A cartoonist's strip draws on her Manhattan life and the men who inhabit it. One of the hip-singles sitcoms that became an NBC staple of the 1990s, but yet another that never lived up to its Seinfeldian aspirations.

Former Cast

Malcolm Gets
Richard Karinsky
80 Episodes (1999-1999)
Amy Pietz
Annie Spadaro
73 Episodes (1999-1999)
Eric Lutes
Del Cassidy
71 Episodes (1999-1999)
Lea Thompson
Caroline Duffy
69 Episodes (1999-1999)
Andy Lauer
47 Episodes (1999-1999)
Sofia Milos
Julia Mazzone
18 Episodes (1999-1999)
Mark Feuerstein
Joe DeStefano
10 Episodes (1999-1999)
Lauren Graham
9 Episodes (1999-1999)