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Football coach convicted of murder gets chance at freedom
02:47 — David Temple was convicted of the 1999 murder of his pregnant wife Belinda and spent nine years in prison for the crime. Temple's attorney Dick DeGuer (more…)
GOP rallies supporters after Trump's stinging health care defeat
02:20 — On Twitter, President Trump tried to rally his deeply disappointed supporters. Democrats are now worried that the Trump administration will use its co (more…)
Self-driving robots making food deliveries
02:14 — In Redwood, California, in the heart of technology-rich Silicon Valley, you'll find self-driving robots making food deliveries. After a restaurant wor (more…)
After Republicans' health care flop, Trump turns to overhauling tax code
02:01 — After failing to close the deal to repeal Obamacare, President Trump is moving to reforming the tax code. Speaker Paul Ryan has already acknowledged t (more…)
British police search for motive in London's Parliament attack
02:33 — When photos of Khalid Masood emerged just after Wednesday's attack, his neighbors in a quiet English neighborhood were shocked. British police are now (more…)
Police try to calm panic around D.C.'s missing children
02:11 — Police in Washington, D.C., are rushing to contain a crisis of fear after a new policy of publicizing missing young people set off a panic. More than (more…)
Boston doctor makes house calls for the homeless
02:11 — Dr. Jim O'Connell is Boston's only doctor left still making house calls to the homeless. On the street and in the shelters, O'Connell dispenses just a (more…)
Double-amputee Marine vet graduates from N.Y. police academy
02:44 — 28-year-old Matias Ferreira was serving in Afghanistan when he stepped on a I.E.D and lost both legs from the knee down. The double-amputee Marine vet (more…)
Freedom Caucus delays GOP health care bill
02:29 — Republican leaders had no choice but to postpone the vote on the new GOP health care bill after it became clear on Thursday that it did not have the v (more…)
John Dickerson on the way forward for GOP's health care efforts
01:46 — Replacing Obamacare, one of President Trump's top priorities, failed on Friday. CBS News political director and host of "Face The Nation" John Dickers (more…)
Despite last-ditch efforts, Trump couldn't rally party around health bill
01:56 — President Trump used all of his persuasion and deal-making skills in an attempt to sway Republican members of Congress to vote for his health care bil (more…)
Middle-aged white people are dying due to economic despair, study finds
02:14 — A new Princeton study shows that on average, middle-aged white people with limited education are dying younger from suicide, drug overdoses and alcoho (more…)
Republicans pull Obamacare replacement as bill fractures party
02:59 — The GOP replacement for Obamacare, due for a House vote Friday, came apart because the Republican conference failed to unite around the bill. Conserva (more…)
Top Dem on House Intel Committee blasts chair for discussing probe with Trump
02:14 — Rep. Adam Schiff, the ranking Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, said the warning by the committee's Republican chairman to the White House (more…)
Has President Trump lost his credibility? Poll suggests so
02:00 — A new poll found 60 percent of voters do not believe President Trump is honest. Mr. Trump has made several allegations without evidence, some of which (more…)
"60 Minutes" tackles fake news
02:00 — Fake news online played a key role in the presidential election. In an investigation for "60 Minutes," Scott Pelley looked into how nonsense on one we (more…)
Details revealed about London attack suspect and victims
02:45 — British-born 52-year-old Khalid Masood is the man authorities say left a trail of carnage through the heart of London on Wednesday. Elizabeth Palmer h (more…)
Israeli-American arrested for Jewish Community Center threats
01:45 — Israeli authorities have arrested a 19-year-old man believed to be responsible for most of the 160 recent bomb threats phoned in to Jewish centers acr (more…)
In Arizona, Trump supporters split on GOP health bill
02:22 — The Trump administration has used Arizona as a case study on the negative effects of Obamacare, as some premiums there have risen sharply. But the Rep (more…)
Cancer survivor to complete Explorers Grand Slam
02:29 — Sean Swarner is gearing up to journey to the North Pole in April, making him the first cancer survivor to complete the Explorers Grand Slam, which ent (more…)
Bus driver involved in deadly Texas crash hailed as a hero
01:49 — A terrible crash on a Texas highway between a truck, a bus and a car led to two deaths on Thursday evening. But as David Begnaud reports, quick thinki (more…)
London attacker's unusual background raises questions
01:57 — Khalid Masood, the man behind Wednesday's London attack, was 52 years old, much older than most terrorists. That and other factors are puzzling author (more…)
Democrats want ex-British spy to testify about Trump dossier
02:12 — Democrats on the House Intelligence Committee want Christopher Steele, the ex-British spy who compiled a dossier about President Trump's associations (more…)
Police using virtual reality to train for emotionally distressed encounters
02:18 — Police departments across the country are working to improve the way they respond to calls involving emotionally-distressed individuals. The Californi (more…)
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