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Dec 13, 2013 Season 3 Episode 13 watch on HBO GO (Subscription)

Season Three Finale. The circle that opened at the start of the series is coming to a close. What began back then with a riot stirred up in the old penitentiary is ending now with another riot incited by Teresa Lagos in a desperate last attempt to expose the crimes committed by Federico and the Brotherhood to the country.

The Blood of the Innocent

Jan 01, 2013 Season 3 Episode 12

Don Fernando and his group are almost completely played out in their fight against the Brotherhood. No matter what they try, they keep getting exposed on all sides.It will be up to Teresa to make a decision that could spell victory or the final defeat.
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Peace and a Sword

Jan 01, 2013 Season 3 Episode 11

Federico is busy hiding a secret from his childhood that has come back to haunt him, but the information falls into the hands of Teresa and Hector, as their group is strengthened by new allies.
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The Shadow of Your Wings

Jan 01, 2013 Season 3 Episode 10

Don Fernando's resistance fighters rise from defeat and renew their struggle against the Brotherhood, which is on the point of selling the country on its New Order. Italia discovers her origins and makes some crucial decisions as she seeks new allies inside Capadocia.
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Sheep and Wolves

Jan 01, 2013 Season 3 Episode 9

The Brotherhood is growing stronger, and Federico seems increasingly poised to get what he wants. Teresa is in anguish and, faced with certain defeat, begins to lose all hope. She no longer seems to care about anything, and is on the way to making some extreme decisions.
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The Angel of the Abyss

Jan 01, 2013 Season 3 Episode 8

Both the Brotherhood and its foes make key discoveries about each other, which forces the fight to a climax. Each side is ready to do whatever it takes, but only one will emerge victorious from the fray.
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The Righteous

Jan 01, 2013 Season 3 Episode 7

New allies inside and outside Capadocia help Teresa collect the information needed to unmask the Brotherhood. Threats to the Marin-Lagos family increase and Federico has an unexpected visitor.
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The Wells of Salvation

Jan 01, 2013 Season 3 Episode 6

Don Fernando's group manages to infiltrate Capadocia and sets up communications inside and outside the prison. The Brotherhood reaps the success of its strategy of sowing chaos, but some loose ends threaten their plans.
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Destroy (Kill What Hurts You)

Jan 01, 2013 Season 3 Episode 5

Two opposing forces are about to collide in Capadocia: Doctor Alos' monstrous scheme and Teresa Lagos' wily strategy to make sure it fails. As Federico Marquez' fame grows, the Brotherhood's dark machinations claim yet another victim.
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The Chosen

Jan 01, 2013 Season 3 Episode 4

As Don Fernando's team of resistance fighters gets organized, the Brotherhood sets out to sow fear and violence in the streets. Hiram Alos finds the perfect assassin, while Federico and Don Angel suspect that Teresa may still be alive.
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Anointing Oil

Jan 01, 2013 Season 3 Episode 3

Teresa is confronted with the Brotherhood's plans, and while they entail sacrifices for Federico, the Brotherhood and Doctor Alos must eliminate other obstacles in their road to power.
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The Fruit of Your Womb

Jan 01, 2013 Season 3 Episode 2

Federico Marquez is initiated into the Brotherhood and Teresa Lagos confronts her new fate. In Capadocia, Valeria looks on helplessly as a baby dies, an event that reveals the direction in which the prison's new psychiatrist, Dr. Hiram Alos, is headed.
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A Cry

Jan 01, 2013 Season 3 Episode 1

Season Three Premiere. A sinister organization called the Brotherhood seeks to take power using Federico Márquez and Capadocia to achieve its aims. Teresa Lagos will be forced to come back from the dead, while a terrible fire and an assassination give an inkling of the chaos that lies ahead.
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