Charlie's Angels

  • 1976
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Aaron Spelling's jiggly classic about gorgeous gumshoes working for an unseen boss garnered as much derision as it did male viewers. Launched in September 1976, the show took flight in the ratings, turned the three leads into major stars and inspired countless imitators (and, two decades later, a couple of hit theatrical movies). Numerous cast changes o (more…)

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From the "Farrah-do" to "the Rachel," television has been influencing our hairstyles for decades. When Charlie's Angels premiered in 1976, star Farrah Fawcett had no way of knowing that her wispy tresses would be copied by women w… Read more

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Mr. Galaxy Season 5, Episode 16 Jun 24, 1981 $1.99

Ron Gates, a young body builder, has several accidents while training with his manager, Artie Weaver, for the Mr. Galaxy title. The Angels are called in to find out who is trying to injure Ron. One of the suspects is the current Mr. Galaxy, Chuck Wilde. Another is Wilde's manager, Norman Powers. Another suspect is Danny Barr, owner of the arena with heavy underworld connections. At one time Ron Gates was a boxer who had a management contract with Barr, but who, after almost killing another boxer, quit boxing and took up body building. Barr has always been angry with Ron for walking out on him. Kris stays close to Ron to keep her eye on him. Kelly poses as a staff reporter for a leading body building magazine. Julie and Bosley are customers at the gym called Sportworld. Selena Hansen, the wife of the boxer Ron Gates almost killed, is also a suspect. Ron keeps away from all confrontations, and when Kris questions why he doesn't defend himself, he says he will never hit anyone again. Ron ultimately wins the Mr. Galaxy title. After several more brushes with death, the Angels discover it is Danny Barr who has been trying to get rid of Ron and he is taken into custody.

Angel On A Roll Season 5, Episode 15 Jun 17, 1981 $1.99

After twelve different banks have been robbed of a quarter of a million dollars in hundred dollar bills, the Angels are called in to investigate. All the banks have the same type of automatic teller. Ted Markham, a computer and electronics genius who designed and installed the automatic tellers, has quit his job. Kris volunteers to become acquainted with Markham with the intention of obtaining some of the bills so that the serial numbers may be traced. Kris follows Markham to a poker parlor where he takes out a stack of $100 bills and with the help of a wrist calculator is a big winner. Ted and Kris are attracted to each other and they take off for Las Vegas in Kris' car. While in Las Vegas, Kris manages to get some of the bills away from Ted. She phones the serial numbers to Bosley and soon learns that they are part of the missing money. After Ted has won $300,000, he is asked to leave Las Vegas by the casino owner. On the way out of town, Ted stops at a bank while Kris waits in the car. When they arrive back in California, at the spot where Ted left his car, Kelly, Julie and Bosley are waiting with the police to take Ted into custody. Bosley then finds that Ted is free to go due to the fact that when he deposited the money in the bank in Las Vegas, he had paid back each of the twelve banks with interest, and they will not prosecute. Even though Ted and Kris have strong feelings for each other, they realize their relationship would not be the same -- so they sadly part.

Attack Angels Season 5, Episode 14 Jun 10, 1981 $1.99

Edward Tustin, head of a group trying to take over Western Techtronics, engages efficiency expert, Dr. John Reardon of Executive Assistants, to have the four members of Techtronics who oppose his takeover killed. Reardon has hypnotized three girls for the job; Darlene Warren, Cynthia Weaver and Francine Miller. He uses motivational Pavlovian and Sensory conditioning and the subjects kill without fear, passion or memory. After the Chairman of the Board and a Vice President of Techtronics are killed and Francine Miller's body is found with them, the Angels are hired by company President, Steve Briggs. Briggs realizes he is next on the list. Kelly and Kris join Techtronics as executive trainees and Julie applies as Executive Assistant. She is hypnotized by Dr. Reardon, who uses flashing strobe effects, a candle and a water tank. After Julie has become completely programmed, she is sent to kill Briggs and almost succeeds when the suspicious Kelly and Kris arrive and save him. Julie is then deprogrammed by a doctor who explains that fire and water are two of the strongest hypnotic symbols. Reardon, Tustin and their associates are taken into custody.

Stuntwoman Angels Season 5, Episode 13 Jun 3, 1981 $1.99

Motion picture executive Jonathan Tobias hires Bosley and the Angels to track down someone dressed as one of Robin Hood's Merry Men who has been shooting arrows into studio personnel. Tobias knows that the arrows are aimed at him when his chauffeur is hit. Charlie arranges for the Angels to enroll in stunt school and then go to work as stuntwomen on a picture called "Marian and her Merry Maids" -- a bad remake of an old Errol Flynn classic. The Angels become friendly with one of the maids, Ellen Travers, and her husband, Jeff. Ellen, a former rodeo queen, has become enamored with movies. Jeff is trying desperately to get her to quit the movies and go back home with him. Bosley learns that one of the security guards, Jake Webner, was in the original picture with his idol -- Errol Flynn. Ellen Travers is hit with an arrow while driving a wagon during one of the scenes. It is Jake who has been dressing as Robin Hood's man with the bow and arrow, trying to get to Tobias because he feels that Tobias has been making bad movies. Jake is eventually caught while shooting an arrow into the director's foot. However, Bosley discovers that Jake was on guard duty when Ellen Travers was shot. Her husband, Jeff, who was trying to scare her into giving up movies, really shot her. Jake and Jeff are both taken into custody.

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  • Premiered: September 22, 1976
  • Rating: TV-PG
  • Premise: Aaron Spelling's jiggly classic about gorgeous gumshoes working for an unseen boss garnered as much derision as it did male viewers. Launched in September 1976, the show took flight in the ratings, turned the three leads into major stars and inspired count… (more)

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