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Paul Ryan says he can't endorse Trump ... yet
02:13 — In an interview with CNN, Speaker of the House Paul Ryan said he can't endorse presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump because he is (more…)
Clinton hoping to parlay "woman card" into White House jackpot
01:47 — Hillary Clinton has no problem playing the so-called "woman card," and right now she has a winning hand. Donald Trump currently trails her among women (more…)
Syria's "Monument Men" saved treasures under ISIS rule
02:17 — Syria's very own "Monument Men" have a mission to protect their country's heritage from all sides in the civil war. Much of the historic city of Palmy (more…)
Federal government bans e-cig sales to minors
02:06 — As part of sweeping regulations on the multi-billion dollar e-cigarette industry, the federal government banned sales of the products to anyone under (more…)
Investigators push back on rumors about Prince and painkillers
01:43 — Following reports that Percocet was found in Prince's system, the medical examiner in his Minn. hometown released a statement saying her office has n (more…)
Wildfire drives massive evacuation in Alberta, Canada
02:36 — A wildfire in Canada is driving the largest evacuation in North America in decades. Fort McMurry, Alberta, a city of 88,000, has been evacuated and en (more…)
Hazardous chemicals warehouse goes up in flames
00:14 — A massive fire ignited at a warehouse filled with hazardous chemicals in Houston Thursday, setting off a series of explosions. No injuries were report (more…)
Heavy turbulence leaves passengers shaken
01:20 — A horrific experience in the skies over Indonesia caused enormous fear aboard an Etihad Airlines plane. Passengers feared for their lives as the plan (more…)
Video gives more details of fight that killed Navy SEAL
02:07 — New video has emerged of the intense battle in Iraq Tuesday that left a Navy SEAL dead. Charles Keating IV's team was called in when ISIS attacked U. (more…)
Brothers prepare to reach for Kentucky Derby history
02:04 — A trainer and jockey are prepping their horse for a historic run at Saturday's Kentucky Derby. The pair are brothers, and if their horse wins, it'll b (more…)
Remembering a hero who gave his life fighting ISIS
02:06 — The Pentagon says the Navy SEAL who was killed in Iraq this week was part of a quick reaction force assigned to protect American military advisers. Fl (more…)
President Obama drinks Flint water and promises help
02:00 — During a visit to Flint, Michigan, President Obama took a sip of the city's filtered water. He told residents he would not rest until their water is s (more…)
Biggest auto recall in American history gets even bigger
01:56 — The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration announced Wednesday that an additional 35 million to 40 million air bag inflators manufactured by T (more…)
Residents scramble to flee huge Canadian fire
01:32 — Residents had little time to escape after a shift in winds brought a raging fire toward the Alberta, Canada, city of Fort McMurray. Vinita Nair report (more…)
Sanders vows to stay in race until convention
02:31 — Despite a dwindling statistical chance of winning the nomination, Sen. Bernie Sanders tells "CBS Evening News" anchor Scott Pelley he will "absolutely (more…)
CBS News' political team weighs in on 2016 race
03:23 — With Donald Trump all but locking up his spot on the ballot in November, what happens next in the campaign? Nancy Cordes, Major Garrett and "Face the (more…)
As Trump takes victory lap, a look back
02:09 — The Republican race began with a gaggle of 17 candidates, and Donald Trump is the last one standing. Here's a look back at the grueling campaign.
Sanders: I "absolutely" will not drop out before convention
00:52 — Hillary Clinton has more than 90 percent of the delegates needed to clinch the Democratic nomination; and Bernie Sanders' win in Indiana did little to (more…)
New details about Prince's last hours emerge
01:47 — An attorney for Dr. Kornfeld, a nationally recognized addiction treatment specialist, says his client received a call from a member of Prince's inner (more…)
A rare peek inside North Korea
01:55 — The North Korean Workers' Party -- the country's only political party -- is meeting this week for the first time in 36 years to solidify the dictators (more…)
Cruise ship makes historic voyage from U.S. to Cuba
00:23 — The first cruise ship to sail directly from the United States to Cuba in nearly four decades arrived in Havana Monday. The ship was greeted by dozens (more…)
Trump and Cruz fight to win Indiana's delegates
02:21 — Fifty-seven Republican delegates are up for grabs Tuesday in Indiana. Senior Trump advisers expect him to win the majority of Indiana's delegates. A w (more…)
Is Malia Obama's "gap year" a growing trend?
02:11 — The oldest daughter of President Obama has announced she'll attend Harvard University in the fall of 2017. Before heading to Cambridge, she's going to (more…)
Hiking team returns to Everest for first time since deadly avalanche
01:55 — Two years ago, an avalanche on Mount Everest killed 13 people and injured several others. Mountaineer Garrett Madison was there that day and suffered (more…)
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