The Civil War

  • 1990
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Valley of the Shadow of Death, 1864 Season 1, Episode 6 Sep 26, 1990 Subscription

Episode six begins with a biographical comparison of Ulysses S. Grant and Robert E. Lee and then chronicles the extraordinary series of battles that pitted the two generals against each other from the wilderness to Petersburg in Virginia. In 30 days the two armies lose more men than both sides have lost in three years of war. With Grant and Lee finally deadlocked at Petersburg we visit the ghastly hospitals north and south and follow General Sherman's Atlanta campaign through the mountains of north Georgia. As the horrendous casualty lists increase Lincoln's chances for re-election begin to dim and with them the possibility of Union victory.

The Universe of Battle, 1863 Season 1, Episode 5 Sep 25, 1990 Subscription

This episode opens with a dramatic account of the turning point of war: the Battle of Gettysburg the greatest ever fought in the Western Hemisphere. For three days 150000 men will fight to the death in the Pennsylvania countryside culminating in Pickett's legendary charge. This extended episode then goes on to chronicle the fall of Vicksburg the New York draft riots the first use of black troops and the western battles at Chickamauga Georgia and Chattanooga Tennessee. The episode closes with the dedication of a new Union cemetery at Gettysburg in November where Abraham Lincoln struggles to put into words what is happening to his people.

Simply Murder, 1863 Season 1, Episode 4 Sep 25, 1990 Subscription

The nightmarish Union disaster at Fredericksburg comes to two climaxes that spring: at Chancellorsville in May where Lee wins his most brilliant victory but loses Stonewall Jackson; and at Vicksburg where Grant's attempts to take the city by siege are stopped. During the episode we learn of fierce Northern opposition to Lincoln's Emancipation Proclamation the miseries of regimental life and the increasing desperation of the Confederate homefront. As the episode ends Lee decides to invade the North again to draw Grant's forces away from Vicksburg.

Fight For Freedom Season 1, Episode 3 Sep 24, 1990 Subscription

Dennis Haysbert examines objects of the Civil War that bring to life the perspective of the millions of African Americans who were living in slavery.

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The Civil War Trailer
01:13 — Acclaimed PBS documentary series examines the causes and effects of the tragic war, as well as individual battles. Nine volumes.
Civil War Draft Brings Chaos to New York City
03:56 — Short on volunteers for the Union cause, Congress instituted a military draft, but when the draft wheels arrived in New York City on July 11th, 1863, (more…)
Ashley Judd on Civil War 360: Behind the Scenes
01:22 — Join Ashley Judd on her journey in Civil War 360, as she explores our nation's past and discovers more about her ancestors along the way.
Lampooning Lincoln
03:55 — A Confederate sympathizer living in Maryland, dentist and artist Adalbert Volck would secretly sketch and print vicious depictions of President Lincol (more…)