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Parallels to Trump abound in Austria's presidential election
01:53 — Austria elects a president on Sunday, and one candidate hopes to duplicate Donald Trump's win. Norbert Hofer's right wing Freedom Party, founded by a (more…)
Potential school shooting stopped in its tracks by concerned parents
01:43 — More than two dozen kids were trapped by a classmate armed with two guns in Utah this week. The boy's parents, who had noticed him acting strange and (more…)
Gunman in Joe McKnight shooting released
01:39 — Ronald Gasser, 54, admitted to shooting former NFL running back Joe McKnight in suburban New Orleans. Gasser, who waited for police to arrive at the s (more…)
Housing prices back to pre-recession levels, study shows
02:34 — Since the housing crash in 2006, home prices have slowly rebounded. The average home price for September crept above pre-recession levels by one perce (more…)
Syrian forces flatten Aleppo neighborhoods, retake more of the city
01:47 — Syrian government forces backed by Russia are intensifying their bombing campaign in rebel-held Eastern Aleppo, retaking some parts of the city but le (more…)
California cop's unusual encounter leads to invaluable gift
03:15 — After Jourdan Duncan's car broke down, he chose to make the seven-mile walk home from work every day. One nighttime encounter with a police officer go (more…)
Tension between Trump, Clinton camps boils over
01:54 — Hillary Clinton communications director Jennifer Palmieri and Donald Trump campaign manager Kellyanne Conway sparred over Trump's campaign win at a Ha (more…)
Trump, breaking with U.S. policy, speaks with Taiwan's leader
02:14 — Donald Trump broke with longstanding U.S. policy by speaking to the president of Taiwan on Friday. The U.S. broke off official diplomatic ties with th (more…)
New details emerge in tragic Colombia plane crash
02:01 — Coffins of some of the 77 killed in a charter airline crash near Medellin, Colombia were repatriated to Brazil Friday. The plane apparently ran out of (more…)
Niagara Falls debuts new light system
01:48 — After a $4 million project, a rainbow of colors will light up the New York side of the Niagara Falls. People have come to see the falls lit up since 1 (more…)
Mike Pence speaks with Scott Pelley on Trump, Carrier deal
00:46 — In an exclusive interview, Scott Pelley spoke with Vice President-elect Mike Pence on Donald Trump's election promises and his deal with Carrier to pr (more…)
Paul Ryan on Trump: The past is behind us
02:23 — In an interview to air Sunday on 60 Minutes, Scott Pelley asked Speaker of the House Paul Ryan about his onetime contentious relationship with the pre (more…)
Can magic mushrooms help cancer patients?
02:26 — The hallucinogenic drug psilocybin, the active ingredient in certain mushrooms, is being used to reduce anxiety and depression in cancer patients. In (more…)
Mike Pence on Carrier deal, Trump's campaign promises
06:19 — In an exclusive interview, VP-elect Mike Pence told Scott Pelley that Donald Trump means what he says, despite Trump's apparent reversals on some camp (more…)
Death toll climbs after wildfires torch Tennessee
01:20 — The death toll from the Tennessee wildfires climbed to 10 Thursday, and 80 people have been injured. Aid workers are searching for an ever-changing nu (more…)
Syria ignores U.N. pleas for pause as 200k still trapped in Aleppo
01:52 — The United Nations estimates that 200,000 people are still inside eastern Aleppo, trapped between the Syrian army and the rebel fighters amid relentle (more…)
Trump touts deal to keep 800 Carrier jobs in U.S.
03:43 — Carrier will keep 800 manufacturing jobs in Indiana instead of moving them to Mexico after the state promised the company $7 million in tax incentives (more…)
Post-Castro death celebrations continue
01:58 — For a second consecutive day, the streets of Little Havana have been taken over by celebrations sparked by the death of Fidel Castro. Many in the crow (more…)
Cuba mourns death of Fidel Castro
02:09 — On Monday, Cuba will begin a week-long, choreographed farewell to its long-time leader Fidel Castro. Cubans are grieving as the death of Fidel Castro (more…)
Funerals begin for children killed in school bus crash
01:35 — Funerals were held in Chattanooga, Tennessee, this weekend for two of the six children killed last week in a school bus accident. The bus driver has b (more…)
Sites and shoppers prep for "Cyber Monday"
02:06 — Holiday shoppers have been flocking to the internet in record numbers this weekend, leading up to the big event known as "Cyber Monday." Sales could h (more…)
Trump keeps watch on recount effort
01:56 — Top aides to President-elect Donald Trump said the incoming administration is focusing on filling positions, but is keeping an eye on election recount (more…)
Fidel Castro's death mostly greeted with sorrow around the world
01:49 — Fidel Castro's death was for the most part greeted with sorrow around the world. Glowing tributes came from predictable corners, among them Russia. Jo (more…)
Cuban dictator Fidel Castro dead at 90
03:59 — Fidel Castro was the revolutionary leader who put Cuba on the world stage, made himself a world player and was the communist adversary for 10 U.S. pre (more…)
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