Car 54, Where Are You?

1961, TV Show

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Latest Episode: I Love Lucille

Apr 22, 1962 Season 1 Episode 30 watch on (Paid)

Toody makes a grand entrance at the policeman's ball.

Quiet! We're Thinking

Apr 08, 1962 Season 1 Episode 29

Unknowingly, Toody's 11-year-old nephew Marvin's casual remarks help Toody and Muldoon solve tough cases. But by the time they realize what's happening, they're not the only ones that want to have Marvin around.
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The Auction

Apr 01, 1962 Season 1 Episode 28

Officers have differing opinions of what to get Cpt. Block for his wedding anniversary.
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The Courtship of Sylvia Schnauser

Mar 25, 1962 Season 1 Episode 27

After attending a large wedding, Sylvia becomes upset that she and Leo had been married by a Justice of the Peace. She firmly insists on correcting that situation.
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The Beast Who Walked the Bronx

Mar 18, 1962 Season 1 Episode 26

The inspector announces that Cpt. Block needs to take a vacation. A temporary replacement is assigned.
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No More Pickpockets

Mar 11, 1962 Season 1 Episode 25

A professional pickpocket steals Toody's wallet and assumes Toody's identity as a Police Officer. He arrests other pickpockets, until he himself is finally caught.
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Today I Am a Man

Mar 04, 1962 Season 1 Episode 24

Sick of having a clean reputation, Muldoon is determined to change what people think of him.
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How Smart Can You Get?

Feb 25, 1962 Season 1 Episode 23

Cpt. Block investigates the success of the Toody-Muldoon partnership.
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What Happened to Thursday

Feb 18, 1962 Season 1 Episode 22

One Thursday, Toody and Muldoon persuade the Precinct that today is Friday.
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Toody and the Art World

Feb 11, 1962 Season 1 Episode 21

An artist gives Toody one of his paintings. Toody doesn't realize its value until it's too late.
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How High is Up?

Feb 04, 1962 Season 1 Episode 20

Muldoon panics when he discovers that his height might disqualify him from the force.
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Toody's Paradise

Jan 28, 1962 Season 1 Episode 19

Toody goes undercover with a female police officer and a boy to catch a purse snatcher. When Lucille gets wind of this new assignment, she assumes that her husband leads a double life.
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Toody and Muldoon Crack Down

Jan 21, 1962 Season 1 Episode 18

The Chief Inspector judges Toody and Muldoon's performance to be unacceptable. He charges Cpt. Block to change things.
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Boom, Boom, Boom

Jan 14, 1962 Season 1 Episode 17

The Whippoorwills from the 53rd Precinct enter a barbershop quartet contest.
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The Sacrifice

Jan 07, 1962 Season 1 Episode 16

A broken television set inspires Toody to take up reading.
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