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Markets struggle after Brexit
01:16 — The stock markets have not gotten over Britain's decision to leave the European Union. The Dow dropped more than 200 points Monday, after dropping mor (more…)
California getting no relief from wildfires
01:46 — Drought and hot winds are still stoking wildfires in the West. The biggest, raging east of Bakersfield, California, has killed two people and scorched (more…)
Supreme Court strikes down Texas abortion law
02:44 — On Monday, the Supreme Court found that a Texas law, which supporters said protected women's health, actually just restricted a woman's right to have (more…)
Elizabeth Warren teams up with Hillary Clinton on campaign trail
02:05 — Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren joined Hillary Clinton at a campaign rally in Cincinnati Monday. The two lobbed multiple insults at Donald Trump. (more…)
When will Britain actually leave the EU?
02:04 — With its economic future on the line, Britain must now decide when to press the eject button to trigger the start of EU exit negotiations. But it may (more…)
Remembering the riot that sparked an LGBT revolution
01:56 — In 1960's America, police raids on gay bars were common. On the night of June 28, 1969, the patrons at Stonewall Inn in New York City fought back, ult (more…)
Europe's leaders want quick breakup with Britain
01:42 — Many of Europe's leaders want Britain to start separation proceedings soon. The longer the delay in negotiations, the more likely other countries migh (more…)
Lawsuit could give "Never Trump" movement legal standing
01:50 — State law compels all Virginia delegates to vote "for the candidate receiving the most votes in the primary." But that doesn't sit well with one deleg (more…)
New flash flood warnings in West Virginia
01:45 — Twenty-three people died in floods across West Virginia last week, and now more wet weather is on its way. Early estimates say more than 1,000 homes h (more…)
Iraqi military officials say Fallujah "fully liberated" from ISIS
01:52 — In what could be a major loss for ISIS, Iraqi military officials say the city of Fallujah has now been "fully liberated" from the terror group. The ci (more…)
More than a dozen dead in historic West Virginia floods
02:11 — In West Virginia, at least 24 people are dead following historic flooding, and it's unclear how many are still missing. Nearly 10 inches of rain fell (more…)
Investors deal with uncertainty after Brexit
02:16 — Britain's decision to pull out of the European Union sent financial markets tumbling on Friday. U.S. stocks gave up their gains from earlier in the ye (more…)
Poll: Clinton slightly ahead of Trump in four swing states
01:58 — As the race for the White House continues, a new CBS News battleground tracker poll shows a tight race between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump in fou (more…)
More than a million attend NYC's annual Pride March
01:43 — A long stretch of lower Manhattan was painted in the symbolic colors of the rainbow for the annual New York City Pride March on Sunday. Nearly two mil (more…)
Calif. firefighters battle more than a dozen wildfires
02:14 — In California, nearly 5,000 firefighters are battling at least half a dozen large wildfires. The biggest blaze is near Bakersfield, California, at the (more…)
"Mississippi Burning" investigation closes after decades
02:23 — After more than 50 years, investigators have closed the "Mississippi Burning" case of three civil rights workers who were murdered in Mississippi. Bil (more…)
Wildfires rage on in California
02:07 — More than 4,000 firefighters are battling six large wildfires in California, the largest near Bakersfield. That blaze has grown at an explosive rate a (more…)
Death toll rises in West Virginia flooding
02:06 — At least 23 people are dead and several more are missing after historic floods washed through West Virginia. Nearly 10 inches of rain came down, sendi (more…)
LGBT pride events take on new meaning after Orlando
02:07 — In the aftermath of the Orlando shooting, there is increased security at LGBT events across the globe during this month's pride celebrations. One of t (more…)
Uncertainty rules U.K. after Brexit vote
02:04 — Britain's vote to leave the European Union has set off a wave of aftershocks across the continent and beyond. The so-called Brexit vote has also been (more…)
U.S. politicians react to U.K. Brexit vote
01:37 — The U.K.'s decision to pull out of the European Union is becoming a campaign issue in the United States. Donald Trump managed to hit President Obama i (more…)
Emotional farewell for Orlando shooting victims
01:37 — Two of the 49 people killed in the shooting at an Orlando nightclub were laid to rest. Memorials have been almost daily in Orlando since the attack. M (more…)
Oakland police sex scandal sparks call for sweeping changes
01:40 — The Oakland Police Department in California is embroiled in a sex scandal that has rocked the force from the top down. A teenager's accusations launch (more…)
Alabama college student comes out after Orlando attacks
02:28 — A young Alabama man made the most important decision of his life after the Orlando attack. No longer able to sit by quietly, he took to Facebook and a (more…)
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