Flimsy but fondly recalled Keystone Kops-like sitcom about hapless officers at a Bronx precinct. Its cast included Fred `Herman Munster' Gwynne, and the show inspired a spectacularly unfunny 1994 movie.

Former Cast

Off. Wallace
60 Episodes (1962-1963)
Off. Antonnucci
60 Episodes (1961-1962)
Off. Riley
60 Episodes (1961-1962)
Off. Murdock
60 Episodes (1961-1962)
Off. Francis Muldoon
Off. Gunther Toody
Capt. Martin Block
Off. Leo Schnauser
Sylvia Schnauser
Off. Anderson
6 Episodes (1961-1962)
Off. Ed Nicholson
Off. Nelson
Off. Steinmetz