Episode Guide

Little Miss Showbiz

December 16, 1972

The Cocktail Lounge; The Circus Clown

The Mike; Mama's Exodus

The Author; The Secretaries; Cole Porter in Paris

Carol and Sis; As the Stomach Turns

The Meeting; Spy Story; Rhoda Dimple

Ham Actor; The Truck Drivers; Fight to the Finish

Pom Pom Girls; Mrs. Wiggins' Vacation

The Pick-ups; Beauty and The Stump; Mrs. Wiggins

Kitchen Commercials; Fire at Will; The Comic

Wrong Number; Saturday Night; The Recital; Vacuum Salesman

Mrs. Wiggins and the Fire Drill; Harry's Mirage and Grill

The Business Lunch; The Vending Machine; The Butcher Shop

The Hot Dog Stand; The Morning After

Terminal Hospital; The Writer #1; The Plot to Hurt Hitler

Carol and Sis; The Nudge; Salute to Horror Movies

Barbary and Ben; Rancid Harvest

Uni-sex Salon; Tim's Spot; Interview with Chiquita

Cinderella Gets It On

A Romantic Moment; Tacky Lady- You Can't Turn Me Off; Honorary Degree

Rolly D. Tucker; You're Moving Out; As the Stomach Turns

The Operation; Ethel Herman; The Old Folks

The Fortune Teller; Lost Horizon; Masquerade Party; Che Cosa

The Stickups; The Old Folks; The Typists; Movie Pantomine

Baggage Handler; The Guardians

Working at Marriage; Natural Velvet

Wiplash; The Family

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