Circus TV Show Watchlist

Bernie Rallies in New Hamshire
01:28 — Mark McKinnon attends a Clinton rally in Plymouth, New Hampshire, where Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders speaks on behalf of her.
Trump Rallies One More Time in New Hampshire
01:50 — Mark Halperin visits a Trump rally in Manchester, New Hampshire the day before the election.
Trump the Messenger
02:53 — Mark Halperin attends a Trump rally in Eau Claire, Wisconsin.
Biden in Toledo
02:51 — Mark Halperin and John Heilemann talk with Vice President Joe Biden at a rally in Toledo, Ohio.
Clinton & Gore Rally in Florida
02:05 — Former Vice President Al Gore campaigns for Hillary Clinton at a rally in Miami, Florida.
Megyn Kelly
01:46 — Mark McKinnon visits with Megyn Kelly of Fox News before the debate.
Trump Loves Florida
02:36 — Mark McKinnon attends a Trump rally at the Germain Arena in Estero, Florida.
Deplorables for Trump
01:32 — Donald Trump holds a rally at the Seven Flags Event Center in Clive, Iowa where he discusses Hillary Clinton's latest remarks about his supporters.
Hillary Hits the Campaign Trail
01:57 — Mark McKinnon boards the Clinton Campaign's plane and follows Hillary as she holds rallies in Ohio and Illinois.
Trump Rallies in North Carolina
01:38 — Donald Trump holds a rally at the Greenville Convention Center in Greenville, North Carolina.
Behind the Scenes: RNC Convention
03:06 — Mark, Mark and John talk with politicians, media personalities, and constituents alike as they get a behind the scenes look at the setup of the 2016 R (more…)
Romney Picks Ryan
01:06 — Mitt Romney staffer Kelli Harrison Ritter describes Romney's selection of Paul Ryan as his running mate in 2012.
Bernie Endorses Hillary
02:54 — Bernie Sanders gives his official endorsement of Hillary Clinton at a rally in Portsmouth, New Hampshire.
Clinton Staffers Frame Up the Race
02:48 — Mark, Mark, and John sit down with Hillary Clinton's campaign manager, as well as some of her other staffers, to discuss her strategy to defeat Donald (more…)
Behind the Scenes: The Circus Returns
03:00 — Mark Mckinnon, John Heilemann, Mark Halperin discuss creating "The Circus" and returning in July for convention coverage. Don't miss the return of The (more…)
(Movie Clip) Swing Little Girl
Opening sequence, from the 1969 re-release, featuring the star and director atypically billed as Charlie, plus the song he wrote and recorded for this (more…)
Glen Gets a New License
02:33 — Preparing for a year on the road with the circus, Glen Heroy goes to the local DMV to renew his driver's license.
Preview: Gladis and Luciano
02:47 — Luciano and Gladis Anastasini, who are in charge of the year's dog act, are eighth generation circus. Both grew up in the circus, and it is the only (more…)
The Costume Shop
05:12 — Austin Sanderson runs the Big Apple Circus costume department, where all of the costumes for the new season are designed and built from scratch. This (more…)
Glen and Mark's Pre-Show Rituals
02:32 — Big Apple Circus clowns Glen and Mark share their pre-show rituals. Mark stretches; Glen pretends to stretch.
Preview: Meet the Flying Cortes
05:12 — The Flying Cortes arrive just in time to perform on opening night in Dulles, Virginia. Brothers Alex and Robinson Cortes, along with flyers Chrystie T (more…)
One Ring Family
53:41 — The clock is ticking down to the first full dress rehearsal in Walden, but the show is nowhere near ready. As the pressure ratchets up, and the fate o (more…)
Clown Rehearsal
03:05 — The Big Apple Circus' trio of clowns, Glen, Mark and Barry, are tasked with creating clown bits to be sprinkled throughout the show. It's a tough proc (more…)
Meet La Luz
03:04 — Big Apple Circus electrician Raul Lancheros, affectionately nicknamed 'La Luz,' used to fly trapeze before a career-ending injury forced him to find o (more…)
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