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Latest Episode: Peace Frog / Lumpus's Last Stand

Mar 27, 2008 Season 5 Episode 9 watch on (Paid)

Lumpus's Last Stand - Lumpus is hailed as a hero upon discovering that painting your clothes on is better than washing them. Peace Frog - When Scoutmaster Lumpus' new smoke-belching super truck sickens all of the frogs being trained for the great Frog jump, Lazlo strikes a deal that proves a far leap for the manly moose.

Wedding Bell Blues / O Brother, Who Art Thou

Mar 20, 2008 Season 5 Episode 8

Wedding Bell Blues - Scoutmaster Lumpus appoints himself Jane Doe's new groom, but her engagement ring can't find it's way out of Raj's nose. O Brother, Who Art Thou - Edward discovers that having his older brothers as new camp counselors is cramping his style.
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S Is for Crazy / Samson Needs a Hug

Mar 13, 2008 Season 5 Episode 7

S is for the Crazy - A jellyfish attached to Samson's head sends Samson into an electrically charged fit of craziness where the sky is the limit. Samson Needs a Hug - Who's hugging everyone at camp against their will? Lazlo turns sleuth to find that the culprit is wearing his shoes.
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Luck Be a Camper Tonight / Step Clam

Mar 06, 2008 Season 5 Episode 6

Bad Luck be a Camper Tonight - After Samson's "bad luck" mysteriously gets transferred to Lazlo, Lazlo has to appeal to the "Scoutmaster in the Sky" for divine intervention. Step Clam - Clam agrees to pose as Squirrel Scout Nina's brother in order for Nina to find here place among the sisterhood.
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Camp Complain / The Engagement

Sep 04, 2007 Season 5 Episode 2

Camp Complain - A task force to handle camp complaints is assembled among the campers by Slinkman. But can they separate their duties from the perks of their job? The Engagement - Mayor Pothole McPucker becomes Jane Doe's groom to be, Much to Scoutmaster Lumpus' frustration.
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Edward's Big Bag / The List

Sep 03, 2007 Season 5 Episode 1

Edward's Big Bag - A Camping trip to a swamp turns odd when a mysterious sleeping bag creature joins the activities. The List - Edward accidentally breaks Lazlo's ankle, and as a punishment is Forced to perform Lazlo's long list of good deeds.
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