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Chuck Episode: "Chuck Versus the Ring"

Season 2, Episode 22
Episode Synopsis: In the Season 2 finale, Ellie and Awesome's wedding day arrives, but Chuck must spring into action to save his sister from evil Fulcrum forces and one Ted Roark (Chevy Chase). Guest stars include Scott Bakula, Morgan Fairchild, Bruce Boxleitner and Tony Hale.
Original Air Date: Apr 27, 2009
Guest Cast Morgan Fairchild: Dr. Honey Woodcomb Scott Bakula: Stephen J. Bartowski Tony Hale: Emmett Milbarge Chevy Chase: Ted Roark Bruce Boxleitner: Woody
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Season 2, Episode 22
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Length: 42:51
Aired: 4/27/2009
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Chuck Episode Recap: "Chuck vs. The Ring" Season 2, Episode 22

Dum, dum, duh dum! Awesome and Ellie are set to tie the knot in a beautiful church ceremony, but Ted Roark returns to throw a wrench in their plans. Plus: Chuck finds himself in a new and even more dangerous role.

Hello! Erin Fox here, all curled up with my Subway sandwich and ready to recap the much-anticipated finale of our beloved Chuck. Did you eat a Subway footlong today in support of saving Chuck? Did you read our awesome finale Q&As with Joshua Gomez and Zach Levi? Good, we can now proceed with the recap.

Leaving the Buy More
We start out at the Buy More, where Chuck walks with a determined gait into Emmett's office and says he's been waiting a long time for this moment. Before he can spit it out, Emmett assumes he's coming onto him and declares himself a flaming heterosexual. Of course, Chuck dismisses Emmett's delusion and says that he's quitting. Ha! Suck on that, Buy More! Casey pokes his head in the office and says he's outta there as well. Cue the triumphant smell-ya-later music.

General Beckham asks Chuck what his plans are now that he's free of The Intersect and done with the Buy More. She offers him a gig as an analyst on the new Intersect project — seems the government wants to call him to duty, but Chuck ain't answering. He wants to be a normal guy now. Casey hands him a paycheck from the government and Chuck hugs him (hilarious!) and thanks him for saving his life.

Sarah has now been put in charge of the new Intersect program and will be working with Bryce Larken (noooooo!). Sarah looks as excited as I am right now.

The Wedding Part One
Chuck and Steve look super-spiffy and nervous as they prep the church for Ellie and Awesome's wedding. I cannot wait to see how the Awesomes act today. When Chuck knocks on the door to speak with Ellie, and Mrs. Awesome (Honey) answers it in a Pepto-Bismol mother-of-the-groom outfit, my heart does a little happy dance.

Ellie looks stunning in her lace gown, and Chuck tells her that he's quit the Buy More as part of her wedding present. Ellie is clearly proud of him and says that she made her dreams come true, and what's Chuck going to do about his?

Chuck pulls Sarah aside and tells her he can't wait to tell her that he wants her to be in his future. No guns, no lies, just them. He asks her to go away with him, and it's the sweetest thing I've ever seen. Sarah, unfortunately, takes all the wind out of Chuck's sails by telling him she's going away with Larken on a new mission. Of course, she can't tell him anything more but says she's so sorry. Damn you, CIA! Why must you ruin Chuck and Sarah's happiness?

As Chuck slams down some champagne to numb his pain, he finds two dead guys under one of the tables. Enter Ted Roark! He's back and wants revenge. Actually, he wants the Intersect cube in half an hour, or he'll kill Ellie.

Chuck makes up some excuse about losing the rings so Morgan can stall the wedding, then he calls Casey for help. No answer! So, he runs to get the cube, but Bryce tells him it's gone and he can't tell Chuck where it is. Bryce tells Chuck to turn him over to Roark as the Intersect, and reveals that Fulcrum's been looking for Bryce. He says he can't let the cube fall into the wrong hands; that he promised Orion. Chuck then realizes that Bryce has known about his dad's role with the Intersect all along!

Mrs. Awesome informs the wedding party that Chuck and "the blonde" are missing, which makes Papa Bartowski very nervous. He finds Sarah, who tells him Roark and his men are at the wedding.

Morgan's brilliant plan to stall the wedding, meanwhile, involves bringing out Jeffster, who play the most awesome version of "Mr. Roboto" I've ever heard. One word: synthesizers. The stunned faces in the audience say it all.

Roark is about to help himself to the wedding cake when Chuck brings Bryce in to save to day. Bryce offers himself up to Roark, but he points his gun at Chuck anyway. Luckily, Sarah's behind the gift table with a knife-set and takes out a few baddies. The reprieve is short-lived as Roark pulls out a shotgun and points it right at Chuck. What is it with his fixation on Chuck? Heh.

Just in the nick of time, Casey and his commando friends swoop in via parachutes. They shoot up the entire reception and capture Roark just as Jeffster finishes the song with giant sparklers... which then sets off the water from the smoke alarms. Poor Ellie looks so defeated — and cancels the wedding!

Chuck tells his dad how horrible he feels about ruining Ellie's wedding. Sarah enters and asks if she can do anything, but Chuck can only focus on wishing he was a normal guy and could help his sister in a normal way. Then it hits him: he'll use the money he got from the government to make it up to her. He tells Ellie, who's getting wasted in the empty bathtub (still wearing her wedding dress), that it was his fault the wedding was ruined. He tells her to take the rings, and trust him that he'll fix everything.

The Wedding — Part Two
Chuck enlists Casey and Sarah to give Ellie the dream beach wedding that she's always hoped for. It's truly beautiful, and it's so sweet to see Chuck and Steve both walk Ellie down the aisle. But, poor Chuck can barely look at Sarah during the ceremony. Little does he know that she's decided not to go with Bryce.

Intercut with the beach wedding scene, we see Casey leave Roark in his cell to play some poker in the next room. Suddenly, one of the guards shoots Roark dead! What the what?! The shooter says Roark wants to talk to Casey, and as Casey finds Roark slumped over, we hear the other poker players being shot, too. When Casey tries to capture the guard, the baddie whacks him on the head and tells him he's only alive because he saved his life once.

Back at the apartment courtyard -- where the new reception is being held -- Ellie thanks Chuck for saving the day. Chuck then turns his attention to Morgan and says he can't believe he's leaving, but thinks he'll be the best hibachi chef in the world. Aw!

The Intersect(s)
Sarah asks Chuck to dance and says Bryce is off to get a new computer uploaded into his head that night. Their dance is so loaded with regrets and wishes, it's palpable. He tells Sarah she belongs out in the world protecting people, but that he's not cut out for it; he's no hero. He wants a real life. Sarah tries to say what she wants, but is interrupted!

Bryce enters and finds Steve/Orion to say goodbye. Steve asks what changes they made to his original Intersect design, and Bryce says only, "You don't want to know." Another agent tells Bryce it's time to go, but Steve flashes on his face. Wait, Steve's got an Intersect in his head as well!? And he knows that there is something off with that agent. Steve says he's not with the CIA, and Sarah realizes that if this fake agent knows about Bryce, then he knows about Casey. Sarah takes off to change into her leather "I'm going to kick some ass" outfit and to grab Casey (after making sure he was OK). Chuck catches up with them to help save the day (again!) — with the fancy computer arm band his dad gave him.

The fake agent takes Bryce to a facility and the baddie guard shows up. Bryce turns the fake agent's gun on the baddie's posse and gets away to safety. Meanwhile, Chuck uses his fancy arm toy to navigate around the facility. Chuck finds the way to the Intersect cube is actually through a vent. He crashes through ceiling into an all-white room where the cube is being stored. Bryce is there, but he's been shot, and thinks he's going to die. Chuck panics and tells Bryce not to give up, that he and Sarah have lives to save. But, Bryce admits she wasn't going to come. He hands a very confused Chuck a disk that will kill the new Intersect because it's too dangerous. He says Fulcrum is just one part of the "ring" and that Chuck must destroy the computer... right before he dies.

Chuck is in shock, but after reliving several flashbacks, he realizes that maybe he is the guy who is supposed to be the hero, and that he's not normal after all. He activates the new Intersect and it downloads into his body. My favorite part of these flashes is his total orgasmo face. After it's downloaded, he destroys the computer. The baddie guard enters and Chuck announces what he's done. Some other goons bring Sarah and Casey in, and when they see Chuck flashing on the baddie, they realize that Chuck has the computer in his brain. Casey says, "Oh, Chuck me!" Ha!

Sarah asks who they are, but he just says, "spies." Chuck breaks free, does some crazy fighting moves and tops it all off with a few back flips. The new Intersect has made him super Chuck! He busts out some kung fu awesomeness on all of the goons -- and the baddie guard. His final words in the season finale? "Guys, I know kung fu."

What did you think of the finale? There's no way Chuck can be over now that our hero knows kung fu, right? Right?

Plus! If you have an awesome Subway sandwich story to tell, we'd love to hear them.

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Dum, dum, duh dum! Awesome and Ellie are set to tie the knot in a beautiful church ceremony, but Ted Roark returns to throw a wrench in their plans. Plus: Chuck finds himself in a new and even more dangerous role. read more

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Premise: A computer nerd is drawn into shadowy global espionage when subliminal government secrets are downloaded into his brain.



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