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Chuck Episode: "Chuck Versus the Best Friend"

Season 2, Episode 14
Episode Synopsis: Chuck taps into his burgeoning spying skills to help a heartsick Morgan secretly snoop on Anna. But they soon discover that Anna's new boyfriend might be connected to a dangerous gang. Meanwhile, Jeff and Lester pester Ellie to hire their music group---called Jeffster!---as her wedding band.
Original Air Date: Feb 23, 2009

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Season 2, Episode 14
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Aired: 2/23/2009
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Chuck Episode Recap: "Chuck Versus the Best Friend" Season 2, Episode 14

What happens when Chuck has to befriend his best friend's ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend? We get a little spy versus spy, with the always lovely Julia Ling center stage. Will Morgan win her back? And how will Chuck's real spy life figure into this mess?

We get a glimpse of a young Morgan circa 1992 at the Elizabeth C. Stanton Middle School as a much bigger girl punches an Alf-shirt-wearing Morgan hard.  A teen Chuck comes to his rescue.

In present day, Morgan has his own ideas for a spy mission. He needs the boys (Jeff, Lester, and Chuck) to spy on Anna, his ex-girlfriend. Does this mean we get to see a whole lot of Anna Wu? Of course, Jeff has the best line when he says 80 percent of his female encounters have been without their knowledge. Chuck replies that he's worried about the other 20 percent.

Back at the ranch (Chuck's apartment) there seems to be a little gratuitous skin showing — and it's not Ellie's either! Captain Awesome is once again showing off his awesome body as he parades around in nothing but a towel, opening it in front of Ellie who's overwrought with wedding planning fatigue. I'm guessing the Nerd Herd writing staff really gets a kick out of this reverse sexism. Ladies enjoy!

Meanwhile, the boys mount up in Jeff's spy mobile, adequately equipped with a little too much recording and listening devices. Very creepy. Sarah and Casey follow right behind, spying on the spies.

The always lovely and talented Julia Ling, who plays Anna Wu, meets up with an Asian man who everyone thinks is her brother. That is, until they share a deep, longing kiss. Jeff still isn't convinced, but we know why that makes sense in his mind.

Chuck gets a look at this guy's license plate and flashes on him. It turns out to be Jason Wang — someone who the CIA suspects runs with gangs and smuggles contraband into Los Angeles. The new mission: to befriend best friend's ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend and find out what he's smuggling.

Back at home, Chuck wakes to Captain Awesome sitting next to the bed creepily watching Chuck. Being so busy, he explains, he needs Chuck to find him a wedding band. Chuck reluctantly agrees.

Chuck has difficulty accepting this new mission — to betray Morgan and befriend this new guy Jason Wang. He's basically forced to follow the direct orders despite his close friendship with Morgan. As they get ready, Casey has one of the best lines, calling Chuck the skin-colored robot. At Buy More, Chuck halfheartedly talks to Anna and suggests a double date. Coincidentally, Jason is throwing a party at his showroom where he's auctioning off very expensive cars. At the party, Anna and Sarah have a very nice moment when Anna is surprised that Sarah even noticed her. Sarah sincerely admits that she always considered her a friend. So as Chuck and Sarah meet the happy couple, Morgan is also spying from a distance and sees Chuck shaking hands with Jason. Morgan mutters "Judas."

Ellie and Captain Awesome have a computer breakdown and call into Buy More for Chuck. Since Chuck is out on assignment, Lester picks up the phone. Jeff overhears their conversation and convinces Lester to take this one opportunity to audition for the wedding band. Jeff and Lester — known as Jeffster — prepares to audition in Ellie's living room but Lester's rock n' roll future life flashes before his eyes  — the parties, the loneliness, the self-sex, the breakup, etc. — and he chickens out before even getting started.

Meanwhile, at the car show, Chuck flashes on some bad guy associates (known as the Triads) coming to visit Jason Wang. Chuck is sent off to bug the area they're in so Casey can listen in. Not the best spy, Chuck is almost found by the Tirads, but luckily Morgan is caught just outside spying. Thinking Morgan is a real spy, Chuck comes to his rescue admitting he's more of a stalker than a spy. He shames Morgan into being released — saving his life but killing his dignity. The Triads lets him go, but later find the bug.  Believing Morgan is a real spy who put it there, they decide to kill him.

It's very awkward between Chuck and Morgan back at Buy More. Morgan can't seem to forgive Chuck. Jeff still can't give up the dream and pursues Chuck for more info on how his non-audition audition went. Befuddled, Chuck tells Jeff to handle it himself. Jeff goes off to visit Ellie and Awesome and finds Awesome shirtless (again) and sweaty. Awesome gives them another chance. As Jeff puts it, Lester has a voice that makes angels sing. We'll just have to see about that.

Chuck and Sarah have a very interesting conversation about friendship and family. Chuck makes a very persuasive argument that Sarah just doesn't get how important Morgan is to him. He's not just his best friend, he's his family. Sarah retorts back that since they lost the tracking of the container, the contents may be a danger to many people's best friends, not just Chuck's. Those are some cold harsh words coming from Sarah. It's very interesting and subtle that Sarah is slowly returning to a very cold and calculating hired hand. Does she really understand Chuck or is she exhibiting her true self?

Morgan comes back to Chuck and admits that he's mad at himself for not listening to Chuck in the first place. He decides it's time to stick up for himself and confront his own problems. Unfortunately, this is the absolutely wrong time, as the Triads have arrived at Buy More to kill Morgan. Knowing this, Chuck advises Morgan that he might want to wait for the next one. Morgan is unconvinced so Chuck tells him he needs to freshen up and offers him some breath spray.

This spray came to Chuck earlier in the episode in a very James Bond-like fashion. It instantly incapacitates its victim while being peppermint fresh! Out goes Morgan. Chuck boxes him up and tries to cart him out the front door in a giant plasma screen TV box but is interrupted by Anna showing him James Wong on TV. Chuck flashes again only this time to discover that the Triads are going to kill visiting Ambassador Mei Sheng at the car auction. Chuck notifies Sarah and Casey to head off to the auction as soon as he takes care of Morgan. Unfortunately, the Triads have figured out where Morgan was stashed and take him.

"You're like the poster child for friendly fire", says Casey as they order Chuck to stay in the Nerd Herd car they arrived in. Just then, Chuck sees the Triads driving in. He follows them watching as they install a bomb in a Rolls-Royce hood emblem that is being sold to the Ambassador. Killing two birds with one stone, the Triads decide to put Morgan in the trunk. Chuck calls Sarah and Casey to come to the rescue. Not acting fast enough, Chuck takes matters into his own hands and tries to stop the Ambassador from driving off. The Ambassador's men think it's a plot and speed away. Chuck decides to pursue them in the Nerd Herd car. At the last second Casey grabs onto the top of the car with Chuck driving. Casey finally convinces Chuck to let him in and he pulls out a remote control for the car, steering from the passenger side — another cool James Bond-like gizmo.

Meanwhile, the kick ass Triad female leader, Smooth Lau, confronts Sarah. Grabbing a tire iron, she knocks Sarah around quite a bit. Sarah certainly gets a few good licks in too and they both end up beating each other inside a luxury car. Using seat belts and broken CDs as weapons, it certainly looks like Smooth Lau might win. Luckily, Sarah is a bit handier and kicks off the air bag, knocking Smooth out.

With Casey and Chuck in hot pursuit down the mean back alleys of Los Angeles, an ice truck finally stops the Rolls. The Ambassador's men have Casey by gunpoint as Chuck rushes over to the Rolls, dismantles the bomb, takes it into the Nerd Herd car, and seemingly drives off with it. He only has seconds to get away before it detonates. Just then, Sarah arrives and informs the Ambassador that she's CIA and Casey is good to go. Both of them turn around to see the Nerd Herd car driving off with what Chuck inside. With some distance between them the car explodes. Surprisingly, both Casey and Sarah, fearing the worst, are emotional at their potential loss — even stoic Casey. Sarah is in tears and both fear Chuck has been killed in the explosion. Then from the side, Chuck walks in with the car's remote control. Chuck is as surprised as we are at their emotions.

Chuck wheels Morgan, who's been asleep the entire time, back into Buy More. Chuck convinces Morgan he has fainted. Of course, Morgan is embarrassed by the whole thing. The episode gets neatly wrapped up with apologies and dreams achieved. Jeffster ends up auditioning at Buy More for Ellie and Awesome (albeit poorly), Morgan admits he lov...likes Anna very, very much as she reciprocally smooches him, and Sarah apologizes to Chuck, admitting she could have been more sympathetic to his predicament. She admits that she doesn't have anyone in her life that cares for her like he cares for Morgan. Chuck corrects her that she does — him.

What did you think about the episode? How excited were you to see Anna Wu?

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What happens when Chuck has to befriend his best friend's ex-girlfriend's new boyfriend? We get a little spy versus spy, with the always lovely Julia Ling center stage. Will Morgan win her back? And how will Chuck's real spy life figure into this mess?

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