Episode Guide

Little Miss Showbiz

December 16, 1972

Silent Night; Salute to Alfred Hitchcock; Remembrance of Edna

The Family; The Digs

High Hat

The Wine Tasters; Send in the Clowns; Stella Toddler

Babes in Barns

The Ham Actor & Charo; The First Blind Date; The Fireman

The Accident Prone Lady Rides Again; Salute to War Movies

The Shoe Store; Flora

Workshop with Willie; The Old Folks; TV Vignettes

Family Christmas; Nobody Does It Like Me

Laughter; Assembly Line; The Little Foxies

The Family; The Old Gunfigher

Mrs. Wiggins and the Energy Crisis; Palimony

When My Baby Laughs at Me

The Duputy; As the Stomach Turns

The Parolee; Salute to Movie Series

Censorship Sketch; Carol and Sis; Snow White Fifteen Years Later

The Family

Singles Bar; Salute to Detective Movies

Jet Pilots; Commercial Take-offs; Carol and Sis

Uni-sex Salon; Tim's Spot; Interview with Chiquita

Computer Date; Tacky Song; Dr. Jekyll and Ms. Hyde

Sidewalk Stars; Fans; The Package

The Family; The Wishing Well

Washington Wacko; The DMV; I'll Do the Talking

The Candidate; Mary McClusky; Puppy Dogs in the Window; Salute to Foreign Films

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