The Trap Is Set
03:47 — After a spate of car bombs terrorizes the CPD, Voight and crew devise a plan to catch the killer.
Gruesome Catch
02:31 — Voight and Lindsay investigate a horrific discovery in Lake Michigan.
Brutal Interrogation
01:35 — With a young girl missing, Voight resorts to drastic measures.
Ruzek: One Man Wrecking Crew
01:33 — Officer Adam Ruzek - aka actor Patrick John Flueger - knows how to handle himself in any situation. Watch Chicago P.D., Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC.
Hot Tip from Ruzek and Atwater
00:41 — Jaywalking? Bad idea. How bad? Find out in this web exclusive video - and catch Chicago P.D., Wednesdays at 10/9c on NBC.
Behind the Scenes: Halstead Under Fire
03:33 — Go behind the scenes of one of Chicago P.D.'s most intense stunts in this web exclusive. Chicago P.D., Wed at 10/9c on NBC.
An Interrogation Gets Personal
01:44 — A child abduction rocks Dawson to his core, sending him nearly over the edge when confronting the suspect.
The Man Behind the Crash
01:36 — Go inside the stunt world of Chicago P.D. with car crash veteran Jimmy Fierro.
Deadly Demands
02:35 — A drug kingpin's demands put Halstead's life on the line.
Behind the Scenes of the Premiere
04:04 — Sophia Bush and Jesse Lee Soffer take us inside their characters' stories in "Life Is Fluid," the season premiere episode of Chicago P.D.
Body of Evidence
04:48 — Following up on a tip from an NSA informant, Intelligence makes a gruesome discovery.
Public Safety With Atwater and Ruzek
01:52 — Atwater and Ruzek show off their guns in this web exclusive video. Catch Chicago P.D., Wednesday at 10/9c on NBC.
On the Set With Burgess and Roman
01:30 — Marina Squerciati (Officer Kim Burgess) and Brian Geraghty (Officer Sean Roman) reveal the challenges of stunt work and their characters' chemistry.
Explosive Situation
02:24 — As the team races against time to prevent a Columbine-like tragedy at a private school, Lindsay makes an explosive discovery.
Ruzek Rides Shotgun
02:20 — Ruzek takes a ride with the target of an undercover case, with disastrous consequences.
Crashing the Party
03:38 — Intelligence goes undercover to a party house to catch the ringleader of a crew that uses nitrous oxide to knock out its victims.
Explosive Bust
04:37 — Using intelligence gathered from Voight's former cellmate, Eddie Little (guest star Clancy Brown), the team makes a daring raid on a drug dealer's com (more…)
Voight's Gambit
02:36 — Desperate to nail a doctor who gave his patients lethal chemotherapy for non-existent cancers, Voight makes a risky move on the stand.
Lindsay's Dangerous Gamble
03:23 — Lindsay hits the blackjack tables and finds herself on a massive winning streak. After a heated confrontation with Halstead, she drives off and gets p (more…)
The Smell of Fear
03:16 — Olinsky gives a rapist a sense of what it feels like to beg for your life.
Chicago P.D. Season 3 Finale!
04:39 — As Lindsay makes a desperate plea to stop the unthinkable, Voight wreaks vengeance on the man who killed his son.
A Father's Grief
03:34 — After an innocent victim is gunned down in a gang-related feud, Atwater and Olinsky interview the grieving father.
Sneak Attack
03:08 — While en route to make a cash deposit worth hundreds of thousands of dollars, Halstead and his security crew from the dispensary fall victim to a viol (more…)
Hostage Crisis
03:48 — A suspect's daughter is being held hostage - and time is running out. After motivating an informant to give up her location, the team makes a daring r (more…)
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