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Analysis of the races in New Hampshire
01:25 — CBS News political director and anchor of "Face the Nation" John Dickerson offers insight into what the results in New Hampshire mean going forward in (more…)
Bob Schieffer: Everything changes after New Hampshire
01:19 — Taking in his 11th New Hampshire primary, CBS News correspondent emeritus Bob Schieffer notes that the campaigns will be different after this "first i (more…)
Donald Trump victorious in New Hampshire GOP primary
02:17 — Businessman Donald Trump picked up his first-ever political victory Tuesday, winning the New Hampshire Republican primary. Major Garrett has more on t (more…)
Bob Schieffer comments on his 11th New Hampshire primary
01:40 — Longtime CBS newsman Bob Schieffer offers his thoughts on how the 2016 presidential campaign is shaking out.
A pig at the polling station
00:15 — An escaped pig wanted to get in on the election fun Tuesday, showing up at a New Hampshire voting precinct. Police couldn't corral the pig and eventua (more…)
Campaign 2016: A look inside a kid reporter's notebook
02:09 — Scholastic News is providing a kid's-eye view of the political process with 20 kids on assigment tracking the 2016 presidential candidates. Julianna G (more…)
Super Bowl ad raises questions about mortgage process
02:02 — After a commercial touting an easier way to receive a mortgage aired during the Super Bowl, critics blasted the company who ran it, saying easy mortga (more…)
Sanders victory likely in New Hampshire
02:17 — In Iowa, the Democratic presidential frontrunners finished within a fraction of each other. But that doesn't seem likely to happen again in the Granit (more…)
N.H. Republicans cast votes as Trump leads in polls
02:33 — The Republican presidential field will likely get smaller after Tuesday's New Hampshire primaries. According to the most recent polls, Donald Trump is (more…)
Bob Schieffer looks back
02:31 — CBS News' Bob Schieffer has covered 11 presidential campaigns and has learned a lot along the way. He retired months ago, but couldn't stay away as ca (more…)
Does blood test really work for early cancer detection?
04:21 — A CBS News investigation looks into a revolutionary way to detect cancer with a blood test -- even before a patient notices any symptoms. Several comp (more…)
What happens after New Hampshire?
01:19 — How will the race to the White House change after the "first in the nation" primaries? John Dickerson, CBS News political director and anchor of "Face (more…)
Bernie Sanders takes huge win in New Hampshire
02:00 — For a long time it looked like Hillary Clinton would glide to the Democratic presidential nomination, but Bernie Sanders is making a race out of it. T (more…)
Hillary Clinton trails Bernie Sanders by 10 points on eve of N.H. primaries
02:02 — After beating Bernie Sanders by less than a percentage point in Iowa, Hillary Clinton is trailing in New Hampshire by a much wider margin. One reason (more…)
Donald Trump looking for a comeback in New Hampshire
02:13 — Ahead of the New Hampshire primary, new polls show that Republican candidate Donald Trump has a very good chance of securing a win after finishing sec (more…)
Syrian refugees flee to Turkey by the thousands
02:37 — With the help of Russian airstrikes, the Assad dictatorship in Syria is close to surrounding the rebel stronghold of Aleppo. Meanwhile, refugees of th (more…)
Trump and Cruz trade insults, Bill Clinton criticizes Sanders, Zika high alert: #CBSN10 trending stories
00:33 — Donald Trump and Ted Cruz insult each other ahead of the New Hampshire primary, Bill Clinton has harsh criticism for Bernie Sanders, the CDC declares (more…)
Officials say North Korean satellite is "tumbling in orbit"
02:01 — The U.S. and its Pacific allies are considering several options for responding to North Korea's latest missile launch. The North Korean government see (more…)
President Obama reflects on lessons learned
02:17 — "CBS This Morning" co-host Gayle King spoke with President Barack Obama about how he has grown -- as a person and as a president -- during his seven y (more…)
Cruise ship returning to New Jersey after sailing into storm
01:31 — A Royal Caribbean cruise ship is heading back to its home port in New Jersey after it sailed straight into a violent storm in the Atlantic. The ship, (more…)
Neurologist helps jump-start response to Zika in Brazil
02:08 — Brazil has reported more than 4,000 cases of microcephaly, a birth defect where babies develop small heads. Pediatric neurologist Dr. Vanessa van der (more…)
Does hosting a Super Bowl make financial sense?
02:44 — Overtime pay will be high for San Francisco and Santa Clara police officers after Sunday's Super Bowl, but who's footing the bill? John Blackstone has (more…)
Hillary Clinton looks to repeat her 2008 N.H. comeback
02:09 — With Hillary Clinton trailing Bernie Sanders 2-to-1 in polls ahead of the New Hampshire primary, Clinton is looking to repeat her 2008 comeback in tha (more…)
Will Brazil's Carnival spread the Zika virus?
01:45 — With the Carnival celebration underway in Brazil, concern about the Zika virus looms large. This week, over a million tourists will visit Brazil, the (more…)
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