, Maria's adult daughter Lucy has a major problem with her mom's clutter-filled casa. It's gotten so bad that Maria's kids aren't even allowed in the house to visit their grandmother. Can the "Clean House" crew sweep-in and save the day? Take a look as they attempt to give Maria a place to relax and entertain her growing family of grandchildren.
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The Lussier Family

Jul 08, 2009 Season 7 Episode 22

Space is tight at the Lussier house. Shannon and John are raising five kids ranging in age from four to 20 in a home with very little storage. Their bad habits are catching up with them and their family is literally falling apart after years of living in waist-deep clutter. Shannon is a self-admitted packrat with a penchant for shopping and her hoarding has caused a lot of strife between her and her husband. Unless Shannon can clean up her act, John believes divorce is in their future. So can Lisa Arch and the "Clean House" crew rescue this clan before it's too late? It's a tall order for the team, especially since designer Mark Brunetz is helping from halfway across the country! See if they can pull it off as they make over the front room, dining room and family room into an upscale and inviting retreat.
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The Reagan / Costanzo Family

Mar 11, 2009 Season 7 Episode 21

Life has dealt a few blows to Terry Reagan over the last five years: a devastating divorce, a lay-off from his job and poor health. Terry's life started to spiral out of control and his best friend Mary moved in to help with his business and get him back on his feet. Unfortunately, Mary is dealing with her own baggage including the tragic death of her boyfriend three years ago. Also, when Mary moved in, she brought too much stuff with her! Now these two are drowning in their own disarray and it's causing them to bicker with each other all the time. Can the "Clean House" crew help these two get on the road to recovery so they can start their lives fresh? Watch as our experts transform Terry and Mary's bedrooms and give their home office a complete overhaul.
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The Hutchinson Family

Mar 04, 2009 Season 7 Episode 20

After fifteen years of marriage (and two kids), Joe and Gigi Hutchinson have lost sight of the romance in their relationship. Overwhelmed with raising their young sons and promoting their children's band The Conductors, this couple has let their clutter get completely out of control. Their six-year-old son Drayke was diagnosed with autism a few years ago and Joe and Gigi often spend their time writing and composing therapeutic songs to communicate with him, which doesn't leave much alone time for these two to spend together. Can "Clean House" help Joe and Gigi clear away the mess and reignite their passion for each other? Watch as our experts make over their multifunctional studio and family room and add some romance back to the master bedroom.
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The Lenox Family

Feb 18, 2009 Season 7 Episode 18

Marsha Lenox tragically lost her beloved husband John more than 12 years ago--but she keeps his memory alive by hanging on to most of his prized possessions, including his keyboard, guitar and music center. But the clutter from her late hubby's belongings is not only keeping Marsha from moving on--it is also hindering her from making their house her own and pursuing a career as a writer. Marsha's daughter Skylar was so tired of the mess that she recently moved out, but she still wants her mother to live a better life free from clutter. Can the "Clean House" crew help this family start fresh while still honoring John's memory? Watch our team work their magic as they give Marsha a modern and romantic master bedroom and breathe new life into her office and family room.
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The Horn Family

Feb 11, 2009 Season 7 Episode 17

Creassie Horn has the heart of a saint. This retired beautician has a special place in her heart for kids in need, so she's made room in her home to taken in four foster kids. Creassie's daughter Yolanda also shares the same love for children and she (along with her teenage son) moved back into her mom's home eight years ago to lend a helping hand. But with an expanding household comes a whole lot of clutter and this happy home is quickly turning into a cramped and chaotic clutter-filled pad. Ironically, all of Creassie's kids keep their spaces spotless, but Creassie is the one having a hard time kicking her clutter habit. Even though she plans to eventually give most of her stuff away, her hoarding habit has gotten out of control. Can the "Clean House" crew clean up this mountain of mess and give Creassie a serene space of her own to unwind? Watch as we makeover the multi-purpose room, Yolanda's living area and Creassie's bedroom.
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The Robertson / Dickerson Family

Feb 04, 2009 Season 7 Episode 16

Narida Robertson and Bill Dickerson are a newly engaged couple who should be basking in the glow of their impending nuptials. But life has been anything but blissful for this duo, who've been having more and more heated arguments over their growing clutter! Even though Bill moved into Narida's place more than a year ago, he doesn't have an inch of space to call his own and he can't take it any longer. Narida's online shopping addiction has caused tension between them and unless she can curb her clutter bug habit, Bill might have second thoughts about walking down the aisle. Both of them are overwhelmed and they've called on "Clean House" to help clean up their act so they can make their marriage a success. See what happens when Kellie Williams and the crew turn these lovebirds' cramped crib into a clean and spacious California bungalow!
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The Ra'oof Family

Jan 28, 2009 Season 7 Episode 15

From the outside, it looks like Miranda Ra'oof and her three accomplished daughters have it all. They have fabulous style, great educations and a close knit clan. But behind closed doors, this family is falling apart at the seams due to their growing clutter! Two years ago, a divorce turned Miranda's life upside down and she almost lost everything to her ex. Instead of dealing with her painful past, Miranda has been soothing herself with some serious retail therapy and daily shopping trips to the mall to buy boatloads of designer shoes and clothes. Miranda's two older daughters have followed in her messy footsteps and stay away from the house as much as possible instead of staying home to clean. Instead, Miranda's youngest daughter has taken it upon herself to pick up the pieces but nothing can be done unless everyone does their part. Can Kellie Williams and the "Clean House" crew help this family of four strong women come together to start fresh?
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The Kumar Family

Jan 21, 2009 Season 7 Episode 14

When Sashi and Sushil Kumar immigrated to the United States from Fiji nearly 20 years ago, they were living the American dream. They bought a beautiful house and raised two gorgeous kids, but over the years Sushil's collectibles and Sashi's shopping addiction have slowly been filling their home with mountains of clutter. Now, they've been forced out of their bedroom and must sleep in separate parts of the living room. Their marriage is strained due to the stress and their kids have called on "Clean House" to help save their family! Can Kellie Williams and her team transform their pitiful pad into an inspirational and intimate Indian-inspired retreat? Watch and learn as our experts help put the romance back in the master bedroom, organize the patio and inject new life into their living room.
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The Mandelbaum Family

Jan 14, 2009 Season 7 Episode 13

The bickering Mandelbaum family would rather go on a cruise than face the sinking ship's worth of clutter that they've accumulated in their home. Mom Cheryl claims her husband Jim and two teenage daughters won't lift a finger to help around the house, so she's given up on cleaning as well. Plus, Cheryl's shopping addiction and inability to pass up a bargain has only contributed to the mountains of mess that have taken over their shared space. Can the "Clean House" crew teach this fractured family how to clean up their act and repair their relationships with each other? See what happens when our experts tackle this titanic mess and makeover the master bedroom, dining room and living room into a beachside retreat.
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The Gonzalez Family

Jan 07, 2009 Season 7 Episode 12

Join Lisa Arch and the "Clean House" crew as they rescue a family whose tiny house has been taken over by clutter! Marisol and Carlos Gonzalez have been married for five years but they've already accumulated more than a lifetime's worth of clutter. Their small three-room home is packed wall-to-wall with Marisol's yard sale finds and bargain buys and now the mounting mess is tearing this once close-knit family apart. The couple's 5-year-old daughter Natalie can't even find her own space to sleep, so she has to share her parents' room which is causing an even bigger rift in Carlos and Marisol's marriage. Can our team transform this family cramped pad into a more spacious and serene space? See what happens when we make over their chaotic kitchen and pull together a pop princess-inspired bedroom for their daughter. Plus, for the first time in "Clean House" history, Mark works his magic as he creates a living room that can also double as their master bedroom!
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The Kelly Family

Dec 03, 2008 Season 7 Episode 11

It's been more than five years since Tom and Tess Kelly tied the knot, but in that time, Tess still hasn't made any room for her new hubby in her old house! Tess' hoarding ways paired with her addiction for bargain shopping have created a mountain of clutter in practically every square inch of their space. The mess has gotten so bad that Tess' son Zack has basically become confined in his room to play video games because he has nowhere else to go! Tess is dying to change her packrat ways but instead, she shops compulsively, even on her lunch breaks. And to make matters worse, Tess' mom is only fueling the fire by constantly dropping off carloads of hand-me-downs. Can the "Clean House" crew stage an intervention and help this hoarding wife and mom kick her dirty habits for good? See what happens when we makeover the master bedroom, morph the garage into a man cave and turn their patio into a gorgeous Moroccan-inspired hideaway.
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The Gedanken Family

Nov 26, 2008 Season 7 Episode 10

Hit the road with the "Clean House" crew as they touch down in San Diego to help a bickering couple come back from the brink of divorce. After 20 years together, Mara and Jay Gedanken have accumulated more clutter than most couples see in their lifetime and it's causing a serious rift in their marriage. Jay's packrat tendencies have taken over most of their living space and Mara knows she can't live like this anymore. The former lovebirds are now at war with each other and unless they can wipe the slate clean (literally!) their future together is looking bleak. Can our "Clean House" experts turn their disaster zone of a home into a serene and sensual sanctuary? See what happens when we make over the master bedroom and dining room and morph the garage into the ultimate office space!
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The Fleming Family

Nov 19, 2008 Season 7 Episode 9

The Flemings have survived house fires and car accidents, but can the "Clean House" crew rescue them from their own possessions that have taken over their lives and torn their family apart? San Diego-based couple Ron and Juni Fleming, along with their two kids, have been at each other's throats over the mountains of mess collecting in their home. After surviving a string of catastrophes over the years, Juni has a problem letting anything go. And to make matters worse, her husband Ron has a serious addiction to shopping! As the clutter keeps building, so does the animosity between these family members. Can our clutter-busters work their magic and reunite this family under a clean roof? Watch as we make over the living room and master bedroom and organize their disaster of a garage.
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The Horner Family

Nov 12, 2008 Season 7 Episode 8

Break out the tissues! In this heartwarming episode of "Clean House," Lisa Arch and her team of experts come to the aid of Jamie Horner, a single mom struggling to keep afloat after a messy divorce and the recent deaths of her father and close childhood friend. To make matters worse, Jamie also suffers from fibromyalgia, a debilitating and painful disease that drains almost all of her energy. As the clutter started piling up, so did the tension between Jamie and her three grown children who refuse to pick up around the house. Overwhelmed and emotionally drained, Jamie has called on "Clean House" to help morph her cluttered and cramped quarters into a spotless and serene space that still honors the memory of her late loved ones. Can Lisa and her team finally help this family move forward? Drop by and see!
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The Shapiro Family

Nov 05, 2008 Season 7 Episode 7

Just when they thought they were done dealing with "empty nest syndrome," Rhonda and Bill Shapiro have found their house full again as their adult children moved back home after graduating from college--and the kids have brought along all their clutter! To make matters worse, Rhonda's packrat tendencies have rubbed off on her son Andy who can't bear to let go of his sentimental belongings. Can Lisa Arch and the "Clean House" crew help this clutter-filled clan learn to let go and clean up their act? See what happens as we make over the kids' bedrooms and organize their office.
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The Crump Family

Sep 24, 2008 Season 7 Episode 6

Drop in as Lisa Arch and the "Clean House" crew come to the aid of an overwhelmed mother who wants to get her life back. Glenda and her daughter Alexis have been at odds over the clutter-filled state of her house and now that Alexis has moved out, she wants to help her mom reclaim her life from all of this foolishness! Ever since Glenda's mom passed away, she has had a difficult time moving on, but with her daughter Alexis about to get married, she knows it's time for a clean slate--literally! See what happens when Lisa Arch and her team of experts transform Glenda's pitiful pad into a serene sanctuary fit for a queen and help mend the rift in this mother-daughter relationship.
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The Gossett / Flynn Family

Sep 17, 2008 Season 7 Episode 5

With a baby on the way, Tracy Flynn and Tim Gossett are ready to turn over a new leaf and go green! But it's easier said than done, and this young couple has called on "Clean House" to help give their cluttered pad an eco-friendly makeover. Using refurbished furniture, recyclable materials and non-toxic toys to fill an eco-conscious nursery, Niecy and her crew will show how practical and easy it is to go green for good! See what happens when they morph this messy home into a slice of heaven by making over the guest bedroom/office and the living room and organizing the back house.
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The McCord Family

Aug 27, 2008 Season 7 Episode 3

Single mom Angie McCord has had it with her lazy son Tay. Even though Tay is 21 years old, Angie is sick of him acting like a child and not picking up after all of his clutter! The mess has gotten so bad that Angie has threatened to kick Tay out of her house if he doesn't clean up his act. So she's called on the "Clean House" crew to knock some sense into her stubborn son before it's too late. Can Lisa Arch and her team of experts bring some harmony back into this home? See what happens when they make over Tay's room, the office and organize the family room.
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Loria Family Update

Aug 20, 2008 Season 7 Episode 2

Last year, Niecy Nash and her "Clean House" crew tackled their biggest project to date when they went in search of the messiest home in America. The Loria family proved to be the team's toughest challenge yet--and these stubborn packrats proved to be quite a handful! But the "Clean House" crew cleaned and conquered and helped this family start fresh. The question is, have they continued to keep their home clutter-free? In this special episode of "Clean House," our cameras capture all of the action as we re-visit the Loria home to see how they're doing now! Did they kick their clutter habit for good? Or are they back to their old, messy ways? Plus, the "Clean House" gang gives us the dirty truth about what really happened during this monumental makeover! Was it really as bad as it looked? Drop by and find out!
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Qmii Jackson

Aug 13, 2008 Season 7 Episode 1

Five years ago, Qmii Jackson was dealt a devastating blow when she was betrayed by her long-term boyfriend right after she found out she was pregnant. The relationship quickly went awry and Qmii was left to raise her son Jackson on her own, but the past still haunts her. Now Qmii has a hard time letting go of anything--especially when it comes to her possessions! Her packrat tendencies have produced a mountain of clutter in their home and it's holding back her son Jackson from living a normal childhood. Can Niecy Nash and her crew help rescue this mom from her mayhem and foolishness? See what happens as the team tries to give Qmii and her son a fresh start as they transform their home into a tranquil tropical paradise. Will this be just what Qmii and Jackson need to move on with their lives? Watch and see!
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