China-Man Begins
22:30 — Frank bets everyone in town a plate of cheese-sticks that he'll be the focus of the local news program's newest segment: Person of the Day.
Kenny Winker Rules
22:31 — Rock & roll superstar Kenny Winker is coming to China, IL and giving away one ticket to hang out with him on his tour bus, The Garden of Hedon.
The Diamond Castle
22:32 — Frank discovers that Thomas Jefferson's mythical Diamond Castle is real.
Do You Know Who You Look Like?
22:32 — After Steve hires another history professor who coincidentally looks just like him, he immediately regrets his decision.
Surfer God
22:32 — Steve's dislike of The Beach Boys goes well beyond their music.
Is College Worth It?
22:32 — After The Dean raises tuition to 500 grand a semester, Pony must go to drastic measures in order to stay in school.
Wild Hogs
22:32 — The campus becomes victim to an infestation of wild hogs.
The Perfect Lecture
22:31 — It's the first day of school and Frank is determined to give the perfect lecture.
Prank Week
22:32 — Baby Cakes misunderstands a lecture on Senator Joe McCarthy's infamous 'Witch Hunts.'
Crow College
22:36 — Crows have the intelligence of 4-year old humans, so The Dean enrolls a murder of them at UCI as new students.
22:33 — The Mayor bans eating anchovies in China, IL, while Trump s Kid joins UCI as its newest student.
22:33 — Steve, Frank & Baby Cakes start a band in order to finally get the attention of the most beautiful celebrity in the world.
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