• 2016
  • TV Show
  • TV-14

Kelly Rowland searches for the next superstar female group.

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Alyxx Does Beyoncé Well
Clip: Alyxx gives her own rendition of the Destiny's Child track 'No, No, No.'. Season 1 (04/19/2016)
Gabby Turns This Tinashe Song...
Clip: Gabby completely transforms Tinashe's 'All Hands on Deck.'. Season 1 (04/19/2016)
In 5 Seconds You'll Fall in Love...
Clip: We just LOVE her voice! Season 1 (04/19/2016)
Lauryn Hill Needs to Take This...
Clip: Mayah has a deep artistic soul like her idol Lauryn Hill. Listen to her sing. Season 1 (04/19/2016)
If You Were Brienna's BF You'd...
Clip: Brienna goes into beastmode with this TLC song. Season 1 (04/19/2016)
Has Beyoncé Heard This Yet?
Clip: Cicily goes beast mode on Beyonc verse from the track 'No, No, No.'. Season 1 (04/19/2016)
Just When We Thought #Lemonade...
Clip: Khylah B. murders Destiny's Child's 'No, No, No. . Season 1 (04/19/2016)
Shyann May Be a Youngin, But...
Clip: Shyann kills this rendition of Tinashe's 'All Hands on Deck.'. Season 1 (04/19/2016)
Johari Surprises Us All With Her...
Clip: Johari starts off real slow and then bursts on the vocal scene like a boss. Season 1 (04/19/2016)
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