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Latest Episode: Petrossian Family

Aug 03, 2011 Season 9 Episode 34 watch on (Paid)

Anna's husband passed away 15 years ago, and ever since, she hasn't been able to stop collecting anything that has a memory attached to it. The mess has caused a rift in Anna and her daughter Annika's relationship. Annika has invited all of their family to visit in a couple weeks for her graduation, but she's mortified of them stepping foot in their messy home. With the help of "Clean House," will this mother-daughter duo be able to put their bickering aside and clean up their clutter?

Messiest Home In the Country Cutdown

Sep 19, 2007 Season 5 Episode 27

In this special episode of "Clean House," Niecy Nash and her crew are taking on their biggest challenge yet: de-cluttering the messiest home in America! (Yes, as in the entire United States, and trust us, this one is a doozy!) You'll have to see it to believe it as our domestic diva and her team trek all the way to Piscataway, New Jersey, to help a widow and her two daughters cut through their monumental mess of clutter and start over with a clean slate. But with a basement bulging at the seams, bedrooms packed to the brim with clothes and knick-knacks, and mountains of mementos to sort through, our "Clean House" team certainly has their work cut out for them. Also, when this troublesome trio starts to have separation anxiety with their colossal collection of clutter, will Niecy have to lay down the law? Or will she discover that this family has much deeper issues to deal with than a humble home makeover? Will these ladies be able to clean up their act and start a new lease on life? Or will they let their belongings continue to weigh them down? Stay tuned!
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The Dunaway Family

Sep 12, 2007 Season 5 Episode 26

It's not easy running a household full of boys, especially when one happens to be your own hubby! For Theresa Dunaway, a full-time working mom, her hectic schedule doesn't leave much time to clean up after her husband Patrick and their three sons. And with Patrick's packrat nature, their home has turned into one big storage space packed full of childhood mementos! Plus, their living room is overflowing with run-down sofas and other hand-me-down furniture, and it's left Theresa without a space to call her own. Can Niecy help this family part with their piles of clutter and help Theresa find her own voice? Or will the boys continue their reign of chaos? Watch and see!
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The Loesser Family

Sep 05, 2007 Season 5 Episode 25

It's beginning to feel a lot like Christmas, at least in the Loesser household! For husband Shawn and wife Tracey, their home has become a dumping ground for crates of Christmas clutter, old hand-me-down furniture and tons of family heirlooms. Their mess is even spilling over into the backyard and garage, which was supposed to serve as a bedroom for Shawn's brother Brandon, who's currently occupying the would-be nursery for the couple's newborn baby girl. Can Niecy help this family clear out their clutter, create their daughter's dream nursery and set up a separate living space for Brandon? It's easier said than done as this tight-knit clan has a hard time saying goodbye to their sentimental belongings. Can they learn to let go of the past to build a better future? Stay tuned!
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The House-Modesitt Family

Aug 26, 2007 Season 5 Episode 24

Join Niecy Nash and her de-cluttering crew as they help a pair of life partners clean up their act, literally! Devin is an attorney who knows how to take charge in the courtroom, but this self-professed packrat is not so orderly at home. As a result, Devin's partner Matt is having a hard time finding a space to call his own, especially when their brand new pad is already packed with childhood mementoes--and even past relationship reminders! Yikes! Will Devin finally be able to let go of his past and move on? Or will his selfishness end their relationship? Watch and see!
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The Hinkley Family

May 30, 2007 Season 5 Episode 22

The Hinkleys have only been married a year--but between these two packrats, they have more than enough clutter to last a lifetime! They're already drowning in disarray, and by downsizing to a smaller home, now they have even less room to store their mountains of stuff. With no room to breathe (or space to walk), this couple is finally ready to come to blows over their cramped lifestyle. Can Niecy and her crew help these kids clean up their act before it causes a bigger rift in their relationship? Or is their honeymoon truly over?
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The McFrazier Family

May 23, 2007 Season 5 Episode 21

Couples who play together, stay together. But for Anthony and Kathy McFrazier, cleaning is a whole different story. This motorcycle mom and pop love hitting the road on their hogs--but all of their time spent away from the nest makes for a disorganized home. With mounds of clutter piled around every corner, can Niecy and her crew help this couple clean up their act and spruce up their space? Will Anthony be able to let go of his past, even if it means parting with his beloved video game collection and an '88 Cadillac? Can Kathy cut ties with her vast craft collection? Watch and see!
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The Menjivar Family

May 16, 2007 Season 5 Episode 20

Trouble is brewing for Will and Grace Menjivar. This odd couple is at opposite ends of the cleaning spectrum: Will is the king of neat freaks, while Grace is the queen of clutter. Plus, her extreme shopping sprees have only compounded their clutter into disastrous proportions. Their kids have finally had it with their horrendous habitat and want their parents to clean up their acts, pronto! Can Niecy and her crew get this messy mama to purge her piles of possessions in exchange for a clutter-free life? Or will is her hoarding habit too far gone?
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The Saunders Family

May 09, 2007 Season 5 Episode 19

Gary and Gina Saunders are drowning in a huge sea of clutter--and it's causing a serious rift in their relationship. As the proud parents of two toddlers (with another one on the way!), this couple is finally ready to clean up their act. But will Gary, a self-proclaimed packrat, be willing to part with his piles of stuff? Also, Gina is beginning to feel more like a housekeeper than a housewife--and Gary has begun blaming his stay-at-home wife for not keeping their messy house clean. Can Niecy and her crew get to the root of Gary's problem and help deliver him from his foolishness?
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The Villines Family

May 02, 2007 Season 5 Episode 18

Join Niecy Nash and her crew as they help a divorced dad de-clutter his bachelor pad for his young son. Four years after his divorce, Joel Villines is still trying to get back in the dating game--but with an apartment that looks like a child's messy room, he's having a hard time attracting (and keeping) the ladies. Joel also has a hard time disciplining his son, and often acts more like a friend than a father. But enough is enough and Joel knows it's time to turn over a new leaf. Can Niecy get this man-child to man-up and ditch his old habits? Or will parting with his inner child be too much to bear?
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The Lyons Family

Mar 14, 2007 Season 5 Episode 17

Niecy Nash and her team of experts face off against a woman who hangs onto all of her kids' childhood mementoes in order to provide a clutter-free home for her, her husband, and the three kids still living at home. Can they convince mom to move forward and allow them to re-decorate and organize the dining room, the two boys' bedroom and family room? See how it goes down!
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The Sheffie Family

Mar 07, 2007 Season 5 Episode 16

Niecy Nash and her team of experts rescue a hard-working husband, his do-it-yourself wife and their three kids from their clutter and unfinished projects. See Niecy and her team get busy by redecorating the living room and boys' bedroom and organizing the home office.
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The Mast Family

Feb 28, 2007 Season 5 Episode 15

Niecy Nash and her team of experts come to the aid of a rock singer husband and his clothes-loving, control-freak wife. Even though the newlyweds are still in their honeymoon phase, Miriam's out-of-control clutter is threatening to sink her and David's marriage. To top it off, the couple refuses to part with their belongings! Can the gang convince them to hock their goods for the cash to spruce up their new pad? Or will their devotion to their stuff end up coming between them and a happy clutter-free home?
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The Straker Family

Feb 21, 2007 Season 5 Episode 14

Niecy Nash and her team of experts try to help a packrat husband and his remodeling-obsessed wife come to a clutter compromise. See them redecorate the living room and kitchen and organize the baby's room.
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Katy Walker and Dwayne Pfannkuch

Feb 14, 2007 Season 5 Episode 13

Join Niecy Nash and her crew as they help a pair of expectant parents de-clutter their home (and lives!) before the birth of their first child. Our domestic diva has her hands full as she comes to the rescue of a dad-to-be that has to get situated in his pregnant fiancee's cluttered condo. Has the disarray already done too much damage to their relationship? Can Niecy and her panel of pros transform their messy living area into a perfect baby-proofed pad? Let's see!
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Niecy's Reunion Show Road Trip

Nov 29, 2006 Season 5 Episode 12

Niecy Nash pays a surprise visit to some of the show's favorite families to see how their houses look now, and what impact "Clean House" had on their lives. She's got presents for the families who have kept their homes clean--and something special for those who haven't.
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The Graham-Gaines Family

Nov 22, 2006 Season 5 Episode 11

Niecy Nash and her team of experts help a pregnant woman who's just moved into the father of her child's messy bachelor pad. Can the crew make this animal house a family-friendly place? See how they do it by turning a party room into a family room, remake the master bedroom and create a nursery for their new roommate.
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The Grier Family and David Allan Grier

Nov 15, 2006 Season 5 Episode 10

Niecy Nash and her team of experts make a special trip to San Francisco when comic David Allen Grier needs a hand with his packrat brother, his shopaholic wife and their young son (who's following in his messy parents' footsteps). With David's help, Niecy clears away the family's clutter, and gives the master bedroom, guest room, son's room and family room a much-needed facelift.
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Danny Jacobs and Roommates

Nov 08, 2006 Season 5 Episode 9

Niecy Nash and her team of experts confront four twentysomething roommates trying to make it in Hollywood. So far the only thing they've made is a pigsty of their house. We turn the living room into a media center, the dining room into a performance space, and organize the kitchen so that it can function as, well, a kitchen!
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The Harrell Family

Oct 04, 2006 Season 5 Episode 8

Niecy Nash and her team of experts tackle the home of a heavy metal photographer-turned-househusband, his unhappy wife and their young daughter. See how she lifts their spirits--and the look of the house--by working some magic on the master bedroom, the office-garage combo and their disastrous breezeway.
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The Meadows Family

Sep 27, 2006 Season 5 Episode 7

Niecy Nash and her team of experts come to the aid of an eccentric couple whose hobbies have taken over their house. We give them dining and entertainment area, turn their disastrous garage into a space where they can do the things they enjoy, plus give them an outdoor surprise.
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The Poe Family

Sep 20, 2006 Season 5 Episode 6

Niecy Nash and her team of experts rescue a packrat bride and her new husband whose clutter is so bad their roommate moved out. See how the crew gives the newlyweds a fresh start by redecorating their living room and the bedroom.
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The Miller Family

Sep 13, 2006 Season 5 Episode 5

Niecy Nash and her team of experts help a woman whose handyman husband is a packrat and whose three rocker sons have cluttered the house with their musical instruments. She redecorates their dining room so that it can double as an office and transforms their garage into a work area for the husband. Plus, the boys get a practice space where they can make all of the noise they want.
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The Williams Family

Aug 30, 2006 Season 5 Episode 4

Niecy Nash and her team of experts come to the aid of a family who recently bought their first house--and then filled it with clutter! The husband compulsively collects knickknacks, his wife is exhausted because she's had to go back to work, and their three kids refuse to pick up slack. Niecy redecorates the living room and family room. Plus, the wife gets a much-needed surprise space of her own.
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The Bos Family

Aug 23, 2006 Season 5 Episode 2

Niecy Nash and her team of experts come to the aid of a widow and her children who are drowning in the memorabilia of her dead husband. The crew redecorates the living room, dining room, family room and master bedroom. Plus, they create a memorial space that honors her husband--and allows her to move forward with her life.
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Alpha Epsilon Phi Fraternity House

Aug 16, 2006 Season 5 Episode 1

Niecy Nash and her team of experts have their hands full when they take on an entire fraternity house! The crew is even outnumbered, since eight members live there--and 50 other members help mess it up. See how Niecy educates the guys on cleanliness by making over the main room, the all-important game room and bedrooms. Plus, the guys get a surprise everyone can enjoy!
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