The Carol Duvall Show Episodes

1994, TV Show

Episodes: The Carol Duvall Show (966)

6/13/2006: Mini Address Book, Tool Time Clock, Shoebox: Gifts for Dad
5/12/2006: Ribbon Photo Album, Garden Stationery Set
3/13/2006: Shrink Photo Charm Bracelet, Fuzzy Chick Puppet
3/6/2006: Silk Ribbon Flower Pin, Tomato Cage Lamp, Shoebox
3/3/2006: Funky Fabric Lunchbox
2/27/2006: Eggstraordinary Hinged Egg, Art Glass Artist, Shoebox
2/20/2006: Potato Princess Stamp Designer, Painted Pig, Holiday Ideas
2/17/2006: 3D Canvas Scrapbooking, Silverware Sun Catcher, Shoebox
2/13/2006: Quilled Birthday Decor, Recycled Pincushions
2/10/2006: Memory Page Embellishments, Heart Pillow, Shoebox
2/6/2006: Duct Tape Tote Bag, Printmaking Designs
2/3/2006: Moose Box, Table Runner Purse, Shoebox
1/30/2006: Clay 'Cloisonné,' Mini Masterpieces, Staple Bows
1/27/2006: Straw Flower Ornament, Paper Earrings
1/23/2006: Shadow Box Pendant, Baby Wipe Baby Book
1/20/2006: Decked-out Paper Dolls, Cheese and Mice Clay Box
1/16/2006: Colorful Clay Bracelet, Art Glass Jewelry, Shoebox
1/13/2006: Memory Tag Album, Faux Amber Bracelet
1/11/2006: Rose Jewelry Box, Kaleidoscope Pattern Pendant
1/10/2006: Carved Eggs, Wire & Bead Bracelet, Plastic Bag Needle Crafts
1/9/2006: Cloisonné Frame, Terra Cotta Birthday Cake
1/6/2006: Sgraffito, Little Wish Book, Needle-Felted Mosaic Postcard
12/30/2005: Marbled Paper Vase, Woven Vinyl Totes, Shoebox
12/26/2005: Ribbon Floral Centerpiece, Priscilla's Paint Studio, Shoebox
12/23/2005: Silver Artichoke Pendant, Folded Photo Cube
12/21/2005: Asian-Inspired Album Cover, Fabirc Dolls, Shoebox
12/19/2005: Velvet Flower Accessories, Gone Fishin' Frame, Shoebox
12/14/2005: Extraordinary Glass Ornaments, Hurricane Candleholder
11/18/2005: Journal Pages; Botanical Table Decor
11/16/2005: Organic Fiber Floor Mat, Mock Croc Book Cover, Shoebox
11/11/2005: Marbled Keepsake Box, Multimedia Wall Art
11/9/2005: Altered Checkerboard, Tissue Paper Card
11/7/2005: Stacked Candles, Recycled Book Purse
11/4/2005: Seed Bead and Polymer Clay Pin, Layered Journal
11/2/2005: Glass Mosaic Scrapbook, Handy Snacker
10/31/2005: Fleece Pumpkin Tote, Halloween Costumes: Bacon and Eggs, Lobster
10/28/2005: Snakeskin Bangle, Carved Linoleum, Spinning Card
10/26/2005: Folded Photo Box, Silver Metal Clay Kimono Pendant
10/24/2005: Funky Knit Purse, Ceramic Tree Sculptures, Round-Your-Wrist Watch
10/21/2005: Tea Box Container, Tin Can Flowers, Sea Lights
10/19/2005: Java Time Window Box, Beachy Wire Scrapbook Art
10/17/2005: Painted Harvest Platter, Glass Moon Box
10/14/2005: Beaded Mesh Purse, Handmade Felt Sculptures
10/12/2005: Ribbon Gift Pouch, Pierced Metal Card, Shoebox: Locking Letters, Hubcap Clock, Earring Holder
10/10/2005: Fabulous Felt Flowers, Fossil Frame Treasure Box
10/7/2005: Nature Journal, Corded Boxes, Meditation Bowls
10/5/2005: Crochet-Embellished Couture, Fossil Stone Sculpture, Craft Tools
10/3/2005: Face Plaque, Scanner Scrapbooking
9/30/2005: Baby Keepsake Box, Brushless 'Watercolor' Cards
9/28/2005: Stone Cottages, Carved Clay Pots
9/23/2005: Party Theme Votive, Reusable Napkin Ring and Place Card
9/21/2005: Photo Brag Book, Papier Mache Figures, Reversible Tote
9/19/2005: Octopus Knick-Knack Container, Safety Pin Jewelry
9/16/2005: Painted Fabric Purse, Polymer Clay Lampwork Beads, Child Artwork Jewelry
9/14/2005: Animal Print Bed Tray, Chandelier Crystal Pendant, At Home with Dee Greunig
9/12/2005: Origami Gift Bag, Lace Memory Book, Blown Glass Sculpture
9/9/2005: Pull-Out Recipe Book, Needle-Sculpted Dolls
9/7/2005: Game Piece Clock, Game Board Book
9/5/2005: Copper Candle Screen, Clay Dragonfly Scrapbook Embellishments
9/2/2005: Eight-Sided Polymer Clay Box, Layered Felt Wall Sculpture, Shoebox: Paper Clay Pin
8/31/2005: Foiled Iris Folding Frame, Light Box Paintings, Altered Luggage
8/29/2005: Metal Light House, Polymer Clay Photo Pin
8/26/2005: Painted Rocks: Hamburger and Fixings, Polymer Clay Altered Art Journal Cover
8/24/2005: Teddy Bear Puppet, Victorian Velvet Pillow
8/22/2005: Cloisonne Card, Hand Hooked Rug Art, Porcelain Pretender Beads
8/19/2005: Magic Glove Doll, Carved Clay Eggs, Shoebox
8/17/2005: Patch Work Altered Book, Cloisonne Enamel Jewelry, Carol's New Craft Products
8/16/2005: Embossed Velvet Throw, At Home with Cherryl Greene, Shoebox
8/12/2005: Cigar Box Purse, Herringbone Pendant
8/10/2005: Asian Bamboo Wall-Hanging, Deep Relief Wood Carvings, Orchid Centerpiece
8/8/2005: Artist Trading Cards, Recycled Can Sculpture, Frame Necklace Rack
8/5/2005: Hearts a'Flutter Mobile, Abstract Wood Sculpture, Kitten Slippers
8/5/2005: No-Sew Woven Pillow, Wood Collage, Shoebox
8/3/2005: Shrink Charm Bookmark, Beaded Transfer Tote, Layered Batik
8/3/2005: Vintage Inspired Sachet, Art Dollscapes, Great Craft Products
7/29/2005: Terra Cotta Pot People, Quilling on the Range
7/27/2005: Flexible Clay Office Gadgets, Transfer Pendant, Functional Wood Sculptures
7/25/2005: Photo Flip Card, Vintage Plaque
7/22/2005: Stamped Stationery Set, Folk Art Doll Vignettes, More Great Craft Books: Knit, Crochet and More
7/20/2005: Cross-Stitch Plastic Canvas Book Cover, Floating Duct Tape Flower, Knotted Bracelets
7/18/2005: Pseudo-Dichro Bracelet, Painted Lemon Plate, Time to Knot: Macrame Is Back!
7/15/2005: Polymer Clay Jewelry Holder, Simple Summer Towel Tote
7/13/2005: Duffle Bags, At Home with Carol Duvall, Christmas in July Shoebox
7/12/2005: Bracelet Watches, Easy Ensemble, Shoebox
7/11/2005: Polymer Clay Airbrushed Necklace, Altered Luggage, Floating Leaf Candleholder
7/8/2005: Spiced Up Scarves, 3-D Mosaic Scrapbook Page, Primitive Sculpture
7/6/2005: Rubber Stamped Op-Art Serving Tray, Easy No-Sew Fabric Photo Frame
7/4/2005: Polymer Clay Painted Pendant, Charmingly Retro Purse
7/1/2005: Glass Garden Birdhouse, Chalk Talk: Greeting Cards, Sand-Carved, Petroglyphs
6/29/2005: Secret Compartment Purse, Folk Art Foam Cat
6/29/2005: Felted Fiber Art Night Light, Fast-Food Polymer Clay Jewelry
6/27/2005: Underwater Quilling, Dichroic Glass Mobiles, Great Craft Books
6/27/2005: Envelope Keepsake Holder, Polymer Clay Daisy Frame
6/24/2005: Embellished Corset Purse, Polymer Clay Fish Lamp
6/22/2005: Pocket Pouch Organizer, Stained Glass Vase
6/20/2005: Beeswax Collage, Ceramic Wish Boxes, Shoebox
6/17/2005: Vellum Tag Card, Embossed Velvet Purse
6/15/2005: Clay Boxes, Metal Sculptures, Animal Scrapbook
6/13/2005: Pillow Bead Bracelet, New Craft Products, Shoebox
6/10/2005: Porcelain Rose Pin, Folded Crane Card
6/8/2005: Altered Zip-and-Flip Book, Foam Pear Plaque
6/6/2005: Delft Tile Card, Bio Sculptures, Waxed Paper Dolls
6/3/2005: Clay Wall Hangings, Cross Stitch 101
6/1/2005: Clay Kitty Votive, Recycled Photo Techniques
5/30/2005: Mosaic Vase Plaque, Pocketful of Posies Tote
5/27/2005: Elegant Asian Pillow, Frames, Showbox
5/25/2005: Pillow Pals, Koi Pots, Shoebox
5/23/2005: No-Sew Woven Pillow, Wood Collage, Shoebox
5/20/2005: Altered Book Covers, Multiple Glaze Teapots, Shoebox
5/16/2005: Needle Felted Seascapes, Skinny Letter Stationery
5/13/2005: Domino Diaries, Battenburg Flowers
5/11/2005: Flag Flip Book, Handmade Fabric Wall Hangings, Shoebox
5/9/2005: Terra Cotta Tree Lamp, Wine Glass Charms
5/6/2005: Rope and Paper Placemats, Art in Leather, Alligator Back Massagers
5/4/2005: Antique Grape Vase; Butterfly Ring Napkin
5/2/2005: Dyed Velvet Scarf, Faux Finished Nested Origami Boxes
4/29/2005: Wool Penny Rug, Five Rectangle Knitted Sweater, Wooden Theme Boxes
4/27/2005: Silver Clay Box, Shaker Box, Beach Scrapbook Page
4/25/2005: Polymer Clay Embellished Journal, Stained Glass Cityscapes, Shoebox
4/22/2005: Crochet Flowers, Crochet Necklace, Photo Pocket Journal
4/20/2005: Bird's Nest Votive; Whimsical Garden Ceramics; Craft Kits
4/18/2005: Daisy Chain Bracelet; Cherry Paper Towel Holder
4/15/2005: Liquid Clay Purse, Needle-Felted Sock Monkey
4/13/2005: Wire and Mica Fish Mobile, Blown Glass Vases, Shoebox
4/11/2005: Leather Desk Set, Bamboo Brass Bookmarks
4/8/2005: Brayer Embossed Mirror, 3-D Wood Paintings, Hardware Cloth Sun Catcher
4/6/2005: Ribbon Vanity Set, Glass Nugget Frame
4/4/2005: Piano Hinge Book, Wax Resist Scarf
4/1/2005: Polka-Dot Polymer Clay Bracelet, Photo Mosaic Page
3/30/2005: Needle-Felted Puppy, Candle Wraps
3/18/2005: No-Knit Scarf, Wall Hangings, Quilled Under Glass
3/11/2005: Palm Tree Purse, Velvet Roses, Sculptor
3/4/2005: Botanical Journal Cover
2/25/2005: Polymer Clay Moose Pen, Ponchos
2/25/2005: Mixed Media Vase, Coffee Filter Kimonos, Shoebox
2/24/2005: Rock Containers, Name Tags and Place Cards
2/23/2005: Shadow Red Work Pillow, Mask Pin
2/21/2005: Garden Ornaments, Basketry, Scrapbooking Products
2/18/2005: Convertible Necklace, Glass Mermaid Paperweight, Shoebox
2/17/2005: Pennsylvania Dutch Folk Art, Sue Bolt Ceramics, Wrapped Votives
2/16/2005: Copper Coil Candle Holder, Basket Art, Glue Box
2/15/2005: Faux Etched Necklace, Yarn Embellishments, Mini Polymer Clay House
2/14/2005: Faux Etched Table Top, Chess Boards, Egg Art
2/11/2005: Painted Rock Garden, Photo Album, Rooster Teapots
2/10/2005: Sushi Necklace, Faux Enamel Tile
2/9/2005: Lace Painting, Folk Art, Rainbow Sponge Thing
2/8/2005: Altered Book Tips, Hand-Sculpted Dolls, Shoebox: Notecards
2/7/2005: Mini Beaded Purse, Ornament Book
2/4/2005: Asian Box Purse, Crystal Glaze Pottery, Goblet Charms
2/3/2005: Beaded Bag, Quilted Tabletop, Quickie Ideas
2/2/2005: Felt Purses, Platform Slider Card
2/1/2005: Oriental Elegance, Coiled Necklace
1/31/2005: Reverse Stamped Frame, Knit Out, Painted Window Toppers
1/28/2005: 10th Anniversary Show
1/27/2005: Notion Box
1/26/2005: Tiny Tins
1/25/2005: Picture Cube Puzzle
1/24/2005: Priscilla Hauser's Story
1/21/2005: Travel Candles, Polymer Clay Ring Holder, Shoebox
1/20/2005: The Art of Decoupage, Books
1/19/2005: Etched Recipe Jar, Trade Show, Viewer Ideas
1/18/2005: Memory Tree, Beaded Evening Bag
1/17/2005: Zoo Animal Punches, Beaded Fringe, Templates
1/14/2005: Painted Parasol, Steel Sculptures, New Products: Stickers
1/13/2005: Clearance and Copyright, Viewer Call, Crafting Business Books
1/12/2005: Jelly Roll Pendant
1/11/2005: Portofino Marble Faux Finish, Metal Clay Pendant
1/10/2005: Box Caddy, Sharpe Glass, Rubber Stamp Products
1/7/2005: Clay Pins, Reversible Scrapbook Page, Glass Orchid
1/6/2005: Woodburned Quilt, Finial-Topped Tassel
1/5/2005: Outlets for Selling, Alexa Lett Personal Story
12/31/2004: Clay Lion, Chalked Art Tile, Crackle Pyramid Bowls
11/5/2004: Painted Canvas Pillows
10/29/2004: Asian Pop-Out Lantern
10/22/2004: Chicken Costume
10/18/2004: Shimmer Glass Mosaic, Altered Board Books
10/15/2004: Kids' Plush Book, Shadowbox Art
10/11/2004: Interchangeable Earrings, Functional Glass Art, Dishtowel Aprons
10/8/2004: Polymer Clay Image Transfer Pendant, Tag Journal
10/4/2004: Terra Cotta Elephant
10/1/2004: Scrapbook Page Card, Sculptures, Shoebox
7/22/2004: Molded Leather Bowl
7/21/2004: Suze's Stones
7/2/2004: Patriotic Votives
6/25/2004: Mizuhiki Flower
6/24/2004: Travel Games
6/23/2004: Wire Embossed Mirror
6/22/2004: Clay/Canvas Wall Hanging
6/21/2004: Felted Pillow
6/18/2004: Easy Clay Cane Bracelet
6/17/2004: Simple Swing
6/16/2004: Embellished Gourd
6/15/2004: Jeweled Bracelet
6/14/2004: Beaded T-Shirt
6/11/2004: Tin Can Pincushions
6/10/2004: Carved Eraser Stamps
6/9/2004: Clay Transfer Window Votives
6/8/2004: Japanese Rain Doll
6/7/2004: Shadowbox Hibiscus
6/4/2004: Duct Tape Wallet
6/3/2004: Terra Cotta Scarecrow
6/2/2004: Mint-Tin Beauty Kit
6/1/2004: Woodland Iris
5/31/2004: Image Transfer Pendant
5/28/2004: Dog House Magnets
5/27/2004: Embossed Metal Bead Necklace
5/26/2004: Giraffe Shelf Sitter
5/26/2004: Fruity Confetti Eggs
5/25/2004: Primitive Clay Doll
5/25/2004: Rust Art Paper Book Cover
5/24/2004: Funky Chunky Notebooks
5/24/2004: Scrapping Stencil Tricks
5/21/2004: Glass Butterfly Vase
5/21/2004: Timeworn Gift Boxes
5/20/2004: Sunny Polymer Necklace
5/20/2004: Polymer Clay Jar Topper
5/19/2004: Mica Fortune Votive
5/19/2004: Picture Frame Purses
5/18/2004: Rubber Band Stamped Scarf
5/17/2004: Beaded Bead
5/14/2004: Porcelain Clay Dogwoods
5/13/2004: Polymer Clay Acrobat
5/12/2004: Iridescent Clay Inlay Boxes
5/11/2004: No-Sew Containers
5/10/2004: Desk Organizer Clock
5/7/2004: Crochet/Fabric Combo
5/6/2004: 3-D Stenciling
5/6/2004: Retro Lunchbox Clock
5/5/2004: Sewing Kit/Organizer
5/4/2004: Chocolate Pincushions
5/4/2004: Quirky Sitting Ladies
5/3/2004: Scrap-Fabric Knitted Purses
4/30/2004: Chenille Purse
4/29/2004: Laced Candle Stands
4/28/2004: Game Piece Gameboard
4/27/2004: Stylish Stamped Bag
4/26/2004: Medieval Key
4/23/2004: Tooth Fairy Container
4/22/2004: Canvas Leaves
4/21/2004: Dalmatian
4/20/2004: Bandanna Decor
4/19/2004: Spray Batik Scarf
4/16/2004: Interlocking Punches
4/15/2004: Glass Soldered Bracelet
4/14/2004: Acetate Photo Invitations
4/13/2004: Darling Dachshund Pens
4/12/2004: Colorful Communication Center
4/9/2004: Carved Goose Egg
4/6/2004: Terra Cotta Easter Basket
2/20/2004: Hanging Mica Votive
2/19/2004: Home Decor
2/18/2004: Leaves & Twigs Centerpiece
2/17/2004: Mizuhiki Bugs
2/16/2004: Decoupage Bracelet
2/13/2004: Romantic Wrapping
2/12/2004: Recycled Container Lamp
2/10/2004: Water Webbing Page
2/6/2004: Asparagus Clock
2/5/2004: Altered Art Quilt
2/4/2004: Birdhouse Waterfall
2/3/2004: Wire Mesh Purse
2/2/2004: Altered Book Tips
1/30/2004: Bull's-eye Winged Dragon
1/29/2004: Postcard Cards
1/28/2004: Synthetic Paper Painting
1/27/2004: Painted Suitcases
1/26/2004: Overlapping Rug
1/23/2004: Stenciling with Metallic
1/22/2004: Mini Tiled Frame
1/21/2004: Gift Wrap Toppers
1/20/2004: Punched Flower Cards
1/19/2004: Mint Tin Kits
1/15/2004: Puff Bead Bracelet
1/14/2004: Threaded Card
1/9/2004: Magnetic Money Clip
1/8/2004: Basket O Berries
1/7/2004: Tooled Leather Paper
1/6/2004: Spicy Recipe
1/5/2004: Botanical Tassels
1/2/2004: $7 Gift Bag
12/31/2003: Mono Print Scarf
12/30/2003: Jean Purse
12/29/2003: Jet Dangle Bracelet
12/26/2003: Fish Box
11/19/2003: Painted Drapes
11/18/2003: Dragonfly Brooch
11/17/2003: Gilded Glass
11/7/2003: Desktop Mobile
11/6/2003: Leather Wrapped Votive
11/5/2003: Clay Hair Accessories, Roses
11/4/2003: Ribbon Flower Arrangement
10/31/2003: Kimono Tags
10/30/2003: Paper Tulip Shadow Box
10/29/2003: Leather & Lace Necklaces
10/27/2003: Glass Vase Lamp
10/24/2003: Lady Bug Garden Stake
10/22/2003: Circle Journal
10/21/2003: Clay Eyeglass Case
10/20/2003: Pewter Sticker Album
10/17/2003: Witch Treat Pot
10/17/2003: Embossed Velvet Bookmark
10/16/2003: Zen Scarf
10/14/2003: Countertop Makeover, Leather Rose Brooch
10/14/2003: Dream Doll Pendants
10/13/2003: Family Fun Crafts
10/13/2003: Fun Filing Cabinets
10/10/2003: Three Minute Postcards
10/10/2003: Stamped Glow Lamp
10/9/2003: Poly Clay Pendant
10/9/2003: Hand Painted Table Runner
10/8/2003: Wallpaper Cards
10/8/2003: Fiber Lacy Doily
10/7/2003: Velvet Frame Mats
10/7/2003: What a Doll, Fine Art Kits, Penguin Photo Frame
10/6/2003: Stamping Tips & Tricks, Copper Luminarias
10/6/2003: Paper Folded Pages, Terra Cotta, Bessie
10/3/2003: Quilted Punching, Polymer Clay & Wire Mirrors
10/3/2003: Embellished Greeting Cards, Copper Candle Holder, Shoebox
10/2/2003: Gel Candles, Found Object Artist Mizuhiki Card
10/2/2003: Clay Pot Hanger, Faux Metal Frames, Shoebox
10/1/2003: Ottoman & Matching Pillow, Metal Mesh Bracelet
10/1/2003: Metal Macrame, Silk Wall Hangings, First Aid Kit
9/30/2003: Tone on Tone Stenciling, Fossilized Brooches, Crafting Tools
9/29/2003: Journals, Gourd Artist, Paints & Pens
9/26/2003: Medallion Card, Wasabi Bowls, Frame, Trunk & Baby Shower Favor
9/26/2003: Decorative Tin Chest, Quilted Scrapbooking
9/25/2003: Papered Vase, Glass Plate, Memento Ideas
9/25/2003: New Baby Pin, Faux Marquetry, Canisters
9/24/2003: Pen & Ink Basics, Party Favor Cake Box, Wire Photo Holder
9/24/2003: Asian Wall Hanging, Mosaic Masters, Scrapbooking Products
9/23/2003: Stationery Holders, Furniture Maker, Room Divider
9/23/2003: Millefiori Story, Cast Paper Artist, Ribbon Lampshades
9/22/2003: Picture Frame, Bunny's Burned Box, Sock Monkey Shoebox
9/22/2003: Embossed Copper, Recycled Crafts, Geodesic Mobile
9/19/2003: Paper Flowers, Holy Cows!, Reverse Faux Finish
9/18/2003: Vellum & Aluminum Mosaic Boxes, Mesolini Dish Artists, Jeweled Wood Burning
9/17/2003: Sockeater, Home Decor Stamping
9/16/2003: Book in a Box, Pretty Plastic Purse
9/16/2003: Crazy Maze Cane Pendants, African Dolls, Mouse Pad Makeovers
9/15/2003: Paper Lion Mask, Scrapbook, Clay Coasters
9/15/2003: Silver Beads, Ceramist, Stamping Products
9/12/2003: Beaded Flowers, Kinetic Sculpture, Fabric Box
9/11/2003: Clay Lampshade; Envelope Book; Card
9/11/2003: Action Cards, Sunflower Garden Stake
9/10/2003: Paper Frog Doll, One Stamp Many Looks, Ribbon Box
9/9/2003: Denim Purses, Sculpture Artist, Double-Sided Terra Cotta
9/8/2003: Cat Banner, Etched Glass, Pocket Gift Bags
9/8/2003: Un-Bead-Able Veggies, Dog & Cat Journals
9/5/2003: Moroccan Mirror, Wish upon a Star Card
9/5/2003: Embossed Paper Boxes, Feather Basket Artist, Poly Clay Mask
9/4/2003: Balloons, Beaded Baskets, Velvet Mobile
9/4/2003: Asian Shadow Box, Metal Bead Necklaces, Products
9/3/2003: Racks, Enamel Look-Alike Jewelry
9/3/2003: Screen Door Flowers, Fan Flair
9/2/2003: Polymer Clay Purse, Calligraphy Stencils
9/2/2003: Place Mats, Sculpture Artist, Lantern
9/1/2003: Aliens and Their Pets, Ultimate Scrapbook
8/29/2003: Fiber Pendant, Wrap It Up
8/28/2003: Clay Baskets, CD Box, Remote Control Garage
8/27/2003: Place Mats, Metal Magic, New Products
8/26/2003: Tropical De'cor, Papier Mache, Copper Frame
8/25/2003: Paper Treasure Box
8/22/2003: Pocket Card, Polymer Clay Tea Pot
8/21/2003: Trivets, Cajun Wood Carver, Pop-up Clown
8/19/2003: Tussy Mussies, Stamped Acetate Diorama Cards
8/15/2003: Ribbon Scarf, Bargello Quilt Wall Hanging
8/15/2003: Scottish Potter, Clay Jewelry, Footstools
8/14/2003: Button Banner, Scrapbook Convention, New Products
8/13/2003: Batik Trees, Marriage in Glass, Spool Knitting
8/12/2003: Antiques, Bean Baby Quilt
8/11/2003: Relief Box, Paper Collage, Baskets, Napkin Rings
8/8/2003: Japanese Shadow Box, Stampin'
8/7/2003: Invitation Box, Metal Purse
8/6/2003: Jewelry, New Product, Photo Cup Holder
7/1/2003: Facile Frames, Clear Texture Glassworks, Memory Wood
6/13/2003: Metal and Ribbon Place mats, Old World Painting, Polymer Clay Earring and Holder
6/12/2003: Painted Sunflowers, Creative Clay Co-Op, Shoebox: Bedside Eyeglass Holder
6/11/2003: Everlasting Gift Boxes, Faux Bronze Ceramics, Never Ending Card
6/9/2003: Carved Clay Box, Beaded Tulips, Indoor Sand Garden
6/6/2003: Southwestern Fireplace Screen, Earth Formed Vessels, Magic Pull Up Card
6/5/2003: Expanding Foam Cards, Polymer Clay Tile Bracelet
5/29/2003: Tiled Mirror Frame
5/28/2003: Embossed Metal Frame
5/27/2003: Twist Art Fruit
5/23/2003: Sea/Sun Wind Chime
5/22/2003: Vellum Scrapbook Pages
5/21/2003: Asian Art Box
5/20/2003: Right Angle Weave
5/19/2003: Cookie/Card Combo
5/16/2003: Veggie Patch Pens
5/15/2003: Ghost Stamp Scrapbooking
5/14/2003: Shrink Art Collage
5/13/2003: Folded Photo Page
5/12/2003: Sea Sponged Box
5/9/2003: Paper Party Lights
5/8/2003: Gourd Masks
5/8/2003: Shrinking Star Bag, Knit to Be Gelled, Shoebox: Votive Candle Boats, Birthday Card
5/7/2003: Pyramid Pop-up Cards
5/6/2003: Onion Scarf
5/5/2003: Eraser Pencil Toppers
5/3/2003: Mother's Day
5/2/2003: Classy Leather Frame
5/1/2003: Italian Ceramic Painting
4/30/2003: Topsy-Turvy Doll
4/29/2003: Silk Screened Journal
4/28/2003: Shaving Cream Card
4/25/2003: Pearlized Travel Page
4/24/2003: Heritage Pages
4/23/2003: Crafty Cork Boards
4/22/2003: Ostrich Plant Poke
4/21/2003: Faux Porcelain Vase
4/18/2003: Clay/Wire
4/17/2003: Whimsical Stamped Purse, Glass Transfer Mobile
4/16/2003: Leopard License Frame, Faux Punched Tins
4/15/2003: Stamped Floor Cloth, Beadie Babies
4/15/2003: Quick and Easy Cards, Art in Motion
4/14/2003: Video Box Purse, Acoustic Guitar Sculpting
4/11/2003: Translucent Night Light
4/10/2003: Glowing Beach Votive
4/9/2003: Dimensional Scrapbooking
4/8/2003: Grisaille Antiqued Clock
4/7/2003: 3D Scrapbooking Box
4/4/2003: Victorian Sugar Shade
4/3/2003: Leather Throw Pillow
4/2/2003: Sweater Ducks for Baby
4/2/2003: Polymer Clay Mobile, Roly-Poly Pillows, Sgraffito Painting
4/1/2003: Polymer Clay Cabochon Necklace
4/1/2003: Chenille Cat, Dyeing for Doll Making
3/31/2003: Silhouette Votives
3/31/2003: Kaleidoscope, Stitching 101, Basketweaving
3/26/2003: Eggcellent Kitchen Decorations
3/6/2003: Fabric Flowers
3/6/2003: Temari Beads, Mini Pad Holder
3/5/2003: Gel Candles, Jewelry Artist, Snack Holder
3/5/2003: School Photos Scrapbook Page
3/4/2003: Tag Art Scrapbooking; Humorous Resin Sculpture; Paintings; Spiral
3/4/2003: Felt Bowl
1/14/2003: Doily Denim
11/15/2002: Party-Table Decor, Breakfast Tray
11/14/2002: Blackboard Embellishments, Embossing Powder Paper, Shoebox: Silhouette Cards & Sock Monkeys
11/13/2002: Silver Clay Punch Pendant, Doorframe Figures, Computer-Crafted Bookmarks
11/12/2002: Photo Memory Box, Totes-R-Us
11/11/2002: Brass Evening Bag, Porcelain-Tile Wall Vases, Rubber-Stamped Weaving
11/8/2002: Love Letter Box, Embossed Garden Tin, Shoebox: Hairband Holder
11/7/2002: Ribbonwork Tray, Polymer-Clay Pot Pals
11/6/2002: The Eyelets Have It, Caricature Clay Figures, Pyramid Box-Card
11/5/2002: Stained Wooden Bench, Still Life in Glass, Apron Cookbook
11/4/2002: Faux Dichroic Glass, Ship Sculptures, CD Photo Wall Hanging
11/1/2002: Face Boxes, Aquatic Ceramics, Beaded Fabric Coasters
10/31/2002: Fancy Frames, Miniature Hardwood Paintings, Covering Your Scrapbook
10/30/2002: Polymer Clay Maraca, Tapestry Weaving, Nightlight Cup Lampshade
10/29/2002: Wearable Ribbon Art, Victorian Folded Frames
10/28/2002: Acrylic Tags, Linked Floor Lamp, Shoebox: Pen Bead Holders
Vinyl Tablecloths, New Lampshades
Felt Crafts
Old Notions, Bridal Headpieces, Animal Art
Kimono Jewelry, Dolls, Message in a Bottle
Easy Knitting, Dolls, Knitted Fashion Show
Socktopus, Red Wing Sock Puppet, Etched-Glass Sets
Making Perfume, Rubber Stamping, Paper Mosaics
Fantasy Fruit, Stamped Wall Art, Pyramid Boxes
Memory Dolls, Shoestring Decorating
Rubber Stamping
Silk Painting Miniatures
Pressed Flowers
Simple Drawing
Teddy Bears
Character Wreaths
Paper Mache Bowls
Fun Bird Houses
Wrapping Paper
Copper Wall Art
Almost Leather
Deco Painting
European Folk Painting
Kite Designs
Fireplace Screen
Fabric Crafts
Doll Faces
Wedding Invitations
Crafting Safely
Cake Sculpting
Floating Postcards
Torn Paper Tray, Japanese Tea Party
Vest Explosion Cards, Art Brooms
Push Molded Clay, Magazine Review
Gold Leaf Box; War Eagle Fair; Collage Stones
Stenciled Clothing; Muslin Seed Packet Card
Washi Paper Jewelry, Contact Crafts
Room Screen, Memory Book Pages, Photo Angel
Action Greeting Cards, Urn Art
Miniatures Museum, Clean Stamping, Mosaic Lampshades
Fabulous Fountains, Tapestry Weaving
Gift Box Card, Antique Faux Cameo
Hardware Cloth Silverware Holder, Backyard Mosaics
Simple Backgrounds, Bow Tie Necklace, Shoebox
Creative Collage, New Products, Micro Porcelain Pots, Shoebox
Paper Weaving, Sculpted Wooden Vessels, Jungle Mates
Straw & Paper Beads, Theorem Paper Dolls, Crossword Cross
Miniature Garden Scene, Muffin Tin Collage
Beary Cute Bundles, Woven Metal Constructions, Faux
Writing on Wall
Sockodile, Stamping Innovations
Butterflies and Dragons
Sponge Calligraphy, Memory Buttons
Polymer Clay Handle, Floor Cloth
Papermaking, Seaweed Baskets
Finger Painting
Interactive Pages, Mosaic Lamp
Beads and Dragonfly Frame, Terra Cotta Jar
Window Treatments, Wood Carvers
Chicken Floor Cloth, Fiber Jewelry
Spiral Mobile, Lampshades, Paper Style
Polymer Clay Faces
Circus Animals, Painted Fish Bowl
Clock Making, Duet Stamping
Ribbon Cards, Preserving Mementos, Restoration Tips
Origami Magic, Sticks and Stones Crafting, Pounding-Heart Card
Lamp Bases and Shades, Mini Bookends, Needlepoint
Basket Weaving, Mini Memory Book
Stamp-a-Throne, Stationary, Memory Book Leftovers
Ribbon Ornaments, Beaded Candles, Three Perfect Bows
Metal Christmas Ornaments, Advent Calendar
Christmas Village Church, Wreath Card
Snowballs for Sale Ornament, Glitzy Geodesic Ornament
Poinsettia Hoop Wreath, Holiday Boxes, Viewer Projects
Cat & Fish Ornament, Gingerbread House Container
Polymer Clay Garland, Hanukkah Ornaments
Holiday Gift Wrap, Ribbon Ornaments, Christmas Tree Card
Metal Bracelets, Spool People, New Craft Books
Center(piece) of Attention, Soft Sculpture Dolls
Gingerbread Man Serving Tray, Kirigami Christmas Trees
Clay Cone Ornament, Faux Chenille Christmas
Christmas Banner
Ribbon Stockings
Christmas Crackers, Sugar Ornaments
Pine Needle Basketry
Crazy Quilting
Holiday Greeting Cards
Christmas Village
Ribbon Stars
Sparkle Foam Snowflakes
Snowmen Garland
Twig Star, Wreath Jig, Ivy in Holiday Crafts
Chocolate Holiday Centerpieces
Cookies for Santa, Holiday Cards, Angels
Bug Ornaments
Wreath Pages, Chocolate Party Treats
Holiday Gift Boxes, Holiday Rubber Stamps
Temari Ornaments, Cards, Shipping Gifts
Gift Baskets and Un-Baskets
Sock Reindeer, Stamped & Painted Cookies
Thirty-Second Luminaries, Inspiring Viewer Ideas
Theorem Christmas Cards
Stamped Christmas Ornaments, Angel Doll
Inventive Holiday Cards, Holiday Stamped Soap
Notable Notebooks, Tribals Sculpture, Baby Shower Centerpiece
Clock, Stone Egg, Punched Paper Flowers
Botanical Chairs, Layered Paper Scrapbook Decor
Wire Mobile, Tapestries, Card Holder
Kuba Beaded Frame, Mixed Media Posters, Chair Back Covers
Velvet Overlay, Cardboard Art, Towel Bunny
Water Card, Fused Metal, Ribbon Box
Botanical Tiles, Silhouettes, Mini Pie Safe
Polymer Clay Necklace, Frame in a Frame
Diorama Drama, Beaded Boxes, Viewer Ideas
Stamped Sleepover, National Black Arts Festival, New Products
Boomerangs, Paper Beads, Stump Work
Sprouting Jeans, Clay Sock Monkey
Fur Stool, Needlepoint Canvas, Wire Glass Decor
Metallic Painted Canister Set, Seasonal/Snowman Lampshade, Carmen Miranda Toaster Cover
Humpty Dumpty Clay Pen, Ladder Stitch Bead Bracelet
Ir-resistable Sponge Patterns, Recycled Paper Vessels, Teddy Head
Dishtowel Valance, Recycled Bottle Fish Mobile
Mini Clay Matchbox Dresser, Crackled Art Print
Stamped Paper Mosaics, Old World Italian Glass, Metal Tag Charm Bracelet
Pears In The Kitchen, Perpetual Special Events Calendar, Shoebox: Faux Fireplace & Note Cards
Market Umbrella Chairs, Faux Chenille Bedding, Kinetic Mobile Sculptures
Melting Shrink Shapes, Flowerpot Pen Holder
Emergency Mini Kits, Little Black Page, Wood Sculpting, Mini Yarn or Ribbon Posies
Scrapbook Stamps, Rug Hooker Group Visit, Surface Stitching
Place Mats, Foam Core Lesson & Bank, Chalk Cloth
Paper Engineering, Paper Bag Basket, Viewer Projects
Heart Lamp, Wire Weaving, Penny Pincher Cards & Letters
Crafter's Chair, Envelopes and Cards
Candle Beauty, Rose-Back Mirror, New Products
Embossed Velvet, Paper Switch Plate
Pop-up Gift Wrap, Scrapbooking, Lettering Techniques
Painted Wooden Teapots, 1970s Yarn Doll, Wrapping Strange Shapes
Moveable Murals, Country Crock Creations Winners
Sante Fe Weavers, Gift Wrap Center, Tassel Making
Santa Fe Doll Art, Stuffed Cubes, Cake Decorating Tips
Dutch Folk Art, Kimono Wall Hanging, Frames, Lizard Box
Ribbon Flowers, Stenciled Tabletop & Chair Cover, Corruboard Organizer
Embossing, Knitting Stitch, Viewer Ideas, Craft Book Tip
Window Decor Paper Cutouts, Wood Carver, Bows
Dolls, Friendship Plate, Rigid Wrap Bowls
Rustic Barn 3-D Glass Painting, Felt Rug Stenciling
Opaque Hearts Wall Hanging, Woodburning, Wood Postcards
Junk Jewelry
Hawaiian Quilt Paper Cutting, Santa Fe Doll Art, Knitting for Kids
NAMTA Show, Scrapbook On A Wall, Chenille Rabbit
Collage Art Dolls, Beaded Watch Band
Resist Paper Cards, Doll Furniture
Woven Bracelet, Folk Artists
Building a Mural, Temari Buttons
Picture Frame, Polymer Accordion Book
Floral Tapestry Box, Tatted Flower Card
Hot Potatoes Co., Crafty Co-op, Key to Success
Calligraphy Stencil, New Products
Stained Table, Kimono Gift Box, Beaded Box
Aged Leather Book Box, Tin Can, Top Flowers
Napkin Rings, Bathroom Accessories
Craft Design Career, Crafty Businesses
Personalized Journals, Organic Bronze Sculpting
Various Vellum Tricks, Photocopy Transfer Pendant
Tag-a-Long, Clay & Leather Lampshade Purse, Shoebox
Signature Book, Stamped Leather Footstool
Mica Party Lights
Creative Soap Making
Wild Wall Clock
Dyed Ribbon Flowers, Mud Cloth Art
Fabric Painting
Paper Design
Name Paper Cutting
Wall Hanging
Tomato Cage Dolls
Doll Wig
Crafting Party Business
Faux Tiles
Fimo Pen
Rice Paper Painting
Primitive Dolls
Painted Mosaics
Low-Cost Scrapbooks
Terra Cotta Tiles, New Products
Window Toppers, Coasters
Ribbon Flower Brooch, Art Kites
Porcelain Butterflies, Birdhouses, Gel Candles
Chili Pepper Wreath, Textural Construction Shields, Paper
Mother's Day Corsage, Lampshades Mom Will Love
Glitter Eggs, Easter Figure Piping
Memory Box Frame, Crop-a-Lot
Crib Bench, Soap
Angel Doll, Painting Tools
Trompe L'oeil, Grannies Garden
Business Talk, Iron-on Transfers
Dyed Velvet Table Runner, Tote Bags
Gift Bags, Mosaic House, Toolbox Card
Folded Clothes Card, Desk Set, Chess Set
Domino Box, I Love the Nightlife
Pretty Patio Lights, Hula Tote
Father's Day
Wired Table Setting, Navajo Silversmith
Stapled Art Frame, Fabric Stamping
Plate Art
Tin Night Lights, Watercolor Stamping
Easy Dimensional Beads, Ghost Beads
Tissue Notecards, Mini Hogans, Kid Crafts
Wall Hanging, Butterfly Plant Pokes
Votive Candleholders, Painted Scarf
Suitcase Ottoman, Wooden Spoons, Dolls
Egg Carton Sculpture
Dolly Towel and Purse, Funky Frames
Winter Heart Wreath, Tin Can Crafts
Floater Card
Decoupage Convention, Sockhopper
Painting Techniques & Party Plates
Brayered Paper Frame
Decorating with Theorem Miniatures
Tea Bag Folding, Painted Needlepoint
Rusted Shelf, Faux Switch Plate, Jewelry
Sculpted Paper, Jewelry, Candles
Stained Glass Lampshade, Planters, Jewelry
Faux Felted Feline, Enamel Jewelry
Stenciled Stepping Stone, Polygon Pop Card
Polymer Clay Bowl, Wire Hair People
Recipes, Fused Glass Marks, Collaged Fruit
Mock Mosaics, Stenciled Cabinets
Magic Shakin' Card
Chocolate Sculpture, Bound Boxes
Stencil Vertical Borders
Easy Batik, Molten Lava Box
Washi Paper Pins & Boxes, Pillow
Negora Nuri Faux Finish, Stencil Show
Scrap Fabric Project, Spinning
Covered Finials
Memory Album Cover
Japanese Doll Pendant, Iron Floor Cloth
Wine Crate Footstool, Art Doll Show
Man's Suit Rug, Garage Sale Glass
Voltive Wraps
Photo Transfer Clay, Designer Tassels
Eight-Sided Box, Bookmarks
Velvet Desk Set, Fibonacci Baskets
Daisy Plant Poke
Stamped Glass, Metal Hats, Clay Figurines
Patio Stones, Scrunch Scarf
Leather Journal, Ceramic, Tag Art
Marquetry Box, Tapestry Weaver, Card Techniques
Domino Box, I Love the Nightlight
Wall Quilt, Copper Book
Slide Lampshade, Bronze Sculpture, Mini Book Box
Wire Shakers & Card Holders, Origami, Towels, Pot Holders
Pin Cushions on Pedestals, Ya/Ya
Folk Painting, Wire Bracelet, Wire Charms
Mica Luminary, Recyclables, Paper Mache
Book Necklace, Paper Sculpture, Push Pins
Wire and Painted Box, Weaving, New Product
Fountains, Clay and Paper Necklace
Paper Purse A-Go-Go, Mica Tile Card
Mokume-Gane, Stamped Paper Dolls
Etched Bottles, Paper Greenhouse
Pinch Pot; Pyrography; Paper Dolls
Terrific Tiles; People Lamps; Plant Jewelry
Foam-Core Book; Character Dolls; Stamping
Tin Games; Kitchen Assemblage; Clay; Ribbon Roses
Stained Glass; Origami; Flower Tie-Ons
Sweatshirts, Vessels, Clay/Fabric Bookmarks
Cool Clocks, Family Faces Photo Book
Bell Pulls, Sandblasting Glass
Sponged Floor Cloth, Paper Doll Closet
Polymer Clay Mosaics, Scoll Saw Apples
Polymer Clay Bracelets, Storage Tips
Lettered Wood, Beaded Sculpture, Needlecraft
Shibori, Wearable Art, Butterfly Mobile
Accordion Books, St. Elmo's Village, Quilling
Collage, Headdresses, Bottle Hat
Groovy Gourds, Stamped Pendants
Millefiore Candles, Stamping, New Product
Faux Tortoise Finish, Framable Artwork
Lampshades, Netsuke, Beaded Jewelry
Toothbrush Rugs, Fine Art Dolls, Trash Cans
Butterfly Keychains, Pop-up Spinner Card
Floral Swag, Recipes for Glue
Stained Glass, Gilded Mosaics
Pocket Pillows
Creative Backgrounds, Memorabilia Crafts
Rubber Stamp Tattoos, Doll Pin Cushion
Coin Purses
Push Mold Dolls, Decoration Paste Boxes
Pin Beading, Dragonfly Stepping Stones
Wire Lampshade
Punch Art, Wall Sculpture, Painted Napkins
Shower Curtain, Clay Windchimes
Decorating Doll Furniture, Kid Crafts
Punch Art
Got-a-Spare Chair
Stamped Soap; Polymer Clay Frames
Etched Glass; Botanical Ribbon and Cord
Mosaic Mobile; Color Metal Embossing
Denim Shirt Dress-Up; Wire Tips and Tricks
Embossed Pin and Card; Clay Pendants
Hand-Dyed Paper and Boxes
Botanical Spheres
Wooden Home Decor
Photo Kaleidoscopes; Wire Beads
Photo Lampshades; Clay Bracelets
Scottish Potter; Clay Jewelry; Footstools
Needlepoint Mosaic
Elegant Entertaining; Stamped-Clay Game
Rose-Painted Dog House; Stamped Decor
Scrapbook Pages; Wire Candelabra
Memory Quilts; African-American Craft Exhibits
Gold Leafing
Watermelon Baby Snuggle
Book Decor, Basketry Convention
Elbow Patch Purses, Leftover Linens
Faux Leather Boxes
Sponged Backgrounds, Rug Hooking
Polymer Pen Set, Liquid Clay
Faux Vinyl Box
Frame It Bookmarks
Polymer Pansy, Clear Collage Cards
Glitter 101
Clear Stamping, Amazing Backgrounds
Polymer Clay 101, Box Mobile
Party Crafts. Faux Stone Floor Cloth
Office Supply Painting, Rope Accents
Temporary Fashion Stamping
Cookie Cutter Boxes, Clay Box Necklace
New Sock Monkey
Leather Cutting
3-D Memory Books
Stenciled Murals
Memory Jewelry
Custom Invitations
Mexican Papercutting
Stamping a Nursery
Decorative Glassware
Milk Painting
Marbling Paper
Clay Button Covers, Paste Paint
Layered Pins
Shrink-Plastic Jewelry
Wall Letters
Elegant Cards, Trash Boxes
Fun and Funky Mirror, Beaded-Wire Baskets
Crayon-Colored Vest
Wire Vase, Wineglass Candle
Dot and Doodles, Trash Crafting, Wearable Art
Kid Concoctions, Faux Postage
Message Center, Shoji Room Screen
Joseph's Coat
Theorem Boxes
Clay and Fabric Brooch
Polymer-Clay Pin, Kid Concoctions
Paper Embossing
Doll Faces, Needlepoint 101
Theorem Bedroom, Lunch-Pail Purse
Stick and Stone Candelabra
Beads, Flea-Market Fashion Bags
Picture Frames, Stamped Clock
Stamped Picnic Basket, Rock People
Memory Folding
Polymer-Clay Plate, Lamp Creations
Leather Lampshades
Needlepoint Bracelet, File Cabinet
Decorative Containers
Punch Art Borders, Bird Palladium
Liquid Leather Backgrounds, Baby Items
Victorian Screen
Sponged Backgrounds, 'Batik' Lampshades
Scrapbook Techniques, Enamel Beads, Shoebox
Illusion Pages, Beaded Glass Roses
Decorative Stemware, Table Bouquet
Photo Mosaics, Aluminum Sculpture, Room Divider
Making Soaps, Metal Embossing, Painting
Silk Roses, Kelp Jewelry
Pot People Sculpture
Silk Heart Collage
Temari Balls
Table Setting; Journals
Using Poly-fil; Batting
Interactive Cards
Eggshell Art
Wrap Dolls
Kitchen Stamping
Tin Painting
Precious Stones; Woodburning
Garden Molds
Frosted Glass
Fantasy Cakes
Ruffle Bows
Gourd Woodburning
Japanese Lanterns
Tea Bag Folding, Memory Frame
Coiling Wire Crafts
Felt Pillow, Photo Postcards
Leather Pillows
Braided Clay Bracelet
Painting for Kids, Wall Hangings
Mosaic Box
Floral Floorcloth
Collage Brooch, Serpentine Marble
Faux Stained Glass
Miniature Books & Boxes
Nature Prints
Faux Lapis, Painted Scarf
Baby Toys, Candle Carving
Tin Can Art, Silk Cards
Stamped Necklace, Birthday Banners
Poly-Clay Necklace, Beaded Scarves, Glass Artist, Shoebox
Photo Weaving, Kimono Wall Hangings
Embellished Candles, Sculpture, Cards
Wire People Lapel Pin, Paste Paper Book
Stamped Metal Clay Pendant, Decorated Dining
Raw Edge Collage, Navajo Weaving
Metal Mosaics, Paper Piercing
Stamped Gift Book, Painting Techniques
Paper Quilling, Puppets, Viewer Ideas
Dishtowel Doll, Festival Artist, Interference Powders
Basket Greeting Card, Yarn Scrap Afghans
Woven Ribbon Pillows, Ceramist, Beaded Desk Accessories
Bloomer Greeting Cards, Ribbon Crafts
No-Sew Leather Pillow, Masks, 3-D Garden Card, Shoebox
Lucite Frames
Glass Art, Unmounted Rubber Stamps
Pendulum Clock, Cutout Kids
Painting Techniques, Flower Pounding
Butterfly Leaf, Paper Purses
Chocolate Crafts, Mini Scrapbook
Glittery Window Clings, Collage Artist, Poly-Clay Mouse
Paper Pillows, Sticker Cards
Wire Desk Set, Rubber Stamped Doll
Candle Stamping, Scrapbook Pages
Power Bead Jewelry, Glass Rooms, Photo Transfers
Coin Keepsake Book, Ironwork, Faux Gold Clay
Scenic Easter Eggs
Fuchsia Fever, Springtime Sugar Eggs
Hat Decor, Embellished Patio Furniture
Greeting Cards and Gift Wrap
Ribbon Flowers, Floral Foam Stamps
Textured Paper, Cheater Bows
Egg Art, Chocolate Crafts
Bridal Accessories, Paper Pockets
Brush Stroke Roses, Calligraphy
Metal Look, Wood Block Artist, Stamping Poly-Clay
Monk's Cloth Pillow, Contemporary Lamp
Neck Dolls, Cardboard Tray
CD Pins, Wood Turner, Painted Pillow Shams
Headboard, Polymer Clay Figurines
Mica Leaf Wood Box, Peek-a-Boo Pages
Beaded Hair Pins, Colorful Mosaics, Pop-up Box
Stained Glass Soap
Whimsical Lamps, Chenille Throw
Wedding Show
Wedding Pew Bows
Valentine's Day
Take-Out Boxes, Evening Wear Boxes, Wedding Ideas
Castle O' Dreams
Found Materials Collage
Happy Hats
Polymer Clay Vase, Twisty Flowers
Theorem Shoebox, Torn Paper Cards, Computer Crafting
Book Cover, Rubber Stamping
Instant Pillow Decor
Stamped Chocolate, Street Sweeper Gourds, Wood Burned
Tramp Art
Poly Clay Photocopy, Decorated Clock, Paper Products
Face Canes
Window Treatment, Chicken Lamp
Stamping with Gold Leaf, Mosaics
Purses, Easy Magnets, Sock Monkey Talk
Phoenix Glass Plate, Crackle Cards, Postcard Display
Flower Power Kids Clothes, Scissors Art
Stamping on Metal, Vellum Cards
Poly-Clay Cloisonne, Beaded Gourd Necklace
Satin Burn Scarf, Wall Border
Mini Photo Album, Luminaria Artist, Organizer
Surface Stitch Weaving, Stamping Tricks
Velvet Shawl, Felt Pillows
Business Talk, Iron-on Transfers
Stamped Wall Art, Paper Lampshades, Shrinking Watch
Washi Creations
Folded Dinner Party, Mask Artist, Wearable Fabric Art
Quick Chicks, Bird Kites, Everything's Coming Up Daisies
Contributions of the Root System
Halloween: Pumpkin Candle, Goody Cards
Velvet Wall Frame, Mosaic Flower Pots, Folded Flower Journal Set
Cropped Photo Frames, Polymer Clay Leaf Mask
Mizuhiki CD Pin, Iridescent Glazed Vase, Themed Kaleidoscope
Faux Chenille Sun, Dogwoods & Lace
Embossed Scrapbook, Instant Beaded Lilies, Shoebox: Using
Painted Mosaic Tray, Wacky Woman Pins, Shoebox: Faux
Falling Down Sewing Kit, the Japan Book
Inedible Cake, Wall Sculptures, Calling Cards
Cozy Covers, Ceramic Tea Pots, Marvelous Products
A-Luring Jewelry, Abstract Paper Wall Sculptures, Fabulous
Magic Pop-up Cards, Textured Leaf Necklace, Animal Gourd
Retro Cloth, Japanese Art, Undersea Gourd
Embossed-A-Pasta, Flat Glass Plates, Brass Stencil Pop-Ups
Wrapped Luminaria, Colorful Soft Sculpture Dolls, Gold Stamped
Stamped CD Clock, Wire Desk, Accessories
Leather Memory Album, Terra Cotta Zebra Plant Stand
Decorated Lampshades & Lamps, Illusion Paper Quilt
Pet Beds, Computer Crafting, Embossing & Tie Vests
Novelty Wooden Frames, Pueblo Style Pottery, Asian Style Box

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Premiered: 1994, on HGTV
Rating: TV-G
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Premise: A crafts expert offers how-to information for do-it-yourselfers of all skill levels. Duvall was on Home and Garden Television when the network launched on Dec. 30, 1994.


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